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  1. motor rebuilt - just a few things to bolt on and reinstall new turbo(s) to bolt on, one plus a backup but a twin turbo champ car would be cool transmission rebuild coming together - adding a cooler/pump ( manual trans ) - we blew up last trans - going to be over on points now bought a fpr ( plus a backup ) - probably no time to install bought 2 catch cans bought new ends for wire harness - probably no time to install bought stuff I don't remember buying and lost track of what I have bought and usually 2 of them I am amazed at starting so early in the year and still so much to do new sponsor so need to deal with removing old sponsor decals and designing something bought another chassis from a team that never finished their build, pro built roll cage , which is why I went crazy buying 2 of most things. Will probably become the primary car after we add foot intrusion bars, stich weld and lighten. I wont bore you with the rest of my list, its a eagle talon and therefore I need spares and then more spares including a spare car, we are fast till we break is the teams motto
  2. I don't have a oil temp guage, but the water guage gets to 220 and I back off which seems to help, we start to get some knock at 210/220. Its the factory oil cooler sandwiched between the intercooler and the rad. I might move it to headlight bucket. I'm just thinking that the 50 weight oil is contributing to the problem. The problem might sort out if we can nail the tune which we have been chasing because of other mechanical issues which we have now sorted out.
  3. I searched but couldn't find, I thought I read a good article on how oil weight affects oil temp. I think it was by a sponsor, redline maybe and I think it was on the chumpcar forum. We have trouble keeping temps down when we push our car. 1g DSM turbo with bigger aftermarket intercooler and upgraded rad. We are still working on the tune. Car does have the stock oil cooler and we might move it for better airflow. We have already upgraded the rad. The stock spec for the car is a 30 weight oil. I sell amsoil and we are running 50 weight race oil. Amsoil doesn't make a 40 in a race blend, but I'm wondering if I should use the non race 40weight.. Anyone recall the oil temp thread and able to find it? I think it talked about how the oil weight can affect temp. Thanks Al
  4. Transmission sent off for rebuild. Dropped off dead turbos for rebuilds. Bought a spare motor, why I don't know, I have a spare. Every year I seem to spend more on parts\repairs than I do making one race. Hopefully the car doesn't blow up again.
  5. Stood in shop ( again ) and stared at the gearsets I need to tear apart so I can order the rebuild kit for two transmissions. If I knew how to take it apart maybe I would spend less time starting at it and more time moving forward. But I did organize the shop more. If I didn't have so many partially disassembled things the shop would be more organized.
  6. The team partially dismantled 3 transmissions for our AWD talon so we can identify which rebuild kit we require to order. One has been apart and we will probably just reassemble and make it a extra spare. We left the 4th assembled in case we loose our minds trying to determine how the other 3 go back together. The trans that has metal shavings coming out the drain plug is still in the car and I think its not rebuildable . Now I have to dig into my box of turbo parts and see if any can be saved, most have some sort of cracking so finding a spare isn't going to be easy even though I have a box of them. PS: I hate my car....next time something simpler to maintain.
  7. Take temps of the rotors immediately when coming off the track. Get some data and it will help. Do you use brake ducts? I run 13 inch rotors on my 3000lb car. And we still warped them twice ( one of our drivers causes it ). The pad you use changes things a lot also....
  8. Rebuilt the ice racing motor, first race this weekend. That means unless I break something I start on the chumpcar next week. Need to rebuild 2 trans and 2 turbos and one motor as I have used up all my spares. Relocate the oil cooler as I sandwiched it between intercooler and rad and I dont think the car liked that. And put a friend to work on making the wiring to everything 'reliable' and need to figure out something for bump steer.
  9. Our race in Castrol, Edmonton, Canada they didn't bother with the 5 minute fuel rule this year. It does change things and takes away the advantage that the rule gives to low hp cars. We didnt know about this, it just happened at the race.
  10. I am so pissed of that I get crappy Canadian TV. We get poop for channels ( and therefore racing ). If anyone ends up finding this online, share it please.
  11. I blend a little race fuel into my ethanol free 91 ( we dont want ethanol in the fuel cell foam ). Its not because of cheaty parts its just to control knock on the stock turbo car when things get hot. So the only 94 gas I can get has ehtanol. so I run 91 bumped up with race fuel. sucks as it add a few hundered to a race.
  12. Lol...yea some team mates have not figure out how to put the steering wheel on straight. As for tune, we went to a dyno and I got robbed on the tune, waste of money. So we tied the wideband into the ecu so we could log. We had very little time to tune being not street legal. We wanted to be a bit on the rich side and got too rich. As for the wideband jumping around like it did all I know is we tried to shoot for 11.3 at WOT. It will be tuned better next time out. I'm not sure why it gets so lean but that's probably off throttle. I do wish the camera would pick up the gauges better. We might run a test session on a higher frame rate and 4k to monitor better. We started to tune at the track and the fuel pump was going, so that really messed us up as we didn't realize the pump was about to die. And we had started to install a EGT guage. We had the temp sensor pop out of the fitting on the exhaust manifold and that was really messing things up also. The replacement turbo sunday had little boost, probably a crack somewhere. Hard to tune with the issues we had. But I do know we are getting pretty fast, if I can fix some bump steer and not break we will do awesome. I was the one who went off the track, that was last stint of the day and my first lap in the car after driving the first stint. We had a driver dragging the brakes and he warped the rotors. I can clearly hear him on the brakes into 5 and he doesn't let off the brakes until the apex in 6. He does the same on the rest of the track. So when I got on the brakes I found out the hard way they were no where near the same as the morning it was too late. Lesson learnt, don't assume the car is in the same condition 10 hours later....
  13. Seems that it doesnt work on phones but does on computers.
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