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Training, training, training. Practice, practice, practice


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Here's a guy that might ring a Bell, Greg. (If you did any NPDiv SCCA or ICSCC racing 10-20 years ago).

But now…


Steve Leonard, Bob Smethers, Greg Bell, Ric Farrar, Don Smethers, Sonja Smethers, Holly Remington (recognize anyone yet?) and Peggy Ann Walker combined forces to bring 'Rusty' back out of his rabbit hole to cobble him into racing trim him within only six weeks from the "All In". Fastco Racing got back on track. We even dragged Pete Belfanti into the hasenpfeffer.

We shook off some of the rust and crap in the carbs at the CSCC DT where I had the honor and privilege of some tutalage under the sage guidance of Master Pro-boner Rabbit Pilot Sensei Steve 'Jose Potts' Leonard... at least until he got tired of trying to hold on. I passed the class, smacking only two of Bockman's cones. I am now eligible for application to the ICSCC Novice program. Thanks, CSCC. It was fun... again.

And so a quick spin-off of Fastco Racing; Fatsgo Racing teamed up for the April Chumpcar 7+7. We wound up with 21th/40+ on Saturday less some of our rusty bits, but it was beautiful tol'watch the ol' Fastco crew to to work. By sundown they had another entire exhaust system (manifold back) replaced, Air cleaner re-assembled and suspension re-torqued. It brought a tear to my eye the next morning when

she lit right up (at about 15db quieter). It saved a lot of fuel though because we drove Rusty into a solid 14th/35+ Sunday.

With one hour +20 at the DT and two hours +30-ish, I learned and reviewed many things. One important lesson was the realization that if you have to drive it like a boat, you need to remember where the tiller is.


And you bring it back with most of the parts that you left with.

Fastco Racing, 99 West, Metro Safety and Fire, Stew Steward, Sonja Smethers, Optima Batteries (for the free battery), Chumpcar (for bringing the opportunities), the Workers' Revenge Team (especially Erin Ebelmesser for not hitting me) , and the 7-P's (Scott Goodrich supported with some of those tools that we have, but they were at home).

They got us to the track. But there are those that keep us there, and provide the confidence to consider these risks acceptable. Those folks that provide the event operations representing each race-craft from the turns to the tower, the paddock through the pits. Those salaried, and volunteer. They know who they are, and I know their true motivation to be this, our great sport of motor racing.

It was a great ride. Thank you.

Rusty would like to thank you too.

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