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  1. Does what better? Dividing the field into similarly performing cars? (This is what most people expect classes to be) Giving awards to the most deserving teams? (Can certainly argue this is more important)
  2. I'll be interested to hear a weather report, we want to do the Road Atlanta race, but it's hot enough in Minnesota in July, imagine I'd be melting down there.
  3. I have a core support for you and *maybe* a coupe fender, but most of my spare body parts are for a sedan.
  4. Gotta make room for all those "EC" cars somewhere...
  5. What about the current EC cars that aren't on the VPI list, they are being told they are no longer welcome after this year, correct? Or is there a plan to add those cars to the list with deliberately high VPI so that they cannot be competitive? That will of course open up those engines to swaps...oh the tangled web we weave.
  6. Wonder why the "change" from "front axle" to "steering rack". Wonder if they've considered that some cars have the steering rack pretty far behind the alxe, i.e. firewall mounted in some cases.
  7. Both, we always try to support the Brainerd race with as many entries as possible. There is even a second "sister" car to Matt's Corvette now. The driver pool gets a little thin in these situations, but I know a lot of people will be at that other race the same weekend.
  8. $100 for three 245/40/17 RS4's delivered to BIR? I will be there July 3,12,13,14
  9. Tell me about tires, maybe we can find a way to get them to BIR in a couple weeks?
  10. So this "new" problem has been around since at least 2011 (did we even have an EC class before that?). Maybe just go back to putting (EC) in the team name like ETR suggested, I don't remember it confusing anyone back then (probably not as many people on Facebook then either...)
  11. In the 2017 Financial report income from sponsors totaled $33,800, or between 1-2% of all income, so yes they *slightly* reduce your entry fees. Of course that doesn't count anything they give to the members directly or other intangibles like business relationships/connections etc. that have significant value. P.S. @Bill Strong seems like the BOD page is overdue for some updates? https://champcar.org/mainweb/board-of-directors/
  12. I think he wanted an answer to his question about repurposed materials that wasn't addressed in the document, obviously there will never be an end to these interpretations/clarifications.
  13. I assume you are busiest at tech early in the year and the later races you have some "free time". What would you think about calling some teams to re-tech later in the year to fill that open time (could be random or based on previous races, etc)? Valuable or making work for no reason?
  14. I assume this means that "if the car is sliding, the wing works better with the VG than without" not "the wing works better when the car is sliding than when the car is not sliding", correct?
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