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A new standard of Chump race coverage at Gateway


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It seems as if ChumpCar is stepping up it's game in media coverage.  At Gateway we had Halston and Rich from motor sport media taking top quality professional photos of the race and posting them on the Chump facebook page.  These guys support Grand Am teams, and they know their stuff.  Those two really do take the best motor sport pics I've seen. 


We also had Eric and Steve from hooniverse.com keeping a running blog of the weekend. It was a good read and it included some video and stills of the race. 


And simultaneous to the blog, John and Pete were keeping the forum updated.   


It was a great weekend of racing for those following along at home. I hope this level of coverage will continue, it really promotes the Chump product and helps to grow the sport. 

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The quality of the shots from MotosportMedia blew me away. I had friends calling and emailing me after checking Facebook talking about how good the images were and how cool it was to see us on the Chumpcar website.

The play by play along with pics on hooniverse was also terrific and helped my friends at home follow along with the action.

Great coverage all around. Would love to see all these guys at every race. I think it really showcases the best of ChumpCar and snags the attention of more people than just those who read the forums.

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All events have the live timing app.

Yes I know, but not all events have commentary pushed out inside the live timing app.  I was watching MIS and xxx Ridge a few weeks ago and one race would push out a message saying stuff like "car xx smoking, FCY, car xx stop and hold"  similar to what gets posted here.  Handy feature but I didn't want anybody to double type.

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Not sure how I missed this thread!


We also had a post-race press release, which we interviewed Mike Smith for, published over at motorsport.com




We had a great time working the event at Gateway.  We hope we get the opportunity to do more with ChumpCar in the future.

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Day 2 at Gateway brought more of the same, with one big surprise. Day 1's last place finisher, the White Lightning Mazda Miata, came back in rare form and surprising the field to take the win. In a strange coincidence Kentucky Spirits, Day 1's winner, finished last in the field after suffering race-ending damage on-track.


That's a pretty wild turn of events!

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