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Road America - Central Region Chumpionship


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Greetings from Road America, everyone! It's a calm 34*F this morning here in Elkhart Lake. Everyone is getting set up on pit road, firing up their cars, and foraging for breakfast.  This should be a good one.



1st: #197 F1 1abs

2nd: #162 Team Shake and Bake

3rd: #36 Ambitious But Rubbish

4th: #88 JAB Motorsports

5th: #4 4 Car Garage Motorsports



1st: #321 In the Red Racing

2nd: #421 EmitLaer

3rd: #102 Wee Bee Racing


Lap Times: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-XhNgXfcWhgVWRKY0RIb3FwbzA/edit?usp=sharing



Thank you all for an amazingly fun season, from myself, the central region staff, and the Chumpcar organization as a whole!  We enjoy doing this, and we couldn't without all of you.  We greatly appreciate your friendship and support ...and all of the regional beers that we just can't get back home! See y'all again soon!

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Errora is on race monitor but not running. Too much damage from BIR?

That and my daughter is getting hitched next week so discretionary spending is on hold.I emailed Joey awhile back and asked to hang on to my $250 for afuture race.


Errora is inside; warm and dry and smashed(it IS the weekend,right? :D ).


Gonna build a more TCV friendly ride and bring Errora back as an EC backup car next year. Too much TCV with the Caddy swap and the planned manual swap.

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Taken from Live Timing, at the 3 hour mark:


1  Ambitious But Rubbish  93 BMW E36

2  F1 1ab's                        98 BMW 323i

3  Team Shake and Bake  96 BMW 328i

4  Holy Rollers                   94 Acura Integra

5  TFE Racing                   95 BMW 325i

6  Team Cardorks             95 BMW E30

7  Emitlaer                         94 Honda Civic

8  JAB Motosport               91 VW Golf

9  Single Malt Racing        86 Alfa GTV6

10 Wee Bee Racing          87 BMW 325iS


The next 9 cars are BMW's and then a 93 Acura Integra

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Taken from Live Timing, at the 4 hour mark:


1  Team Shake and Bake  96 BMW 328i        Chumpion

2  Ambitious But Rubbish  93 BMW E36         Chumpion

3  F1 1ab's                        98 BMW 323i        Chumpion

4  JAB Motosport               91 VW Golf           Chumpion

5  Holy Rollers                   94 Acura Integra   Chumpion

6  TFE Racing                   95 BMW 325i

7  Emitlaer                         94 Honda Civic

8  In The Red                    94 BMW 325iS

9  Single Malt Racing        86 Alfa GTV6

10 Warthog Racing           85 BMW 325i        Chumpion


The next 5 cars are BMW's followed by VW Golf, Honda CRX, BMW, Neon, Acura Integra.

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Hi race fans! No reports from me so far because: 1) I was driving and 2) our car broke shortly after the second driver took to the track.


Mayhem Racing had a transmission failure after leading the early part of the race.


No word yet on what happened to Tubby Butterman, but they are at the FAR end of the pits.


Several teams out including #199 Cheap Shot Racing BMW. The car had a brake failure going into turn 5 and went straight off. Driver was able to avoid a couple of barriers but rammed a huge tire and rearranged the entire front end. Out for the weekend.


#24 Bear Patrol was stopped near pit exit on the outside (driver's left) of the track. Don't know yet what happened to them either.

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Our car, the #96 Fart-hinder Racing Saab 900, ran well during my stint. We have rear brakes for the first time since the car was built in 2010 (always figured we did, but didn't know any better until recently). Mark Fitzpatrick took the second driving stint and had a left lower ball joint fail while pushing through the Carousel. In addition to the ball joint, the upper A-arm looks a little twisted, the axle pulled out of the inner driver and the lower shock absorber mount was stripped when the nut came off. It is back on track again after about an hour and a half behind the wall.

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The #421 Honda Civic is entered under the name of emitlaer. That's Realtime backwards. Yes, those pro guys with a butt load of Honda experience. Peter Cunningham is rumored to be among the drivers this weekend. Their shop is located in nearby Milwaukee. The car is in 6th overall at the moment, but not part of the Chumpionship.

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Just took a walk down the pits and back. Here is what I have found out.


#33 Tubby Butterman has been chasing an ignition/electrical gremlin in their "new" E30 BMW, the one that took a 2nd and 1st at Brainerd in July. They believe the problem to be the harmonic balancer. They have obtained one from the BAR BMW which crashed and is out for the weekend. Still not sure if that will solve the problem.


#51 British American Racing. See above.


#24 Bear Patrol Lexus. Back after a long hiatus, the team had installed a manual transmission to replace the original automatic. They also had the engine refreshed with new gaskets, seals, bearings. Unfortunately it appears the head gasket on that fresh engine has blown and they are done for this weekend.


#49 Slugworks Honda had a braking issue, and the car spun backwards into a wall at turn five. It rearranged the sheet metal significantly. However, the team has pulled out the damaged panels and plans to get back on track. Pro driver Anthony Downs (Star Mazda, ALMS) is one of the team's drivers this weekend.


Both of the North Loop Motorsports BMWs have had issues. One suffered a fuel pump failure and I forget what happened to the other one.


#78 Greenade BMW smacked the wall in turn one after making a left to right tire swap. It looks like the chassis is pretty tweaked.


#197 F1 1ab's now leads followed by #36 Ambitious But Rubbish.in 2nd. Holy Rollers Acura now in 3rd as #162 Shake and Bake has dropped to 4th. #421 EmitLaer Honda has moved up to 5th overall and leads the non-chumpionship cars.

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I have now had my requisite Road America / Sheboygan bratwurst at the Lions Club stand.


Weather this weekend is not too bad, temps around 50, mostly sun, though we have had a few rain sprinkles.


The timer says we have passed the six hour mark, which means it's time for an update.


1. #197 F1 1ab's BMW - 114 laps

2. #36 ABR BMW - 114

3. #66 Holy Rollers Acura - 114

4. #162 Shake & Bake BMW - 113

5. #421 EmitLaer Honda Civic* - 113

6. #25 North Loop BMW - 111

7. #116 Warthog ??? - 110

8. #54 Where Are You? BMW - 110

9. #902 Cardorks BMW* - 110

10. #180 Single Malt Alfa Romeo* - 109


* = non Chumpionship

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