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  1. My point about the K20Z3 swap is that you take more points initially but you won't need the intake or throttle body because you already have the power you need. I'm also pretty sure that you are very limited with the bolt ons with the 160hp K20A3 as it is a very different motor to the K20A2.
  2. You can thank me for getting the CRX VPI lowered (twice) as I lobbied Tech with plenty of documentation. The initial VPI was far too high when compared to the 92+ Civics so it was lowered to reflect this. As to the K24 swap at 160hp, you have tons of points room to play with after the swap. You will also never get near the $2500 swap limit. We have a 160hp B16 in our EF and here's what I claim: VPI: 150 (108hp) New VPI: 200 (160hp) Tranny: 25 Axles: 25 (though you could make the claim that they are driveshafts and take 10 points each instead because the rules are ridiculous) Mounts: 10 (I claim these though mounts are included in the swap) Header: 25 (I don't use the stock exhaust manifold though you might be able to with the K) 200+25+25+10+25 = 285 All my other points are non-essential to the swap but are needed to compensate for my average driving abilities. If money is an issue then the 160 hp K20 is a good (though I have never seen anyone race this engine) swap. If money is no issue then the 197hp K20z3 is a far better choice (assuming you can find one under the price cap). You can also go B18 and be competitive. ---------------------------------------
  3. I, too, found Boxster springs on the internet both in factory configuration and race configuration. This all goes back to a much earlier point about the team in question purposely misleading and misinforming Tech and others about part numbers and the superseding thereof. They know they did it and we know that they know that they did it.
  4. There is nothing in the rules about spring rate, only ID/OD dimension so you have to assume spring rate is open. The problem is that no one seems to know how or where to measure the ID/OD.
  5. I am also interested in what becomes of this because even if you can't buy OEM, factory, stock, non-adjustable front and rear end links for a 99 Boxster from Porsche itself there are still many, many places to get OEM equivalent replacements. I have no clue what R3R told Tech or anyone else (and these things should be transparent) but if their intent was to mislead so that they could gain an advantage then it's still breaking the rules.
  6. Shouldn't the height or length of the spring also be the same as OEM so that there is no performance gain from lowering the car without taking points? The fact that these words, "throughout the entire body of the spring", have to be added seems ridiculous to me. The intention of the rule means +/-.025" throughout, not at the smallest measurable diameter. It's always been worrying that those who write and publish the rules never seem to know their own intentions regarding their own rules.
  7. Thank you Troy for knowing what I meant despite the typo!
  8. I can never tell if forum members are being deliberately obtuse or they simply need every little thing spelled out for them. Tech inspects every single car prior to their first race, hence the annual tech sticker. Part of the annual tech process is to make sure every safety item is correct and your tech sheet matches what is on the car. Sorry for not specifically saying ANNUAL TECH pursuant to Rule 5.2.
  9. I can't help but agree with almost everything suggested in this thread but it's all but impossible to implement just based on time. Tech has a daunting job before each race checking everything and their focus/priority should be on the safety items. Once those are found to meet the rules then they should briefly check all the points claimed on the tech sheet. If they find something missing or incorrect then that should be addressed uniformly. I don't think they have the time to check every single component for legality and this is where impound and protests come in to play. I think Tech should look at the tech sheet in impound and reaffirm that post raced cars are the same as pre raced cars. If they notice something obviously wrong then they should talk to the captain and go from there. While this is happening the other teams should have free reign to look at the impounded cars and prepare their protests according to the rules. Simplify... Edited to clarify that the first paragraph refers to ANNUAL TECH.
  10. Every time the powers that be give consideration for a special dispensation regarding parts that should be claimed they should err on the side of caution and inform the team that they must claim the parts until a complete and thorough investigation in to said parts has been completed. This means checking and rechecking all the facts provided by the team (as if they aren't approaching Tech quietly for their own gain) until those facts are corroborated. Once a decision is made the BoD/Tech should provide this new info as an amendment to the rules. All this hush hush, behind closed doors, never telling the general membership about what's allowable or not leads to all this clamour and threads eventually being locked. ---------------- Eight pages of talk about springs and the spring rule (which doesn't say "measured at the smallest diameter) tells me that the spring rule is poorly written and needs to be changed. This could be updated so easily with zero room for interpretation by saying OEM Springs (cut or uncut) = 0 points. NON-OEM springs = 10 points per corner. Coil Over kit = 15 points per corner. ___________ If the BoD or Tech approved the Boxsters use of not only adjustable sway bars but also adjustable end links for zero points then something absolutely stinks. Edited for a typo to include NON-OEM springs and to say that the points I suggest are merely examples (though I am a huge believer in more points).
  11. R3R, a pro team, caught with unclaimed parts twice also means they are cheating in other ways we may never be able to see. Tuttle "accidentally" using the incorrect manifold (and who knows what engine they accidentally swapped in for Sunday's race) also means they are cheating in other ways we may never be able to see. Am I the only one who has lost respect for these two teams (not that they will care)? I will never be able to take their efforts seriously again and anything they achieve from here on in will forever be tainted.
  12. The sad truth about catching a cheater is that they simply look for other ways to cheat and become better at it. If it's true that the R3 Boxsters were caught with unclaimed parts, this means that they deliberately cheated and now everything they have accomplished or will accomplish in the future is rendered meaningless. Is it really true that the Tuttle Mitsu's replaced an engine with the wrong one "by accident"? On a side note; Is the now compliant Boxster turning slower lap times with a legal suspension?
  13. Curious to know if that's a 2.5 L or 3.5L Altima. Looks amazingly fast in a straight line!
  14. This is only true IF you can do 2hr stints. 1 1/2hr or 1 3/4hr stints and you have to do more stops and the longer the race the more extra stops you have to do.
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