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Big Thank You from the L.O.S.E.R.s!

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I'd like to thank everybody involved with the WGI race, from the ChumpStaff to the corner workers... and unfortunately, to the the same AWESOME tow driver that pulled us back to our garage not once, but TWICE in two days ;-)

Our garage and pit mates were awesome, especially you guys to our right (Edit: Thanks Off Constantly!) who jumped in and gave us a hand push starting our car Sunday after the starter wire pulled out of the factory connector... not sure how that happens! We owe you guys some Yuengling at the next race!

Things certainly didn't go as planned for us, after a great Friday practice session, and a really good first stint Saturday our oil pump pulley shattered and we lost pressure... 3 hours and some bribery later, we acquired a whole motor from the folks down the road at Southern Tier Auto Recycling (who were closed, by the way) and had it installed and running by about 5:30PM Saturday.

Sunday went surprisingly well, that damn junkyard 1.8 (though down on power) just kept running... started to misbehave a little about 5 hours in, which turned out to be a bad coil in the distributor. Swapped that from our other motor and against all odds (we are running a DSM after all), we got back out to take the checkered flag! Believe me, that was a really big deal for us ;-)

Thanks again to everyone we interacted with, and we'll see you all at VIR!

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That was us that helped you push start your car Sunday. My guys were standing around watching you and I yelled 'Go help them push!', while I calmly oversaw the operation. We also had awesome neighbours including the other CRX in pit 20 as well as the #222 BMW from Colorado and Zombie 240 in the garage.

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