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  1. The car count at this track is always in the danger zone. If you wait for "next year" there might not be one
  2. Cool, Now I just need to find a ride for myself...
  3. ABR-Glen

    2018 Swap Rule Clarification 4.5.6.

    That's absurd, Mike basically said that this rule was not being properly applied when I asked about it in *April* and I thought it was ridiculous to let it go on for 4-5 more races until the June meeting, if it's not (EDIT) addressed (/EDIT) then I will probably lose faith completely.
  4. We've been running a downgraded C5 in WRL for 5 years, It's amazing how good everything else on the car becomes when you have 100 less horsepower than stock.
  5. ABR-Glen

    2018 F1

    I wouldn't be surprised if Indy 500 qualifying is the second biggest "race" of the year as far as publicity. A casual motorsports fan is probably more likely to read/hear who's on the Indy 500 pole than who wins the Indycar championship.
  6. While you are at it, can we please get the vpi list published in a similar format?
  7. Uh, both those cars are already on the list 🤔
  8. ABR-Glen

    2018 F1

    It's "made for TV" racing, what do you expect.
  9. Check with @Gorillasticker.com, they have a FL-MN connection.
  10. Oh, come on now, I'm sure whoever it was that requested the "routine audit" of the e30 weight was notified right away.
  11. Meanwhile on the WRL forum....crickets
  12. Watching the video and thinking...
  13. Sorry to break it to you, but the rules aren't intended to establish an equal value for every possible way to build a car, only to prevent the best possible combination from becoming too good.
  14. We agree that pwr alone isn't an equalizer. Did anyone ever really think it was? We agree that pwr alone isn't an equalizer. Did anyone ever really think it was?
  15. That's not even half true. There were always "modifiers" for your as raced PWR if you had upgrades beyond what was allowed for "free". It's just that now after years of keeping those values within tech they have published them in the rule book. No doubt they were somewhat subjective at the beginning, but they used those years of experimenting to find values that work, specifically to avoid the kind of instability we have here.