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John Allen Special E30 - Daytona Fun

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Awesome. The event was more or less a 'vacation' for most of our team. All of our wives came. Family came from all over(From Chicago to Orlando to Atlanta). We had a great time. Saturday was relaxed and fun seeing old friends. Raceday with those friends/teams was great!

We had found after the last race we didn't even have the motor we were claiming we had. So we fixed this and got a rebuilt head to replace the ETA head we had. All was going well and running in 10-20th place for the first few stints. Our normally slowest driver took us from 45th to 18th after his first pit stop(second stint). Was awesome. 3rd driver an electrical gremlin jumped into our engine bay. It seemed our AFM was acting up. We had to pit multiple times. Checked wiring. Run 3 laps. Comes back. Final fix? Our main mechanic got pissed at our antique fuel/air measuring devices given to us by BMW in the 80s and slammed the AFM and said "Send It". Magic... that worked the rest of the day. We were now in the 50s.

Rich ran the rest of his stint. I jumped in. No incidents except running out of fuel earlier than we thought while I was in the car. I did run the fastest lap of the day for the team in the 12-2 time period. Had one close call with a really bad dive bomb from a car. Almost were collected in the Bus Stop at two other times(Our 2nd stint and 6th stint).

Our final end to the weekend was a rocker arm letting loose in our newly rebuilt head. Let loose with ~5 hours to go. On an upshift. We had not been revving it out to max revs all day. 5.5K-6K. Shift at ~5800 rpm and grab 4th. Healthy engine to pit lane limiter just like that! Thanks for the good times everyone!

Fun starts ~20 seconds.


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June is too busy with other activities for us. I am a photographer for Grand-Am. 3 races in 5 weekends. Plus 5yr wedding anniversary. One other driver works the races. So we are down 2 people. We are planning right now for Sebring and AMP. Maybe can do that December VIR... maybe.

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