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  1. And now everyone can see why they never wanted to publish the log books.
  2. I'm not here to talk you into anything (although I don't think I've ever steered you wrong in the past), but I think the assumptions you are making about "bracket" racing are unfounded and if you happened to have one fit your schedule and budget I would encourage you to give it a try, I'd be shocked if you didn't have a good time. The only people I think those rules wouldn't be a good fit for are those that like to build a car to the limit and take every creative advantage that they can, not that there is anything wrong with that mindset. I'm an engineer and a problem solver, I lov
  3. I've been a driver on teams taking overall wins at races in CC, 24HOL, WRL and LDRL. Hardest I have ever worked at driving, by far, was the "bracket" race FWIW. I would suggest you "don't knock it till you've tried it".
  4. Seems plausible to me, looking into a rearview mirror gives you the opposite effect as you get when looking at a monitor displaying a camera facing backwards. You actually want the video to be "mirrored" for this application.
  5. Hasn't Laguna sold out every event we've had there? Why would we continue to price it at a loss?
  6. I think @skierman64 still has a car based out of STL and has hosted many rental drivers.
  7. Do you have a picture of this contraption? Sounds interesting.
  8. The petition process isn't part of the BCCR or on the rules page of the website...but a link to the forum is.
  9. I think the problem is often on the suction side, where the pressure can drop too low to keep the coolant liquid.
  10. Some Minnesotans I know will be at Road Atlanta in mid July.
  11. It seemed like everyone who knew how to run a broom swept Gingerman in 2018.
  12. Please explain what you mean by you can easily lock the tires and you have ABS
  13. Should be able to find a Jetta with a manual and a CPO warranty pretty easily.
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