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PRI 2013 @ Indy-

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So who is coming?


Based on the fun we had at SEMA this past week- it would be nice to get together for a beer and talk Chump.


Who is going?

I know that I am there, as well as the M4L crew as well as Probenator.


add your name and as we get close, we can set a meet point.


See ya!

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Trev and I are still looking to go...

Are you guys flying or driving out? We'll probably drive and stop by at Switzer in Cleveland.

...also have a newly acquired, lightly damaged Subaru to bring home. :s

Where are you guys staying in Indy?

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Well that was an amazing event again!


Happy to hang with Brock, Mike, Chuck, Sal and Wendy. Saw Kent and Pete for a moment, but I think Kent went running when he heard we were going out that night.


Was with Brian and Dave from Probantor as well.  Good times for sure.


We should make this an annual CC get together, Brock- waddya think?


Met some chumpers as well, overall cool show and even though it was shitty Indy weather, I will be back next year.  Need to see Wendy on the bull!

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Wish I had joined here before I went!  I was with the group that had the cloths hamper for carrying stuffs.


Did anyone else eat at the pub on the opposite side of the Westin?  Loughmiller's Pub & eatery was great!  I will be stopping by there next year if it's still there, and I definitely recommend it.

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