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  1. Thank you all! I received my activation link and joined my team so I'm all set. I'm good for Saturday, see you there.
  2. I registered and I'm awaiting the activation code. If my team captain can't get me on the team roster in time will my membership allow me into the event on Saturday? I don't actually drive the car, I'm the tech advisor/mechanic and I manage the pit operations. The team car is an '86 Mustang SVO and I'm the owner of www.turboford.org and have been involved with these cars since 1999. I own two '86 SVOs and a '84 GT Turbo 'vert. Thanks again for all the responses and the welcome!
  3. Thanks for the quick replies, I'll join right away.
  4. I joined an existing chump car team, do I need to register or join or sign up with the ChampCar Endurance Series so I can be added to the team roster? I plan on going to Thompson, CT this Saturday for the race. I joined 'The ChampCar Garage' FaceBook group today. Thanks, Paul
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