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  1. FIA doesn't require the HANS to be recertified either. Maybe it has something to do with the SFI being in the business of selling certification stickers?
  2. If the guy who wins started with 4 points and you come in second, wouldn't you care whether you started with 2 points or 3?
  3. It's practically a subscription model
  4. If that's the case, then the tethers should be certified and you should just be able to buy new replacements.
  5. Dunno bout the new ones, but my hans has a "date of manufacture" not a "date of expiration"
  6. We have a saying on our team, "F*(K!NG radios!"...it gets used often
  7. Perhaps this is a good time to point out that the "VPI Point List" PDF doesn't list all the cars that are available in the "VPI online lookup" i.e. no AMC, Austin Healy, Buick, etc in the PDF table.
  8. We use the broom, it's already got a handle/pole and is always in the pits. I like efficiency, why bring another thing? The more purposes something serves the better.
  9. Check for cracks on the subframe too, if it's not been reinforced already
  10. Why do you think the stock turbo would not be a good choice?
  11. You bust his balls for having a swap, so he takes it out to put the unreliable engine back in that he was trying to avoid, and now you want him to swap again, nice Maybe he could trade fuel capacity for a dry sump
  12. This 2018 thread should be "un-pinned" and replaced with the 2019 version (or something like that)
  13. @David Haines, I just saw the iRacing top 10 for January over the weekend, congrats on calling the #1 clip!
  14. If there were an alternate version of Road Atlanta to bypass turn 12, would you be in favor of running that? I doubt many would at this point, not wanting to go "backwards". Road America just gets the opposite treatment because most Chumps are used to running the bend and therefore afraid of the kink. Many drivers who were used to the kink before running the bend in this series feel shortchanged. Personally I hate to miss a chance to run there in either configuration and that would never be a deciding factor for me in whether to race there or not.
  15. I didn't say they would be equally easy to install. All of the engines you are talking about have some method to achieve the desired valve lash to account for manufacturing tolerances and you can use that method to compensate for a reduced base circle. Just because nobody is marketing reground camshafts for a particular engine doesn't mean it can't be done. The process is basically the same for any cam, why would the grinding machine care what engine it was for? Call a shop that actually grinds cams and not just a retailer for your 4 unsupported applications. The only engine I've personally put a reground cam in is a shim over bucket engine. Are you saying that if you have a mechanical shim design you wouldn't put in the labor to run a properly adjusted valve lash? Even with a stock cam? That's generally considered regular maintenance. You might be more limited in how much you can regrind without making custom shims, but each design is going to run out of adjustment at some point. Look at some catalogs for regrinds or just do a Google search on camshaft regrinding and I don't think you'll find any bias toward BMW applications. Are you trying to convince me that the SOHC 2-valve M20 head is an advantage over more complex designs because it slightly easier to install a reground cam?
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