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  1. There are not enough videos posted for Daytona so I got stuck watching this one the whole way through and now I have a question. At the 2:46 mark the Neon is passed by a red car which then proceeds to stay below the double yellow line to pass a few cars and then scoots back up on to the banking; Is it legal to be below the double yellow line for anything other than having a problem with your car?
  2. ^^^^^ For 80 seconds of video, I'm digging the way you drive the car. Impressive!!
  3. It's a funny thing, the Acura driver did everything right to keep the car on the pavement and also managed to get it facing the correct way (albeit in the middle of the track, though no choice there). The driver who hit him is completely at fault for that one!
  4. Seems to me that every time we see one more performance enhancing component added to the fixed value list at 0 points we see a few other components changed to 0 points and then another few components get their value lowered so that they have a fair value compared to said 0 point items. This hasn't been a slippery slope for quite a while, it's much more like a free fall! I'm pretty sure that there are only two reasons to replace a component; Performance and Reliability. Either or both of these should increase your VPI but with so many 0 point parts this doesn't happen nearly enough. 500 point cars are listed as such for a reason and they already have the benefit of all the 0 point items so why allow them to gain reliability without cost? If your current, low VPI, car needs an oil cooler or accusump why not remove 30 or 40 points of performance components and swap in the reliability components? The reason that there are fewer cars battling for the lead in the final laps is that there is so much more disparity throughout the field and this is a direct result of the lowering of the VPI, the addition of 0 point and lower valued components and the disregard for the spirit of the rules. Champcar is, and should be, a throwback to the old endurance racing series where reliability is sometimes sacrificed for performance and vice versa. It seems that the teams at the sharp end of the field want it more like the current crop of pro endurance series where the biggest technical problem a team encounters is a computer glitch. The reality is that we cannot go back but we can certainly pull up on the reins.
  5. I'd be curious to know how often cars with an engine swap win vs cars without an engine swap. The VPI table might be just fine if the horsepower and torque gains (from all means) were were valued fairly, impartially and correctly.
  6. I don't know who the TAC is and at this point I'm afraid to ask! I've been trying to get a definitive answer from Tech for quite a while now and am only discussing it here, on the forums, because someone else brought it up.
  7. Is this a definitive answer but not specifically in the rules? 50pts for a non-oe Intake Manifold or Throttle Body and the component piece comes with it for no additional point hit? So, if I change the Throttle Body I take the 50 point hit but I get the matching Intake Manifold for free and conversely if I change the Intake Manifold for 50 points I get the matching Throttle Body for free? Going one step further and since the rule says; Carburetion / intake manifold or throttle body, non-OE: 50pts this obviously means I can buy a Skunk2 Intake Manifold for a 50 point hit and also upgrade to a matching Throttle Body without adding any additional points. Since I will also need to use larger, non-OE fuel injectors to take advantage of the new Intake/TB I have to assume that is also covered within the 50 points.
  8. If you swap the head only then you have to use all the components from the head that you removed. The 'anything to make it work' rule is specifically directed at a full engine swap. If you swap the SOHC for a DOHC that is a complete engine swap and does not require you to "stuff" SOHC cams/valve train in to the DOHC head.
  9. You absolutely get the OEM cams for free. Which means, specifically, the cams/valve train that is OEM and unchanged in that particular head are free. Alter anything in that head and it's points. Non OE Carb: 50pts
  10. I've been trying to get clarification on this exact point because, to me, the Cylinder Head is that and that alone. The Intake, Exhaust, TB, Injectors, Distributor etc are not part of the head simply because they attach to the head.
  11. Since when are the Throttle Body and Intake Manifold considered to be a package? The rule is clear; Carburetion / intake manifold OR throttle body, non-OE:50 pts The rule doesn't say Intake Manifold with Throttle Body or even Intake Manifold and Throttle Body. The rule says OR which means they are separate components and 50pts each.
  12. The swap calculator needs to be updated to reflect the altered VPI table.
  13. "The kit is currently offered without any exhaust manifold, or header. If you want the most basic bolt-on solution, we suggest the exhaust manifold for a 2009-2012 Malibu or 2010-2012 Equinox/Terrain." This info right here tells me that any header, performance or otherwise, must be claimed at 25 points.
  14. Adding to what Thomas said above; specifically falls under BCR 4.5 Engine Swap. This means, for example, that if you compete in an NA Integra Type-R you cannot use the JDM version of the same engine without claiming an engine swap.
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