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Still Stuck At The Border? What happened in Mexico?

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What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico apparently.

Wha'happen'? Who went? Which Chumps were there? How was the weather? How was the racing?

I want to do this so bad but can't seem to work it out. So at least someone can tell me about it!

So, come on, we're dying to hear about it. See some video. Hear the stories.


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Hola! Thank you again to all the teams that traveled south with us this last week (and who displayed considerable patience as we stayed almost on time with the Mexican race schedule)! What an awesome time and quite the adventure beginning with our border search..both in and out of the country. Congrats to the teams that survived to finish the race and those that experienced technical difficulties but stayed to cheer on their fellow Chumps (and eat tacos beach side and check out the Tecate girls...OK, to go to the "gentlemen" clubs). I have posted photos to our Facebook page; feel fee to add to the "documentary." Does anyone have a photo of Matt's light pole? :) See https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151576601332346.1073741826.102985012345&type=1&l=5dea8e93c1

I am convinced that every street vendor in Ensenada now has a ChumpCar sticker on their cart. We even saw a sticker on a vendor cart at the Border (compliments of Parabellum we found out).

Looking forward to seeing you at Spokane 36 on July 4th weekend, Auto Club Fontana in November and for the Chumpionship at Laguna Seca on Dec. 14-15!

Adiós, Cathy


1st Place - POS Racing

2nd Place - If it's not Punk, It's Junk

3rd Place - Parabellum Racing (who also double as our security & community PR officers :)

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How many Chump teams were there? And which ones were they?

Looks like SO much fun. Can't believe more people don't want to do this.....

My teammates are total sticks in the mud. Plus I'm not sure we could get our car across the border since there is no record of anyone owning it. Especially not any of us.

I AM going to do this race someday.

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