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  1. ChampCar Sim League Schedule

    Why is Mar 1 a practice round for Daytona and not VIR?
  2. Hawk Pads - will they last

    As expected, this is very much a YMMV topic. Depending on which rotors/calipers we were running at the time we went from needing to change pads overnight to one set lasting all weekend (at RA). Once you get them over a certain operating temp the wear increases dramatically. I haven't run the ST43 on my car, but rent in another car that uses them. I believe you will see less pad life (and more rotor life) if you switch to blues.
  3. Open Tech Sheets

    I suspect the Pyrotect cells are re-branded Fuel Safe cells.
  4. Road Atlanta 14-Hour!

    I can be convinced that it's great at pointing out your mistakes since it can learn from your good laps, but how is it going to identify untapped potential? If I consistenyly pussyfoot it down turn 12 every lap how will it know how much faster I could go? T12 is very unique it can't just assume I can pull 1.1G there because I can in T1.
  5. Road Atlanta 14-Hour!

    How can that Apex thing possibly know what the available grip level is?
  6. As I understand it the schedules are now in synch as far as days/tracks/championship vs practice, the only difference is what time of day the session is at.
  7. Glow in the dark Labels

    Yup, black light works awesome for night driving.
  8. I got the Acura badge, pretty sure I still have it. Morrison used to come up for the happy hour, and we get a pretty good turnout. Chump Faces is probably the fastest Chump team around here anymore, but they are really North Dakota boys.
  9. Do you remember

    Ross Bently is a regular in that other series.
  10. In case, like me, you don't follow Facebook, the annual Minneapolis area racers happy hour is this Saturday at Poor Richard's starting at 6pm. Always a great way to get the season started before the snow melts. https://m.facebook.com/events/797562550452466?acontext={"ref"%3A"3"%2C"action_history"%3A"null"}&aref=3&ref=page_internal&__tn__=HH-R
  11. Question about "Platform Swaps"

    Bandit have a team name yet? I nominate Defiant Ignorance.
  12. 2018 Rd. Atl. Consumables

    I know when I'm driving a car that I'm used to driving with ABS and it stops working I back up my braking marks significantly.
  13. 2018 Rd. Atl. Consumables

    Looking at the results the winners ran ~10% more laps than in years past, the pace is significantly up.
  14. Official - 2018 Road Atlanta 14-Hour

    The straps don't break from tension. They get under the wheel of the car, then the wheel locks and skids, grinding the strap against the ground and wears through it (quicker than you'd think)