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The Official 36-Hour Thread

Guest ChumpCar

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Guest ChumpCar

Greetings, Chumps!


Well, Mike Morrison (ChumpCar National Director of Tech and Safety) and I have been at the track now for the last 24 hours and it's been a busy time.  


  • The track (itself) is set-up -- except for a tire wall segment that we need moved and a few porta-potties placed for corner workers.  
  • The pit area and pit lane is set-up and marked -- using BOTH sides of the pit area, with 25 pit stalls marked and numbered for 2-teams/2-cars to share each stall.  
  • The RV parking lot has been marked.
  • The passenger car/support vehicle parking area has been set-up.  
  • The paddock fire lane has been identified for easy access.
  • And, the paddock area has been set-up and marked... however, a few teams just weren't listening when we said DO NOT COME TO THE TRACK ON 4 JULY... so we expect that some teams are now parked in the wrong spots.  This will means that we're going to spend valuable time tomorrow morning moving a few rigs before we can allow the rest of the teams to enter the facility. 

The gates open tomorrow at 9:00am.  The ChumpStaff will be on-site at 8:00am trying to re-structure the original plan.  We'll get things organized as best we can and as quickly as we can.  PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS OF ALL STAFF FOR PARKING.


Temps today have been in the mid-80's -- light breeze -- very comfortable but it is VERY DRY, so be careful with open flames and also keep your body hydrated.  You should be drinking about one quart every 6 hours before a race like this.


Friday will be a long day, with a 10pm Green Flag.  Stay rested, stay calm, stay happy.


We'll see you at the track!




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That it?  Tiger's Wood ran over 2000 miles in last year's 25:25:25.  Good luck to all the racers.  Come on Bob, I want to see you turn at least 600 laps!

Dude we got a pretty sweet room, I'd be happy to hang out up here and watch! :-P okay, and maybe a few laps. I think we have parts for 3-4 hours. I think we found what we're up against. It's a lousy time to test and tune, but it is what is. Cross your fingers. My confidence is so low I'm smoking my victory cigar at the 60 minute mark!... Lol... :-)

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Lol, we need a play by play at tech of each car. I would find that highly entertaining and interesting. Pictures PEOPLE !


Or just have a couple of live streaming webcams... 

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Made it through tech at $455tcv. Gotta work on Window net they want it further forward. Met caged russ and brother lou , nice guys. John wrestled me to the ground and rib kicked me for a minute straight. All things considered... I got off light... :-P

Great to hear you didn't break down in tech :D. I'll be waiting to see if you cancel your massage and spa day lol

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