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Official Charlotte (November) Race Thread


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Good Morning Chumps!


Welcome to Charlotte Motor Speedway for the November ChumpCar 10-Hour Endurance race we've dubbed "The Re-Chase."  If you don't know the story behind that name, it's probably best not to ask.


We had planned on getting an early start on the day today.  The driver's meeting was at 6:30 and the green was supposed to fly at 7:00.  Unfortunately, CMS is shrouded in fog at the moment.  From the control tower, we cannot even see pit road.  The good news is that the fog is starting to lift and we hope to be racing in 15-20 minutes.  


We have 52 cars entered for the race this weekend.  Once we go to green flag racing, I'll let you know how many cars actually start the race.  

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Each year, CMS hosts a Christmas light display at the track.  It's very extensive and impressive.  Unfortunately, the light display goes around the infield portion of the course, so we will be racing today primarily on the oval.  To break things up and slow cars down, there will be a chicane on the front straight, consisting of a left-hand turn into roval turn one and then back out onto the oval near NASCAR turn one.  There's another chicane on the back straight that is right in the middle of the track under the Jumbotron.  

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The weather is not cooperating.  The fog has gotten worse, so we have instructed drivers to turn off their engines and vacate their cars.  At the moment, we can not see pit lane at all from the control tower.


As we move forward, we have a 30% chance of rain during the morning hours.  Beginning at noon, the chance of precipitation goes down and we are expecting sun to break through beginning around 3:00 pm.

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For those wanting some live action at home, Pintodave is driving the Backwoods racing Mustang today and is streaming live on the Lead Sled Racing ustream channel.



Team infiniti is trying to transmit live telemetry, sorry no video, see if this link works.



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After two hours of racing (one hour of racing, one hour of fog), here are your top ten:

  1. #63  Simon Says (Acura Integra)
  2. #191 Domination Chassis (Eagle Talon)
  3. #83 Maximum Oversteer (Acura Integra)
  4. #14 Team Babalou (Acura Integra) EC
  5. #99 Special Forces (DTM) (BMW e30)
  6. #418 B&W Racing (BMW e36)
  7. #321 Team Gremlin (Mazda RX7)
  8. #140 Questie’s Racing Team (BMW e36)
  9. #15 Gnatsum Racing (Ford Mustang)
  10. #5 Chump Change Racing (BMW 535)
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