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Got a Car Show? Coffee spot to meet? Post it here...

Guest ChumpCar

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Guest ChumpCar

ChumpCar continues to :wub:  LOVE  :wub: great meet and greet opportunities.


Car Shows


Coffee & Cars


Brats 'n Beer


Local 4th of July Parades


If you've got one coming up or want to plan one, post it here.  We'll try to support it as best we can... and we can provide ChumpChange $$$ to participants and organizers.

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Portland, Oregon

Every Saturday, all year long, rain or shine.

8am until the last car leaves. (11am in summer, 10am in January)


I-5 at 217, off Sequoia Parkway behind Starbucks.

Usually a great place to see exotics, as well as performance and collector cars.

Yes, I have brought my Chump Car to display at least once.

And depending on the parking situation at the hotel next door, there may be a tour bus or two...

This week we had a Unimog. Beat that!

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Every year in Sebring the week before our race is Sebring Thunder it's our biggest car show of the year, its a 3 day event. Friday starts at 7pm with a burn out contest and live band. We close the down town circle and have the whole down town for the show. Saturday they are bring in a dyno, I think is going to be 10 bucks to strap to it. If anyone is interested pm me and I can get you all the info and if you don't want to pull your car here twice in one week I have plenty of places you can leave it.

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Piggy often had graced our local Cars & Coffee in the past.  Porky the New Sweede Lil Pig Racer may muddy the lot this month....




DATE: September 28th (4th SATURDAY EACH MONTH)

TIME: 8 a.m. – 11 a.m.





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The Forum is restricted to JPG files for pics and only 2 pics per post.  That was done by design, to keep Chumps from posting 50 pictures and/or 4-hour long epic movies of "How I Spent My Summer Vacation."  Your file may be pushing the allotted boundaries of the allowances...

Not possible, I never push the boundaries of the allowances... ;-)


Either that, or my iPad makes it look different in Safari than on my desktop.  Yeah, that must be it...  


Chris and the Chump Forum are flawless.  Steve Jobs should be fired.  Oh wait...

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  • Race Control

Hey John:


I am planning a Chump Coffee and Cars in Columbus, OH.  Any chance we can secure some Chump Change to use as a door prize/attract more attendees?






Email me the details of what you'd like to do and and what you need from me.

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I am going to be at Canfield OH swap meet this weekend Friday and Saturday.  No official ChumpCar thing but I will have a space trying to sell my old junk.... er... priceless treasures!  There will even be a few teal Saturn parts for sale.  I'll even sign'em if you like.


Look for a Chump canopy or banner or PM me I can send you the space # once I know where it is. 

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i am just discovering this does anyone know of the chumpcar presence around the sillycon valley/ south or general sanfrancisco bay area? cause there are many fools like me around here but no real banner to get behind. "so which are you champ or...? Chimp!" i fling poo in an 81 corolla. i know i aint the only one... does this mean i have work to do?

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Guest posnova

Hey Chimp :)

Get a hold of the West Region's regional director, Bill Guzenski at billg@chumpcar.com.  He'll get you all the beginning info you'll need, and can clue you into the teams that are in the bay area, or southward (San Jose, etc).

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