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  1. That looks exactly like what I have. Only downside is you have to unlock each side before lowering, but it's not like you will be using it all day every day like a shop.
  2. Lots of Spanish speakers in TX, perhaps a translation issue? bomba=pump
  3. Sounds like we need to ban these new cheater engines that are fast but don't last, the big budget teams are going to start changing them overnight and dominate the small guys who can only afford engines that last multiple weekends. Maybe some kind of limit on the number of engine bearings per weekend
  4. We used the tilton one for years on another car, still not super reliable even at the higher price and need to wait to turn on until fluid is warmed up. Recently switched to direct drive off the driveline, much simpler now.
  5. Sure would be nice to get some of the 944 loopholes to use on my BMW's though. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mutual_assured_destruction
  6. Don't underestimate the risk you are taking driving a car with a cage if you are not wearing a helmet.
  7. I would mount it where you get the least glare/reflection on the screen.
  8. Transmissions are required to come from a vehicle on the VPI list (at least for a 25pt value)
  9. "Error: Media URL could not be loaded. Check media URL is valid. (e_url context" Not working now, is it only for weekends with a live broadcast?
  10. I think a lot of it was the nut behind the wheel
  11. If you are keeping the hood, you need the matching trunk to complete the set
  12. "from the nose of the bumper down" does not mean it only applies to things that start at the nose of the bumper, it means anything that is below the nose of the bumper.
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