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  1. I checked my normal go-to site RockAuto and I could not find any OE Replacement arm like Moog, Dorman, etc. And, from my experience purchasing MKIV lowers from Toyota for another one of my cars about 2 years ago, they were even at that time about 600$ each, and the prices on anything JZ or MKIV related have just sky-rocketed in the last year. That being said, I didnt check eBay and I do see some aftermarket arms available that are actually affordable, I'm just a little weary of some OE replacement stuff if its a total white-box no name piece, but I may give those a try. The aftermarket
  2. Thanks for the input guys. The car in question is a 1992 Lexus SC400. Ive had it sitting around, and I've wanted to make a run at Champ for a few years now, but the car definitely needs some upkeep before I would ever consider running it all out for 10+ hours on track. So I'm in the beginning stages of planning the maintenance/upgrades, and to see if it is feasible to get it to be somewhat competitive within my budget, and then maybe get out on track early next year. Its at 495 base point value, and I'd imagine to get it really just to be reliable and safe I'll need to spend a
  3. I had a quick question I couldn't seem to find any definitive answers to from searching so I figured I would post up and see if anyone had any info. In the Tech Sheet I see... " Suspension component (not otherwise listed in this table), non-OE - 10 Points per corner " " Camber Adjuster Homemade (pair) - 5 Points Front , 5 Points Rear " " Camber Adjuster Stock components re-drilled/slotted for adjustment - 0 Points " If I have a vehicle where the OEM arms are becoming difficult to locate, are VERY costly, and are not serviceable, am I able to run an aftermarket arm that is
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