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Portland Cars and Coffee

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Portland, Oregon

The original Portland Cars and Coffee event since 2009.

4-1/2 years and going strong

Every Saturday, all year long, rain or shine.

8am until the last car leaves. (11am in summer, 10am in January)


I-5 at 217, off Sequoia Parkway behind Starbucks.

Usually a great place to see exotics, as well as performance and collector cars.

Yes, I have brought my Chump Car to display at least once.

And depending on the parking situation at the hotel next door, there may be a tour bus or two...

How about a Unimog with a backhoe attachment? Yeah, we've had it there.

And a Messerschmidt? Got crushed by the 'Mog in a fit of passion, but we don't speak of that day.

Started as a Ferrari and Lambo event, without any dealers involved.

Still no dealers involved, and lots of other cars as well.

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Portland Cars and Coffee changed locations in May 2015 to the parking lot of the World of Speed museum in Wilsonville. What an amazing location for a weekly car event!


Yes, every Saturday morning, all year long, rain or shine or snow.

8am to 11am


We now have a weekly Featured lot with 22 spaces for the cars that fit a specific theme. This theme changes every week, and may or may not be announced in advance.  This theme might be "exotic" (default theme), or it may be "Red, White, and Blue cars" (July 4th) or "cars likely to overheat" (engines over 400ci).

There are any additional 250+ parking spaces in the two parking lots along the side of the museum.  All parking outside of the Featured lot is first come, first parked.


Rumor has it that the theme on August 29 will be "Race Cars"

That would be a great day to bring out your Chump Cars to put on display in the Featured lot.


Now over eight years running (screwed up the previous math in the original post) in the Portland metro area.

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