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Pittsburgh International/Beaverun - News?


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Not even a peep about Saturday's results?  Is the track in an internet/cell dead zone?


As of 11am EST, the live results look like a bunch of the usual suspects:

1) Will Race For Beer (90 laps)

2) Red Green Racing (90 laps)

3) Johnda Deere (90 laps)

4) TFE Racing (89 laps)

5) Schumacher Taxi Service (88 laps)


PS: Go Johnda.  They'll be in a better mood about my slow driving next week at mosport if they do well here :)

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I thought the dead air was odd during Sebring, guess we are getting spoiled when someone picks up the "update ball" and runs with it, perhaps John could assign a free staff member(lol right like there is anyone not busy) or a deliberately placed volunteer in the tower(Stigdad are u ever in a position with someone better on computer then standing in the sun?) Either way updates are sorely missed and can bring up positive forum participation for those of us that do not frequent facebag.


Just a thought...

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