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I'm kind of a big deal guys...intro

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I have arrived, and all is well!  I know it kind of changes things, but there is no need to drop everything.  


So I just wanted to say hi....HI...and kinda introduce myself as a driver/person.


I go by the name Johnnie....I have been known to yell NIE at people that shorten my two syllable name.  I am a pure hands on guy.  I've never had anyone work on any of my cars, aside from a few trusted friends helping me. The only work I have outsourced was decking a head, and installing a single non-floater wrist pin.  


I got into racing through Car Guys Inc. back in 2007.   I used to work for them while Arian was the owner and went to all the track events.  I started by tracking my 1986 Ford Crown Victoria (Grassroots Ride link).





I did one event at Summit Point Shenandoah and then converted to a manual T5 trans I acquired for free.  I did four more events at Summit and VIR on a set of used VERY hard old Hoosier's....I'm sure it was kind of sketch running tires that old with dry rot cracks, but I got them with the wheels they were on for $80 and they were just short of new as far as tread life (I was in college, I was getting free track time, I was being extra cheap!)




After I found the cords on those tires I decided that having to spend $1200+ to get new tires on 17X9 wheels was just too much of an annual cost, so I got a dedicated track car and converted the Vic into the tow vehicle.  I purchased a 1973 Celica (Grassroots Ride link) and have used this for the remainder of my experience.  





My "economical" replacement soon became less than.  At my second events a head gasket popped on Friday at VIR, (later found out it actually warped a forged Wiseco piston.)  I replaced the head gasket at VIR in the tech shed Friday night, and raced all weekend. 




Following this event I went to a drift event the next weekend.   The ticking noise was still there from the track.  So I diagnosed it as piston slapping noise (and just like the Vic when an injector went bad) I had one warped piston.  Wiseco wanted lots of money to make a whole set as they wouldn't make just one replacement.  CP wanted significantly less for stronger, lighter.......bigger domed pistons.  And so ended economy mode.  It now has around 13.5:1 CR, I have to run $9/gl fuel.  





I have since upgraded a few things here and there, and done a few more events. Including auto-x, and drifting.  And I've also improved the look of the car a good bit.







Unfortunately Car Guys Inc. is gone, no more free events, and life kind of got in the way.  So I've only been doing maybe one HPDE a year.  I want back in this year.  So I signed up with Brick House Racing for the VIR 24hr event.  I also plan to attend at least one event with Track Dayz, and plan to attend more Chump Car events in the future.


My total driving experience is 

23 HPDE events,

9 Autocross events,

5 Drift events,

250,000+ mile on public roads.


Thanks for having me around. I hope I am of good value, entertainment, and company for the community.

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So you are a member of "The Nerds who say Nie"  ??



Oh, but you can't expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you.




I *warned* you, but did you listen to me? Oh, no, you *knew*, didn't you? Oh, it's just a harmless little *bunny*, isn't it?



Welcome to the asylum.......

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I'll just put this here....




Thanks for the welcome!  I had the post all done with pictures in it, then I remembered I'm a noob and lack picture powers at this time.  Thankfully hyperlink ≥ nothing...but soon my powers will grow, it may even surpass 9000!!!


Chill Goku.     :)      LOL

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