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  1. ABR-Glen

    e30 transmission

    The SD Faces guys told me they dropped off all their spare transmissions at a local shop and had them build as many good ones from all the parts as they could make. Not sure if they have any extra to part with, but worth asking.
  2. ABR-Glen

    1987 RX7 with GM LA1 V6 swap build...

    The dyno measures vehicle speed directly, to plot vs engine rpm requires a tach wire or gearing math
  3. I like these as a compromise between cheap earbuds and the expensive custom ones: https://www.earfuze.com/collections/frontpage/products/fuze-racing I use the short cord version so you don't have to mess around with all the extra cord length on standard earbuds.
  4. Your frustration seems misdirected. The BOD doesn't seem terribly beholden to the forum, so despite the unpopularity of any suggestion here you know who it is you need to convince and you have been given a process by which to attempt to do so.
  5. The "East" series runs at 6/7/8 EST and the "West" series runs at 6/7/8 PST (technically, I think he means EDT and PDT, but that's not what you are asking about) So there are two versions of each session that start 3 hours apart.
  6. You can't prove anything with one data point, but you can certainly disprove things.
  7. ABR-Glen

    Trailer and towing rig

    I'm surprised to see the e-track you have mounted to the floor is the opposite orientation to what I would have expected. I assume you have to be careful about how you attach the clips into the slots? I wonder how much the load ratings are affected by this angle. Edit: interesting read https://www.autohaulersupply.com/images/content/E-Track-wheel-strap-guide.pdf
  8. And that was running "off pace"... Unfortunately the 5 minute pit stops in Champcar facilitate this kind of spending.
  9. https://www.racingjunk.com/Sportsman/183033947/Players-Challange-Camaro.html?category_id=&search=players&quickSearch=1&np_offset=0&from=search#1
  10. Make every single rule clarification request and response public, problem solved. The easiest way to implement that would be to actually use the section of the forum that was intended for that purpose.
  11. These are the most painful examples of why Champcar isn't working in some markets. When someone comes on here and gives their opinion why things aren't working they are told that they are wrong by the people in the successful markets. The real question is does leadership care? Does membership care? Should Champcar just stick to the markets where it has proven successful and let the others go?
  12. I didn't read the whole thing but we have wanted to do the 25hr for a couple years and it looks like they now have done the class mapping to WRL/CC which makes it way easier. Super excited if that's the case.
  13. ABR-Glen

    Strut Bar PSA

    It seems to me that many people think this thread is about trying to get the bar allowed for zero points, it's not. It's about making people aware that tech's interpretation of two areas of the BCCR that conflict with each other has changed. Some people have always had that interpretation and think the other people are "cheaters" or "rules lawyers", but the real problem is that the rules are unclear. Let me test your "ENTIRE rulebook" theory, which seems to be rooted in the FPV being king and you can't avoid taking points based on the ultimate purpose of a modification/component. 1. Car has an OEM strut bar standard to all cars of that model 2. Car has adjustable shocks that were a factory option or part of a trim package 3. Strut towers have been slotted to allow for camber adjustment, only by removing material 4. Stock heater core has been re-purposed into an oil cooler Any of these could be argued as free based on one part of the rulebook and points based on the FPV for the purpose of the part, the interpretation depends on which sections take precedent and that has changed over time.
  14. ABR-Glen

    2018 Brainerd Race Recap

    About that point-by and re-pass scenario in general, I feel like if you want to race that's fine (that's why we're out there after all), but if you point me by then you are "surrendering" the position. I appreciate the awareness and the courtesy, but I'm not expecting a car that points me by to fight back. Obviously, sometimes there are temporary scenarios that make this difficult and there's only so much you can communicate with a hand gesture between moving cars.