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  1. Oh! Oh! I resemble that comment... (Lessons learned when you wear size 14's...)
  2. Looking for used AIM Solo in whatever generation/config to just get rolling. Need some basic data in the car, would be nice to have it be AIM compatible & currently mechanicals budget has pushed Proper Dash & Sensors out into '22. Will pay to ship or will be at RoadAmerica in a few weeks if that's easier. Thanks in Advance.
  3. STATS! We did some math with rugby semi recently, b/c why aren't more people involved is a general 'club' thing. The results were basically in line with other "Tier II" sports & I'd expect auto racing to kind of follow that spec. *All numbers rounded for easy math ~110k registered members across ~2500 clubs, 3300 'admin' 2900 'officials' 5500 'coaches'. Of that 2600 are dual/triple/etc.. roles. (for example I'm 3x Coach/Official/Player so count in multiple buckets, but 1x in the total) So if we look at a generous ~4k people at any moment who are going to have strong enough opinions to let it be known. Then that's in the 2-3% properly involved folks you're seeing here. Sounds about right to me for a "club" like this. If we go a bit more OP/ED from here, of the 4k in the model above at any moment with strong opinions, they sort of fall into 4 groups: 1) 2k of those folks are only wound up b/c they're unhappy with whatever the latest hot topic is, of those 1k have a legitimate concerns/issues to bring, 500 have bothered to put it coherently in writing, and 250 might be actually dealing with direct impacts, 125 are qualified to deal with the topic, and you'll actually hear from 5 of those on any particular item... 2) 50 People who are employed/hold roles that require they care. 3) 50 people with genuine altruistic intentions 3) 1900 folks who have time/inclination to stir the pot or gate-keep. And that is why I got out of ruggers after 20yrs and into racecars... oops.
  4. Yes, not only by brand, but also by suit... I tried on 5-6 suits and got different results across. For me, I tried a Sparco Energy and an A* Race V2 and the A* was actually more snug in the same size. I ended up going OMP but it was between a 60 in a First and 62 in a Technica. Good Luck
  5. I use the TYT MD 390's as well and love them for racing as well as a general DMR if you're into that sort of thing. We're running a split of Sampson and Race Radios Direct stuff in the car / helmets on the team. I also use the "longer" whip b/c we purchased, but ran w/o the sharkfin and never ended up installing it. I will say I intentionally mounted the radio high in the car and the whip sticks out just above the roof line, so best possible placement. Race Radios Direct also makes a nice IMSA Over the Wall set up as well that really tones down the shouting at pit stops & is useful if you hop in a car w/o a harness or as a backup for your in car. Lots of folks make the UV-5R work. I'm looking at a set right now I use as emergency scanners, but it takes work to get it right. I personally elected to go better comms b/c with the mix of drivers it was going to be a big deal.
  6. Right, but all that means is that a team with deep pockets & willingness can spend time/capitol to fully develop and optimize a particular platform and execution. If "the team at the top" had a hard-on for a different platform wouldn't the outcome be the same? So it's like EVERY other sport & hobby... I don't think it impacts a handicapping type conversation where folks think a platform is under/over valued b/c of an outlier example. The average player is going to do average things with an about average set of tools. Conversations about what happens when you start not having average players and they start using above average tools, that's a different thread all together (see Grumpy: Tires, Grumpy: Crew, etc...) I got into a Boxster knowing I wouldn't have allowances to do a whole lot, but I also didn't need to or get creative to get that average kind of outcome. Lots of original options and original solutions to lower the relative complexity and keep 'exotic' thoughts at bay. And of course... but there's a point where there's nowhere left to cut. Further weight reduction starts to become out of the reach of mere mortals. The fact the well developed & aged SPB runs at that weight & Preped Stock class goes yet heavier starts to get into the how low is practical conversation. Hundreds of lbs is a lot on a rig that small.
  7. He means Spec Boxster or PCA/NASA SPB (also in SCCA T3)... I started with a Sonic hatch that was on its way to B-Spec so every time I read that it gave me agita... I think he's referring to the PCA derived 2650 SPB weight, although the 2905lbs used in the Stock/"Letter" Prepared Car classes is very telling as far as gauge of realistic expectations.
  8. I'm not one to kiss and tell, but i've spent the past 18 months researching, talking to folks and buying into a formula that works. Just between us girls... That's a really, really light assumption there. 200 at the wheels? No sir. (not just my car, but even in full SPB trim some of the most competitive cars in the country don't get at that or are even being set up to) Fuel: maybe with a jug in the passenger side... but that's again, pretty optimistic. The teams at the top running Boxsters are squeezing that top % and driving hard to get the job done, but the same applies to all the platforms. All this talk is really aimed at the pointy end...
  9. I just added mine and put on an infinitely average performance... All this magic must have something to do with level of prep and those useless driver things behind the wheel. But man is it fun, and a pretty easy platform to operate.
  10. Great pics we grabbed the full album last night! Next time we need to make it to the end and be in some of those late day / finisher shots!
  11. Today my ChampCar is finally in its match-day kit. (that white isn’t going to last…)
  12. Will FT be live at races for the remainder of the year? Is it a consideration for Thompson?
  13. We're back! Nothing is done until it's done. My replacement drivers through no fault of their own also are unable to attend... Since this is round 3 and in the interest of transparency let's add some more color. Seat, maybe 2, available at Thompson 500pt '98 Boxster 2.5 built up for ChampCar Will be the car's 1st endurance outing but has been run in a few track days, TT events, club practice sessions to shake it down over the past few months. Platform and build has lots of potential but not looking to fully explore it this time out. It's been through SCCA tech for road racing and having been around ChampCar with FAR 'lesser' rigs, don't foresee any issues with tech as it's been built specifically to the BCCR. (it even has mufflers...) Ambition is to have some fun turning laps and bring the car home in 1 piece. Build some relationships and finish right smack in the middle. Most everything in the car is new/newish/clean (that won't last) & set up to accommodate lots of sizes (OMP XL seat w/ lots of adjustability up and down) Looking for 'teammate' types, in pitstops, generally helpful, minimum drama. Willing to take newer drivers but must have been on track in SOME capacity. TT, extensive HPDE, be ready with full kit & generally be willing to get with the program. (In control and appreciate it's your responsibility while you're at the wheel). You do that and I'll do my best to give you a reasonably priced day out in a reliable, fun, competitive car (*I think) Car will come with fresh rubber, bedded pads, rotors, & fluids, basic spares, IMSA Radios, a fun 3 camera streaming rig. Hospitality includes: A rented Garage (I was at Thompson last year and wet w/ nowhere to hide sucks...), a few pop ups, folding table/chairs & a cooler of drinks. Depending on how much "Daddy" time my Team Principal (toddler in picture below) allows the car may have a coolshirt system, additional light bar and rain light before go time, but i'm paranoid about changing too much, especially electrical, once things are settled. No data at the moment beyond what's on the Sentinel Video or Go Pro. reach out for more info! -Gary +1 732 285 58 88 gary.s.mccormick at gmail dot com
  14. Once you get past "Can I drive a race car?" and the varying perspectives on that. Then hurdle "Am I better off renting a seat with someone who has done this at least once, 1st?" which again, lots of thoughts... There's a thread that very basically covers what's more explicitly detailed in the BCCR ('the rules') and you really need to have a solid read of both. https://forum.champcar.org/topic/20109-champcar-quick-build-guide/ https://champcar.org/web/rules.php
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