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  1. Sorry for the late reply, didn't have the chance to check the forum until just now. As for my racing experience, I have some experience in wheel to wheel racing. For a while I karted at On Track in Wallingford, CT. Nothing crazy, but I learned track etiquette and gained insight into the mindset required to race responsibly. I've also had some experience in racing sims. Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 2, and Forza Motorsport are the ones that I used. Had to stop though because my wheel's force feedback stopped working and I never ended up getting better quality peripherals for virtual racing. I've also participated in a racing course and had the opportunity to drive a SK modified in Stafford Springs, CT. I've never participated in any sort of racing league before, mostly because I wasn't aware of how to get started. I actually plan on attending an event (SodiWSeries) at the Karting place I mentioned before, so I can share the results of that afterwards if anyone is interested. In terms of mechanical experience, I have a basic understanding of how cars function, but I wouldn't be confident in my ability to work on a car. I could possibly learn eventually though. I do have plenty of experience with computers as I work in the IT field, so I might possibly be useful in regards to car computer systems; but I would have to learn that also. I plan to eventually take my CRZ to a HDPE event once I save up the funds for it. I already feel confident when it comes to driving at high speeds in close proximity to other cars, but I do realize there are possibly things that I am not aware of when it comes to actually racing in a car.
  2. Looking for a team that needs a driver. I've never driven in a ChampCar event before, but I have experience in karting and I like to think I'm pretty damn good behind the steering wheel of a car; my daily driver (2012 Honda CRZ) isn't anything crazy but it's got some zip to it. Tips and info are very appreciated, feel free to tell me anything that I might need to know in regards to starting out. Looking to start a career in road racing, but I will take any opportunity to get some experience behind the wheel. DM me, or email me at josephfarrell54@gmail.com for any questions or inquires. Thanks in advance!
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