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  1. Of the ones I've tried, this one is the easiest to use, but I've only seen it on triangular nets, and I didn't like how that fit my window opening. Now this thread has me thinking about possibly using some of the camlock harware from expired harnesses as a window net release though...
  2. Nate was in a position to make that decision at a wet race in Brainerd while we watched several cars spin down the (concrete lined) drag strip from the pits. Parking the car mid-race from the lead (or thereabouts) was seriously considered, but I think in that situation you can at least justify how much you trust your driver's car control skill and in a situation where visibility is the main concern that doesn't really matter. So, I would say from first hand experience that Nate might be one of the few people that could actually make that tough call and park the car for safety FWIW.
  3. On that note...did you figure out if you are under the sound limit?
  4. That logic seems questionable. "Note #2 - Factory supercharged or turbocharged cars add 100 points to the listed value (unless already listed as such)" The 2003-2006 GTI isn't specifically listed as super/turbocharged/forced induction in the VPI table, and generally the cars that are (RX7, DSM, 924, MR2) carry a more than 100 point premium compared to the base model.
  5. Any chance it was a loose bolt that caused the caliper to jam inside the wheel? I've seen that before, can be very destructive. Never seen a failed rear hub (lots of bearings, but not a single hub), seems very odd to happen on the 6th or 8th race.
  6. Seems legit *if* they are a safety concern. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would have thought they could also allow the OBD1 cast manifolds from the M50, but whatever. I think the specified ones are the same that Spec E46 uses (probably a decent power bump too) If we want to be picky, this rule should probably be applied in the context of the engine instead of the chassis. Other M54 cars or cars with M54 swaps should get the same treatment. I still think a ruling on close coupled cats in general would be better than to keep updating this with an endless list of OEM replacement parts that are allowed(required?). What if some newer cars don't have an alternate OEM part that fits that doesn't have a cat? Maybe that will be considered by the time it hits the BCCR and this is just a stopgap.
  7. Agreed. I think a clear understanding of the rules by all the competitors is what we are trying to get to.
  8. This way of thinking was expressly forbidden in the old rules and that is ingrained in a lot of peoples understanding of the "intent". Do you really think the VPI accurately captures the best possible combination of all parts within a generation?
  9. It absolutely should be 25 points, but thanks for coming up with a BMW based example to test the logic that was previously applied to a domestic platform. Popcorn popping... Although the matching differential portion of the platform swap has already been undermined by a previous allowance, I believe.
  10. The issue is that is sets a bad precedent and undermines the stability of the rules. If close coupled cats are a safety concern then we should add a rule to address that, don't go handing out exemptions to the fixed parts list for specific platforms.
  11. You don't think the series should spend any money recruiting new drivers/teams? If it was only for active members how would giving away a free entry benefit the series?
  12. I'll take credit/blame for starting this discussion through the forum. I'll submit something to the Tech Desk for an official clarification, just wanted to sandbox it here first.
  13. Thanks, I agree. One more case I forgot. If you paid points for a non-OEM spring, could you repurpose the original spring?
  14. No plans, I have seen other people do it under the previous rule. I agree that the answer has deeper implications for repurposed materials. I'm trying to establish precedence, not just checking to see if some haribrained idea is legal
  15. If the OEM spring is replaced under the zero point exemption, can the original spring be used elsewhere as repurposed material? If a spring is modified, OEM or replacement, can the piece that is cut off be used elsewhere as repurposed material?
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