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  1. We’re in a bind as one our drivers just now informed me can’t make it, and we only had three to begin with.
  2. Very short notice, but we have a seat available. 772-353-1497
  3. We expect to have 4-5 of us attend. Thanks for setting this up.
  4. It’s interesting that the following weekend for The IMSA 12 Hours of Sebring race, there’s No rules of stopping the race when someone is spotted not wearing a mask I guess this virus is very selective with who it decides to infect.
  5. Anyone happen to have a spare battery to fit a Vertex VX-261 Radio, and might be going to this race?
  6. Did I miss something? I haven’t been on the forums in a while.
  7. It will run out the LF tire on the normal configuration on the longer races. Probably not during a 7-Hour.
  8. Bill is correct. I booked a couple trackside rooms for $130/night
  9. I can’t see IMSA working around Champcar for the week previous to their race. I would think they take more than a week to set up for the 12 Hours. Same thing with all the teams entering their race. The paddock isn’t big enough for everyone. Also, The rooms at Turn Seven are already priced at $360/ night plus taxes and fees.
  10. Tore down my engine from the Indy race. It developed a crack in the case. Replaced that. Fixed the clutch throwout shaft issue we had at Sebring, Fixed and repainted the front fender that got banged up at Indy, Replaced both rear fenders that also got banged up there. Had a buddy with bodywork skills paint and stripe them.Got the engine fired up on the test stand, back in the car. Got to blast it it up and down the street a few times. ..Still have a list of other repairs that need to happen. I sure hope they don't cancel Daytona!
  11. I was thinking the same thing. This is also going on the same weekend Champcar is running: http://www.classic24hour.com/
  12. Since the 12 Hours of Sebring has been postponed to November 11th, Prices for rooms at the Turn 7 Hotel while Champcar is there have instantly jumped to the Gouging rate. Looks like there will be quite a few camping in their trailers. Checked their website yesterday, and the rate per night is $360+ all the other local taxes and fees will push it well over $400......... Ouch!! https://gc.synxis.com/rez.aspx?Hotel=52588&Chain=6330&template=RBE+&shell=RBE+&Arrive=11%2f06%2f2020&Depart=11%2f08%2f2020&adult=2&child=0&_ga=2.234088795.496580760.1584187114-14
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