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Road Atlanta Trackside Reports


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The first Sprint race is completed. Just in case you didn't know..the cars are put onto the grid into classes-A, B, C, D/EC based on the displacement with A being the lowest. So the winners are: (drum roll please)

A--#83--Maximum Oversteer 1992 Acura Integra
B--#183--Junior Johnson Motorsports 1990 VW Jetta
C--#66--Jacky Ickx GT30 1994 Mitsubishi 300

D--#14--Team Straight Welding
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The 2nd Sprint Race is finished and we had some double winners. The rule is if you win the sprint race in your class you will start the next Sprint race at the back of your pack--So here are the winners based on class--

A--#83--Maximum Oversteer Double Winner
B--#183 Junior Johnson Motorsports Double Winner
C--#223--Flat Out Racing
D--#14--Team Straight Welding Double Winner

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And there's the finish--3rd Sprint Race is completed

1-#223 Flat Out Racing-- Class C
2-#917 Cone Crushers--Class C #

1-#14 Team Straight Welding-Class D...
2-#350 SS Impala YA --Class D

1-#183 Junior Johnson Motorsports--Class B
2-#90 Swede Lil Pigs--Class B

1-#40 Flying Tigers Racing--Class A
2-#83 Maximum Oversteer--Class A
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Casualty of Race # 3--Team #19--Team Infiniti hit the wall.  Damaged frame, radiator, etc.  Somehow when they were moving and trying to fix they damaged their catch pan.



If anyone can overcome problems and get a car back on track during a race weekend it's this group of guys!


Keep us posted!!

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And That's a Wrap Folks--The first Sprint Day is over with little incident. Here is the finish of Race #4

1--#917 Cone Crushers--Class C
2--#12 Kids racing For Life--Class C

1--#90 Swede Lil' Pigs--Class B
2--#37 Peach Ridge Racing--Class B

1-#40 Flying Tigers--Class A
2-#83 Maximum Oversteer--Class A...

1--#14 Team Straight Welding--Class D

Stay Tune for Championship Results and pictures of the winners.
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