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Gateway Motorsports Park - Race Reports

Guest ChumpCar

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Guest ChumpCar

Good morning, Race Fans!


Welcome to Gateway Motorsports Park, located in St. Louis, Illinois... and, no, that's not a mistake.  Just across the Mighty Mississippi River from St. Louis, Missouri is (of course) St. Louis, Illinois. We're less than 2 miles from the famous arch.


The driver's meeting is currently being held, hosted by Regional Director, Joey Todd.  Counting 2 late entries and a couple of cars that are running without transponders (they're just out for a fun-run), we're just under 30 cars that will be taking to this really fun 2-mile roval.  

It's a great day, today!


The weather, yesterday, during tech and registration was MISERABLE!  It rained really hard.  Thank goodness everyone was within the garages and stayed dry.  The rain ended about 4:00pm and the remainder of the day was cool but enjoyable.  This morning... it's an entirely new day!  BRIGHT sunshine, clear skies and 75 degrees is the forecast high.


Today (and tonight's) endurance race is a 12-hour event... 9:00am to 9:00pm.  Tomorrow, we finish up the event with a 6-hour enduro.


More to come...



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Car 999 has been black flagged for blowing T1 and taking to the oval... then proceeding with what the corner workers determined as an unsafe re-entry to the road course.  The Steward has called for a 3 minute penalty.

maybe Chris could eat his lunch during the 3 mins?

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It's great to see 3-4 "circle track" cars running with us today.  Dodge Diplomat, Chevy Lumina... all decked out in their finest mid-West, rust-belt rust and cutting-torch fender clearances.

Hmm -- I've always wondered if one could get this sort of look into CC without a massive number of penalty laps: http://www.round2models.com/images/models/amt819/product.jpg ....

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And we will be impounding the 4th and 5th place cars...   


     4.  #63 - Miaro Racing - 511 laps

     5.  #399 - EggBoy Racing - 508 laps

Moral of the story... Never tell Stigdad that you are holding off for 5th so you don't have to jack the car up. ;) 


Great racing out there everyone... Lets do it again in about 9 hours....

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HAHA you all thought you were S.O.L. but Stiggy is here to save the day.


All the leaders have completed their first pit stops and the top 10 currently looks like this:


4CGM Racing: 99 laps
White Lightning Racing: 99 laps

Eggboy Racing: 99 laps

Danger Zone Racing: -1 lap

Team Miaro: -1 lap

Kentucky Spirits White: -2 laps

Holy Rollers: -2 laps

Lowered Expectations: -5 laps

Cummings ZX2 Racing: -6 laps

Back-N-Off: -8 laps


The top 3 are on the same lap, but each has about a 1/3rd lap cushion on the next team.


There have been some great battles so far today, particularly stint one between Eggboy and 4CGM for the lead.

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Holy Rollers currently holds FTD at 1:13.8 with few teams able to compete in terms of sheer speed.


Only FUBAR Racing have broken into the 1:14s, but they missed about the first hour of the race with an unknown issue.

I think it was the blog on Hooniverse said (or somewhere else) that Fubar was fixing a rear wheel bearing.  Not fun on that car without the right tools.

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4th place car of Danger Zone racing (Honda CRX) has just gone decently hard into the tires in turn 1. Rescue and medic arriving on scene. Reports are driver is saying he is completely fine, just car is not. We are FCY.


Holy Rollers are around the Miaro and due to the Danger Zone incident have hopped right into 4th place. They are also right on the rear bumper of 4CGM hoping to get another lap back once we go green again.

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