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  1. We should blindfold all the drivers after the quiet hour, spin them around three times, let them loose and belt them in to whichever car they end up in. Pot luck tail gate Friday, pot luck racing Sunday afternoon.
  2. How about just learning to be aware of the conditions and cars around you and just don't hit anybody?
  3. What's the point of having a single spotter or even two spotters? You would need spotters located around the entire track, not only at the corners.
  4. As much as I dislike the penchant for spending your way to the front, you can hardly regulate tires when nothing else is regulated.
  5. It is well worth a tow of any distance. You also don't have to worry about bringing spare parts as there are no small accidents at Mosport!
  6. No point swapping a 160hp A2 in to a 99 Miata...No Honda guy would run with the A2. I also don't buy that any of the Ecotec Miatas have less than 200hp despite claims otherwise.
  7. How about a return to the good old days and bring back the 24 Hours of Mosport.
  8. Simple enough to add a track specific Fuel Spillage rule to the supps since every track may have a preference.
  9. Any of the 200+ hp K motors would make any Miata a 700+ point car right out of the box, no?
  10. ^^^^^ This. There is no such thing as a 'traditional line'. The driver made a clean pass of the 240, cleared him completely and moved to the left (off line!!) and maintained his position and speed knowing there were other cars to his right. The punt was egregious and seriously needs to be looked at by the powers that be especially after Indy.
  11. You can make the case that the BMW was past you before the Yellow but at best he was along side you. The rules still clearly state that you must slow down for a Yellow flag and the BMW had no intention of doing so despite passing two cars that were just involved in the incident. He knew something wasn't right and simply kept going flat out. Poor driving in my opinion.
  12. What about the 611 BMW who clearly sees the incident happening to driver left. The Yellow flag is clearly displayed and he passes 5 more cars without seeing a green flag. Brutal...
  13. Literally looking at the Supps right now...
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