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  1. They took home a bigger prize than what we got for turning the most laps.
  2. I saw a car racing on 13" tires at a Lemons race earlier this year and it was the most popular car there, a spec tire would never work for that series.
  3. Did you go down to the carousel? It's amazing how much the track drops around there and you hardly notice in the car.
  4. I don't think overnight parc ferme will ever be the default in this series, most people here seem to dislike it pretty strongly.
  5. 5 minute minimum stops enable penalty free tire changes
  6. An 8+7 is a two race format. 8 hours on Saturday and 7 hours on Sunday. Maybe 8&7 or 8/7 would be a better nomenclature.
  7. I thought the reason for choosing that engine was being able to find one on every street corner for less than the cost of a 6-pack. Now you need a professional foreign engine builder to massage it, what happened?
  8. Actually, the motion ratio gets gets squared so, if the spring were moved half way closer to the pivot you would need to quadruple the spring rate to keep everything else the same. Point being, spring rates alone mean almost nothing unless you know the layout of the suspension geometry (although I assume it's still struts in front so that is relatively strainghtforward)
  9. Everybody knows that aftermarket heads exist, you don't have to try to keep that secret. And, yes, they are included in the fixed point value, no need to come from the VPI list. The stock intake and header are the ones that came with the car, that's what is free (unless you also did an engine swap) I don't think you could say that is universally true, but the biggest benefit you didn't mention would be the ability to better tune the runner lengths (...diameters, etc). With ITB's you can make the runners very short and very equal in length, to an extent you couldn't possibly do if you have to connect all the cylinders to a single throttle location (ignoring the distinction between "throttle body" and "carb" that I don't think you intended).
  10. You purchase directly though Hankook Motorsports?
  11. Are you talking about Lucky Dog? They aren't mandating any tire, they just have a contingency program with Hankook. i.e. you have to run their (Hankook's) tire to win their (Hankook's) prizes, like most tire sponsors. You can still run other tries, you just aren't eligible for those prizes if you do. I guess I'll have to take that back, teams not running those specific tires are also "not eligible for podium finishes" Sure would be great if Tire Rack could offer the same type of benefits in this series though, wouldn't it.
  12. You should check with @scottyk, that Maxima is bad fast and they really are a top notch bunch of guys, I don't think you could hope to find a better team to run with at Road America!
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