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Anyone have a place to share pics/vids from Laguna Seca?

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I would love to see some of the video from the race. Especially if anyone caught any of our exciting moments. And if anyone caught a video or a picture, in car or trackside, of our #34 CRX exploding as it took the checkers I'd love to see that as it may go into the scrapbook as the last moments of that car as a race car.

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Just enjoyed watching your video.  I laughed my A** off when I saw your method of jacking up your race car.  Good stuff.  Scary tho -no brakes at a brake eating road course like seca.  Looks like you all had lots of fun and that's what its all about.  Racing the CBR car during the day then sippin a PBR in the evening.  Cheers   

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