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Nashville Part Deux Race Report(s)

Guest ChumpCar

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Guest ChumpCar

Okay... we're racing at Nashville! Part Deux! And, it looks a lot like Part One!

It started raining at 5:07am... I know... it woke me up in the Chumperhome. It's been raining ever since (currently 9:30am). We're about one (1) hour into the event, as we got a slightly early start... just trying to get as much track time as possible.

The field for the start of the race was set by the positions from 1 May (Part One): #28 Team Non-Sequitar (1992 Acura Integra) on the pole, followed by #52 Team Skid Mark (1995 Honda CRX), #78 Team Top Gear (Nissan 200SX), #18 Team White Lightning and #2 Blitzen Benz (MB 190E) -- for the first 5 positions.

At the completion of the first lap, #78 Team Top Gear jumped to the lead and has held that position ever since. #28 Team Non-Sequitar has fallen steadily and now in sixth place. Car #18 Team White Lightning jumped into second place and has running strong, as well as #2 Blitzen Benz, curremntly in third place. #52 Team Skid Mark is running in 4th place.

The rain is the great equalizer and everyone is having a moment or two adjusting to varying track conditions. Portions of the track are drying out (or draining better than others), and teams are quickly learning what seasoned rain-racers know --- stay off the painted berms! The paint on the concrete apex berms in the corners make them slippery as ice.

More to follow...


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3.5 hours into the race... still dry... and we've had at least one, in some cases two, driver changes. And, some position changes, too!

Car #52 leads with 143 laps

#18 @ 142 laps

#28 @ 141 laps

#2 @ 137 laps

#78 @ 136 laps

The Blitzen Benz team (#2) set fast lap a few minutes ago (driver change) with a 1:17.4 --- some 3 seconds a lap faster than most of the field! Perhaps this new hot-show driver will be able to make up some of the laps they lost in the wet? The Benz is GREAT in the dry but appears to suffer from "sidewayslidealotitis" in the wet.

No black flags! 11 spins (all spun and continued, no impacts or damage). No driver penalties whatsoever.

More to follow...

I'm going through serious Chumpcar withdraul....
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Guest RaoulDuke

Huge congrats to the Blitzen Benz team and to everyone else that ran the race! I had a great time. Those final 45 minutes were sweet, tortured hell. Amazing that it came down so close to the wire.

Here's my write-up and photos of the event. Sorry about the quality on some of the pictures, but the low light and my lack of a really good camera were working against me.

2010 Chumpcar Nashville 9, Part Deux

Looking forward to TMS and Hallett next--hope to see some of you guys and gals out there. I know it's a long drive for many, but Hallett in particular will be well worth the haul.

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Hey Thanx to all that were at Nashville, we had a great time. I have never worked so hard and be sooo exhausted. To the guys in the 18 and 78, you worked us every minute of the entire race and we cant wait to get to race you again, I am hoping for dry and i know you will be hoping for rain. I hope we got a handle on this lil Mercedes :angry: but i also know MR Murphy is waitng for us. Next stop Homestead, who is ready for the Mercedes, lets go racing.....

Chris, thanx, I will be ready for you at Savannah and i might be bringing a second car,as if one isnt enough :lol:

John, a great event handled in the best manner, you were short handed and still the event was flawless.

Loyd, please dont start a war with Canada, eehhhhhh, is how they say it up there. Thanx for all the help.

We are ready for the next event, bring it on, not soon enough for us......... :)

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