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  1. If you can add a single lap to the Saturday winner then it can't be that difficult to add a few more laps to the EC cars so that the true leader/winner shows up first, both in live timing and the results.
  2. The rules need at least one more line that says: If it doesn't say you can do it, then you can't do it.
  3. I seriously doubt ChampCar will even introduce another class and I actually prefer the single class racing. We are always trying for the overall win but being the best in A, at the Glen, was much more rewarding than I thought it would be. I'd honestly like to see the rule book closed for renovations for a minimum of 5 years unless it pertains to safety. The cars are quick enough, the tires are good enough and the competition is very strong.
  4. It's not a coincidence that the freeing up of performance parts has made the C lass cars dominant simply because allowing them to compete equally in the handling department with the A and B cars means that the old adage applies; When all is equal, horsepower rules. Again, this is not a bad thing or a wrong thing but simply what we have grown in to and cannot be reversed. It can, however, be tempered. Things like increasing the swap allowance from $1500 to $2500 just means that more engines (meaning more horsepower) will become available and the speeds will increase. This should be struck from the new rules before it's even implemented, in my opinion. Things like transmission adapters, headers etc should not be included in the swap formula and we should all have to use points to make things work for us (another bolted horse). Limit the vpi list to cars 20+ years and older! ------------------------ As an aside we should be focused on the 80% who run outside the top 20 and make sure they keep coming back because the guys running up front will always show up, no matter what you do to the rule book.
  5. I like that these have been iterated but a few of them are still vague as to what's allowable. A step in the right direction, though.
  6. Just wondering if any of the E30 (not sure about other models) teams use Autolite AR53 spark plugs. If so, I have 6 that are bnib and I will be bringing them to Gingerman. No compensation required, I just want to see them turn some laps. PM me if you can use them.
  7. This is very curious as the JDM/EDM swap rule is very specific: JDM and EDM engines are allowed provided they have the same displacement and construction as the USDM engine and are within 3% of the USDM advertised horsepower. The cam and intake manifold alone make the construction different and thus against the rule. You're also telling me that the JDM cam and Intake increase the power by less than 4hp that is allowed under the 3% rule? Balancing is legal but the shaved head must also be claimed as it's a performance advantage. VPI - 350 Camshaft - 50 Intake - 50 Coilover - 40 Header - 25 MPV - 515 without anything else included.
  8. I actually agree with the two class system over the arbitrarily constructed displacement system that's currently in place. Call it ChampCar and ChampCar Limited Prep though. I would rather have a single class where the cars are evened out through the Fixed Value List, but those days are long gone (far too many 0 point and very low point parts). I was watching the Road Atlanta live stream earlier in the year and one of the commentators mentioned that a whopping number of new teams had shown up, something like 50 new teams, yet the overall car count was about the same as the previous year. My first thought was; Where did the 50 teams from last year go? Taking in to account bucket list teams (say 50%) that still leaves 25 teams who did not return to Road Atlanta; Why not? You don't think the million dollar budget has anything to do with the Tuttle Eclipses and Sahlen's Boxster from finishing 1-2-3, at The Glen?
  9. If Tech is now allowing DRS or any kind of adjustable spoiler or splitter without mentioning it on the forums or adding it to the rules then there is something seriously wrong with the direction the series is taking. This is not innovation or working with what you've got but simply circumventing the rule set to take advantage of current technological advancements and things of this ilk should be stopped before they even start. I can't even get a definitive answer about this rule; 4.3.2. Fixed Point Value List - Carburetion / intake manifold or throttle body, non-OE: 50 pts. Yet, somehow, Tech is allowing DRS? I want to say Jesus, but I know I shouldn't.
  10. 4.4.2. There is NO SUCH THING as a free part, every part of a vehicle has a value. Parts not covered elsewhere in the rules will be assigned a point value by ChampCar Tech. Since the rules specifically say there is no such thing as a free part I can only assume the DRS is listed on the Tech sheet and then assigned a value by Tech. DRS should be something that is listed as NOT ALLOWED much like carbon fibre.
  11. Class racing has existed since the beginning of motor racing and the only reasons the classes compete on track together (not class against class) are to give everyone more track time and for time management. Even as a four year old I knew my Dad's Mini was not competing against the Corvettes and Camaros but that they were sharing the track. The only time these cars would compete against each other, head to head, was during the Sundown which was a 4-5 hour ENDURANCE event (shockingly introduced so that every car could compete for the overall win, what a novel idea) in which fuel and tires levelled the playing field. The rule changes over the last few years have freed up so many performance enhancers that it's all but impossible for a legal, A Class car, to compete levelly with the dominant C Class cars simply because the factors that once balanced the cars have been eliminated (not a bad thing, it's just a fact). I'm also glad that Jer posts on the boards and often because he always has level-headed, clear and productive things to say and this allows for healthy and positive discourse to take place where it is absolutely needed. The rest of the board, apart from Mike C, should be much more involved on the forums because it's 2019, not 1919 and we have the technology to discuss and alter things in real time and this is benefit is being wasted. Mike C should keep doing what he's doing and his posts here should really only be for clarification and as the final word since, ultimately, it's his baby. #EC -100 Laps
  12. Obviously keeping all the brake components as cool as possible helps in every way but you could also be using too much pad for the rotor (sometimes it's the other way around). Sometimes it's a very fine balance between pad compound and rotor material.
  13. Another dumb question; Since the surge tank is only allowed to hold half a gallon does this mean that if the main tank is completely empty, and the surge tank is at it's 2 quart capacity, that the surge tank would have 1 quart of fuel and the reserve tank the other quart of fuel?
  14. I don't know who macheesy is, but I like him. #EC -100laps
  15. ^^^^^ Playing Devil's advocate here; how can you put the blame on the Civic when he clearly stayed on the right side of the track, possibly realizing he was slower than other cars the whole race long. The Bimmer could have lifted at any point entering the final corner knowing there was a ton of clear race track ahead. To me, it looks like the Bimmer put himself in a tenuous position.
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