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Charlotte Results

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Hello Chumpers,

We just got home from Charlotte, yes, JUST got home after an 18h haul. This was our first event in chumpcar and it was quite an experience, even with all the drama surrounding it. Thanks to John, Mike and all other volunteers for this wonderful time.

I wondered if the official results were posted somewhere or if we have to wait a little more.

By the way, we are the little Black and White Civic. Even if we were way under powered, we manage to fight we a couple of cars and, most importantly, we were there at the checkred flag in 18th place.

We were not supossed to do the sprint, but with the schedule change we decided to do them. We managed to finish in 3rd place in C1, considering we have 2 rookie driver that never raced befor, we are very pleased with our self.

See guys next time.

By the way, if someone as images of us, i would like to see them, our gopro did not record.

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A wave @ 3:01?!?


All roof nets must cover the opening above the driver’s seat and at least one-half of the driver/passenger seat area, such that a driver’s hand or arm cannot extend outside the vertical plane between the top of the front hoop and main hoop of the roll cage while the driver is seated and belted in-place. Cars with nets that do not meet this coverage area, as defined solely by ChumpCar officials, will NOT be allowed on track."


Really unfortunate to throw away a win by indulging in unsportmanlike conduct and in doing so revealing a major safety violation. :o

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