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  1. Curious to know if that's a 2.5 L or 3.5L Altima. Looks amazingly fast in a straight line!
  2. This is only true IF you can do 2hr stints. 1 1/2hr or 1 3/4hr stints and you have to do more stops and the longer the race the more extra stops you have to do.
  3. I agree with this. 7 hour (no church break) races takes fuel out of the equation and I don't mind that. I'm all for the 8+7 weekends.
  4. Only 7hr races help non-2hr teams. 9-11-13 etc would simply mean the 2hr teams do one 1hr stint at the end.
  5. ^^^ That math is correct but there are also teams that get just over 90 minutes to a tank and the 7hr races help them keep pace too. But anything over 8 hours and the teams only getting 90mins/tank or 105mins/tank have to do an extra stop. So the only odd hour race that helps it 7. 9hr race: 4x120 + 1x60 (4 stops - 5 stints) 6x90 (6 stints) 5x105 + 1 x15 (6 stints) The 105 minute stints need to stretch to 110 minutes to make it on 4 stops.
  6. This is patently untrue. A 7 hour race does help those who can't do 2 hour stints but anything over 8 hours would be divided by two hour stints with a short stint at the end so you are doing as few stops as possible.
  7. I actually don't have an issue with the tire and tire changing rules at all as they are simply the least part of the whole speed leap. The powers that be and Tech need to stop lowering or removing the points of non-OE parts that always end up helping the teams with the most money to spend. Bring back points for performance/reliability items...!
  8. May as well limit trailer size, amount of spare parts, fuel amount etc if you are even thinking about limiting tire size and usage. Big fish, small pond syndrome will never go away and if a team wants to spend $10,000 per weekend to beat a bunch of us who spend the bare minimum then so be it. While their caterers are busy preparing their afternoon, post lunch pre-dinner snack we'll be over here fighting for the crumbs in the bread bag. You know what impresses me? The teams that hunt down a junkyard engine and swap it in through the night because they didn't bring two crate motors with them: Teams that swap the rear tires for the fronts because they have limits and are pushing those limits. It's easy to swap four new tires every stop but there is zero satisfaction.
  9. It's also ludicrous that 2/4/6/8 INDIVIDUAL throttle bodies have the same point value as ONE throttle body. It should be 25pts per throttle body. This is the exact type of thing that drives the costs up and the competitiveness down. As if teams with huge amounts of money aren't benefiting enough already.
  10. You would be better off doing an entire engine swap than swapping in a vtec head (100pts), intake (25pts), tb (25pts) and exhaust/header (25pts). Not to mention that LS vtec or B20 vtec is only really effective when you change the crank and pistons (impossible to protest). B16/B18gsr/B18 Type R are well under the 175pts you would use for a full head swap.
  11. Except that anyone who knows the type of car you're running will know by looking if it's a stack exhaust manifold or a purpose built header.
  12. The apparently 'poor' video might have to do with GoPro and YouTube more than a spot meter. Our GoPro is crystal clear when I post the 15 minute segments on YouTube but when I combine it for the full 8 hours the quality on YouTube suffers.
  13. They 'fixed' it by reducing each to 25 points so in effect it's now 50 points for both when it should have been and should still be 50 points for each. I don't agree with it but there it is.
  14. The reason the Ecotec swap is allowed the header is due to good faith on the part of National Tech in that they made a decision that was based on information provided by a team or teams doing the swap that claimed the header was necessary despite being a performance gain. It has since been proven that the header is not absolutely necessary but does make the swap easier. This rule needs to be amended without a doubt. As to the B series swaps; the intake/exhaust manifolds easily fit in to the engine bay and do not necessitate special components. IMO you should also have to take the points for the throttle body but I believe Tech made the decision to allow the TB and Intake to be 50 points total. There are many ways to implement a vtec swap, some more costly points wise than others.
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