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  1. Hmm, one way ticket to LA and 100 gallons of gas to get it back here, would you drive it 2000 miles in it's current condition?
  2. I'll have an open seat for you at some point!
  3. That should be required watching! Those were the good 'ol days, so many new people getting their first racing experience, I'm afraid we've strayed so far from that level of affordability. Pretty sure I have a copy of the 2011 BCCR saved somewhere I can send you too.
  4. What is the entry limit at Hallet?
  5. This is just as true for intakes as exhausts. Just because something doesn't fit doesn't mean it's replacement should be free. The whole "required to make it work" concept is one of my least favorite, but I suppose mounts/brackets/adapters/tc are one thing. Including any parts that change the hp of the motor is a ripe opportunity for someone to circumvent the intent of the rule.
  6. So, free exchange of OEM intakes for non-swapped BMWs then?
  7. So, they are cheaters in your mind and you don't like being compared to them, that's understandable. I however, am giving them the benefit of the doubt, and assuming they are just asking for rulings clarifications like you would, and if they get an answer that gives them an advantage they take it. I would not defend that is actually the case, but I wouldn't assume otherwise without some evidence or no other reasonable explanation.
  8. We can 100% agree about the issues with how the car was teched, but I don't blame the team for pushing the rules (like I don't blame you for doing the same). As much as I try to push to pro-actively close loopholes that I can see, I've accepted at this point that the whack-a-mole approach is what we have, so we'll just have to give that enough time to work. Some adjustments have been made so, it's wait-and-see time *shrug* Of course, like always in this series, bitching about something tends to be effective, so carry on. I just know how much you dislike being on the ot
  9. Hastily worded on my part I guess, I wasn't trying to compare the two or call you "worse", but interesting that you own one of the most dominant weekends in CC that I'm aware of and feel so "demoralized" by GBU. Hate em cause you ain't em? Certainly the max car count at Laguna was a factor, but you know how rarely the fastest car wins the race and how few cars have pulled off the double win, so to do both is remarkable. On the other hand you have to give a car that takes a significant number of penalty laps some pportunity to make them up by being faster, that's the whole premise o
  10. Compared to a double win at Laguna Seca where you were 3 seconds clear of the field? I mean, at least they are taking some penalty laps to go with their pace.
  11. Seemed like you matched up well against the C5's at Road America, do you have to give up a bunch performance to be GP1 legal? I agree it's very difficult to get the same build to work in both series, I tried and failed (doesn't help that CC is a moving target)
  12. Curious where you feel the cost difference between GP4 and CC is? I always felt like my GP2 car was a pretty good crossover point with CC podium cars for speed, with a bit higher upfront build cost (mostly shocks), but I never built to the limit of the rules in either series (although with some things freeing up in the 2021 BCCR, they may be getting closer). I had always assumed GP4 would give a lowest cost for a competitive build out of those options.
  13. You'd be more competitive with a GP4 car running in GP3 than bringing it to CC How many GP4 teams are there? Less than a dozen?
  14. IMO, the origins of the MOV rule are commonly misunderstood. First of all, remind yourself that this was during the Condren Dictatorship, so whatever reasons he gave in public are totally suspicious. I believe the real intent of the MOV rules wasn't as much about evening up subsequent races, but about preventing blowouts. The rule basically forces any winning team with half a mind for strategy to try to barely beat the second place car. Condren loved to point to these small Margins Of Victory as proof that the rules were equitable. If you dug a little deeper you would quickly see that while P1
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