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  1. Doesn't look like you can receive a DM at the moment. Shoot me a note and we'll chat more about what you guys have going for the future.



  2. So I've always wanted to be a race car driver... Finally in a place where I have the means to make it happen. Looking for an East Coast team with a "going to finish the race" attitude and a car to match that approach. I'll admit I've looked at the list of "arrive and drive" teams listed and most of them seem like too hot a car or too much of a production for my taste. I want to enjoy racing, not just the driving bit. I've also looked at buying a hand-me-down car and putting the crew together, but I don't have the 4-5 friends willing/able to commit right now and really wanting to race like I do. Me: I'm 40, no wheel to wheel experience, limited track otherwise. Work at a bank, moved back to the US from the UK a few years back and finally hung up my rugby boots (probably) for the last time. I have a wonderful wife that's supportive of the whole endeavor and a car crazy 3 y/o son. Done some "driving experiences" and have a few more coming up. Found ChampCar while investigating that other major 'sour' series and this seems more my speed. You have to start somewhere and I have a lot to learn about the logistics of racing and willing to be honest about it. I can lift heavy things, swap tires/pads etc... not a mechanic but have the basics covered. ***capable of following directions *** Based in NJ but am frequently in FL so hoping to get to tracks down the east coast and can travel as needed. Happy to rent a seat or possibly develop into a "remote partner" but really would like to spend at least few races with the same crew if things go well. If that sounds like a good fit or you've got some advice on where to begin, reach out.
  3. Sorry to get your tinfoil hats in a twist. I'm just a man behind a computer in NJ. No gUErilla marketing mastermind and not affiliated or getting a kickback. You can trust me, I'm a random dude on the Internet. You need to give SOMETHING to a forum before asking asking to take advice, at least you should. Since I know frack-all about ChampCar, but am the Undisputed-Black Belt-National Champion of the World at being a sweaty guy wearing a mask daily... This is my lane. I genuinely dropped my own $$ to get masks for the Holmdel, NJ PD and going to deliver them with my kid just as soon as the box arrives. It's bad enough we all have to deal with masks, but seeing a cop in a 1/2 melted paper mask trying to direct traffic in the summer heat was demoralizing. As for my 1st post... I don't need it yet. I used the "Magical Answer Box" (Search Bar) and found the info I was looking for. I'm reaching out to a few of the Arrive and Drive teams and re-thinking the need to build a car that will definitely be a backmarker out the gate. Instead I'll either buy in to an outfit or join and contribute to learn as I go.
  4. 1st post so go easy... I'm a pretty sweaty guy & a huge mask believer/advocate... so initially paper or cotton masks just didn't fly b/c they get wet around my nose or are unnecessarily hard to breathe through. So I tried a few and meh. My Wife is a Triathlete and occasionally uses DeSoto Sport gear, they're a cool little American company out of San Diego and are making masks locally out of their skin cooler Tri material. It's literally designed to get out of the water and still perform. They make 3 kinds, but I've been wearing their Skin Cooler 3 ply every day and it's been great. Cool, reasonably breathable and adjustable. And the most comfortable I've had. I have a weeks worth and just toss them in the wash. They have stretchy ties so are adjustable and i just tie once and pull it on when I need. I'm not connected to the company, just a fan of finding something that works and using the hell out of it. I liked them so much that I actually bought sets for the Local PD b/c they were out in the heat with either wet paper procedure masks or a few had a black flannel looking one that seemed miserable. Real post to follow shortly. Got some "Where to start?" questions but want to keep searching a bit before wading in.
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