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  1. I am looking for a seat at the PBIR Champ Car race. I am willing to pay for seat time, plus my participation also includes a tire sponsorship for the race. PBIR is my home track, I am there over 20 times a year. I am an intuitive style driver, with on track experience ranging from a crappy Ford Crown Victoria to a Ferrari 488 GTB. Most of my wheel to wheel experience is at 24 Hours of Lemons races. I also have extensive autocross experience, and I passed Porsche Racing School’s Advanced Masters R program.
  2. @Team Infiniti - Unfortunately I won't be able to attend Sebring this weekend. But we should talk. I tried to PM you, but it wouldn't let me. Email me: Jonathan (at) BehindTheWheel (dot) com
  3. Driver Opportunity I am based out of Fort Lauderdale, and I am looking to join a local ChampCar team. My driving experience includes a full 24-hour race with Lemons, completion of Porsche's racing school Masters program in the GT3RS, and 5+ years of AutoX and SCCA Track Days in my Porsche. I am currently on a Lemons team, but most of their races are 1,000+ miles away and they only race 2 or 3 times a year. I would love to find a local team to get my motorsports fix. Between your team and the Lemons team, I would like to race at least 6 times a year. Sponsorship Opportunity All of my motorsports activities are sponsored by a few different automotive industry brands. One of them is a tire manufacturer. If you are willing to put a few decals on your car, I can likely get you free tires for every event that I am apart of. This would be in addition to putting in $$$ for race expenses.
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