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  1. To expand on this: at the bare minimum ban him from having rental drivers, which are covering his costs to race. See how much he really cares about the series when he is paying out of pocket to enter and fix his cars. The series is allowing him to not only get off for his behavior, but also profit off damaging other teams.
  2. I have been pit crew for champ and raced in lemons. I was torn between which series to build for. This makes up my mind. I have ZERO interest in having my life toyed with by arrogant immature drivers with a long history of crashing other cars. But hey he brings multiple cars to multiple events each year. All hail the almighty dollar
  3. I snapped some pictures from our pit when it wasn't too wet and I wasn't busy running around doing something else. Just over 400 photos, tried to capture pics of all the cars but no way I could keep track. Some turned out okay, most not great. Feel free to download them and use them for your teams. I'll claim common sense rights, i.e. no claiming them as your own or selling them to someone else... https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ZTG99DJtbeyhdIEEBrTCv155VraR04To?usp=sharing
  4. I swear they were EC as well but speedhive is showing them as C class currently with a finish of 7th place in class and 15th overall...
  5. Apparently I was off on a tangent, the BMW was C class, not EC... according to the results on speedhive
  6. These incidents were within 20-30 minutes of each other in the first hour or so of the race, I would be shocked if it wasn't the same driver. Video was taken to the control tower as soon as the damaged team got it, no black flag for the BMW to my knowledge, they finished the race.
  7. Absolutely the team captain is responsible. I don't understand why there is even an EC class. EC promotes cars that are much faster than the rest of the crowd, which leads to more dangerous situations. Champ even thought so when they made the rules: 2.2.2. ChampCar reserves the right to deny entry to any EC car if ChampCar determines the car to be excessively superior in power, braking, top speed or other factors that ChampCar feels would be unsafe or disruptive to any event. I am extremely disappointed in how this was handled so far. The video was taken to race leadership right after the damaged car came into the garage, and the offending team was allowed to finish the entire race, while robbing 2 other teams of track time. I don't have any real skin in this league, I don't drive and I volunteered as pit crew with a team of friends once.
  8. To add some context for this. Here's about 45mins into the Daytona 2020 race today. Here is the same BMW blasting the same car (808 contour) 20mins later on a straightaway. Seems like the BMW driver got butthurt for what really looks like his fault and then almost seriously injured not one but two drivers. I attached a picture of the previously straight control arm we replaced after this incident. I have friends that race lemons, I asked why they wouldn't race champ and they said there was too much contact. Today is my first champcar race with a crew of some guys I know and this happens an hour in...
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