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  1. Looks great now, and no shame in original picture, just thought it was funny. Cheers
  2. 6'4 225, 35 waist. Sparco Jade XL works for me, not tight (but I don't feel like it is too loose). It is actually a little long, which is typically hard to achieve for me.
  3. The steelies and the primered paint job are an interesting contrast to the matching custom suits. It looks like someone else pulled their car into your team picture, heh.
  4. Very interested in longevity and pace data vs RS4 and RE71R. Very, very interested. TIA
  5. I think the 2 hr per stint metric is _highly_ track dependent. Our car is below 12 P/W and can go 2 hours at Hallett (and likely Harris Hill), but I would expect it to do significantly under 2 hours per tank at Daytona. I know nothing of the car that won Harris Hill, but I have seen some (NC) Miata's that pulled interestingly hard in a straight line, when I had a slight run on them coming out of a corner. I have no idea what was in those engines, but it was reportedly only cammed. It added that platform to my potential racecars of the future list.
  6. I am not sure even a few years from now that will be the case. The 2020 VPI has a 2003 Porsche Boxster at 520 points, and ready to race it is very close to 10.5 P/W... so the swap calculator is using a different metric than the VPI calcs - and in a couple years when the mid-2000's cars get VPIs, P/W will again move away from where it was historically. By 2010 Minivans had 300+hp (so did everything else).
  7. Or a 129 hp 302 from a 1974 Maverick: 129 * 1.65 = 213 hp for a H/C/I/E 302... riiiiiiight.
  8. I suspect the heads will come off, and some pretty well ported factory heads will go back on. That is what I would do anyway. It will probably require a smaller cam too, but doubt I would go back to factory as the 80's cams were not good.
  9. Or an Opel GT that came with 165/13 tires. It would really really help brake pads last longer though (let's just not go down this path).
  10. I think some of those would help the series, so unfortunate they were denied. Thanks for at least trying.
  11. If GBU was not swapping tires during the race, that makes it a lot harder to make a rule to discourage their tire tactics. If they were, then maybe only allow one tire swap per pit stop... see if that is enough to address people using gumball tire compounds.
  12. Electronic black boxes will be mandatory for every semi-serious race series in 10 years or less. Cars will be weighed, weigh will be entered into the black box, and it will spit out the power calculated from the measured acceleration. Yes, people will still cheat (this is not accusing GBU or anyone here of cheating) by soft pedaling below where accel becomes drag limited... but it will still happen. This isn't an "if?" it is a "when?".
  13. Good points. I like the ability to build a custom car. Clearly there are issues with performance parity... all the suspension and brakes and cage stiffening talk is just a distraction from the real speed differentiators on this car: 1) HP/Torque 2) Grip levels (via tire stickiness and massive size) Without rules to specifically address those, you are playing whack a mole.
  14. Why is everyone OK with 300hp engines now, when the swap calculator for a c3 with 300 hp swap is: Make: ChevroletModel: CorvetteYear: Pre-1980VPi: 150Car Weight: 3168Original HP: 183New HP: 300Points Added to VPi: 879--->NEW VPI: 1029 Seriously, either the rules need to drastically change, or the swap calculator does.
  15. Ah, thanks. Ok, then in that case - let's focus on the output. Anybody can easily make more than 300 hp with a "134 hp" 70's 302 (with H/C/I/E). In the case of the Opel, I could pull out the Gen III SBC truck motor @ 17,000 points, put in the "134 hp" 302, and my VPI would be... 128 points. I can then add H/C/I (exhaust is in the swap points) and still have plenty of points to cover all the aero and suspension swap stuff and race Non-EC. Basically, my car would be no slower than it is now, probably faster actually with that H/C/I 302 setup, and I would lose 17,000 point
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