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  1. My name is Daniel Kun and I live in the Pittsburgh area. I have been a lifelong racing fan, but before this past year I never raced a car and I don't have any experience working on cars. My only race experience is a go-kart league at Steel City Karting over the 2020-2021 winter. I understand I'm really coming off as bragging (sarcastic eyeroll), but I am hoping for a chance to learn about racing, get some time on a team, and start learning about working on cars. I lived in DC for the past three years, so I did not have a car that I could work on and never had a strong racing desire while I was in HS. I am not expecting any time behind a wheel (although that would be an awesome bonus). I am willing to be a crew member to learn the ropes. I am hoping to buy a cheap car and take some NASA HDPE classes this summer to get stock car experience. Thanks for reading my whole cover letter. If you need an extra teammate at either the Nelson's Ledge or Pittsburgh races, please reach out to me in a comment. Any advice on how to get started in racing would also be appreciated.
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