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  1. and welcome to the shitshow that we all love to hate... You are correct in what you are saying as it has been a moving target ever since I started back in 2011. But as others have said that some free parts should have been free from the beginning (or at least in the last 4-5 years as the early years were a total cluster F***) is how I view this and I just hope that the ever expanding list of free stuff will end soon. But your point that parts that did cost and are now free allows people to get fast parts is spot on. But as a whole I think it's better for the series to have cars that are more reliable to make the racing more exciting. @troyI 100% agree with you on this point. I would much rather end a race with all of the cars running and the top 10 all on the same lap. But as racers we will always try to get faster and some of that is car improvements and some of that is driver improvements. But it's the nature of the beast we all call racing.
  2. yep- I was just informed of this as well- kind of getting all fancy now
  3. @Bill Strong where's the race results thread? Heard there may have been some drama....
  4. Ok, I’ll add the same conclusion as everyone else. with the Ronald’s Racers car we ran both an m50 and the m20. I don’t have any data for this so I don’t know exact lap times (only bad memory), but the differences between that car and @Chris Hugginscars right now is night and day. Weight wise, the RR car and the aero car are close, the RR car ran Falken 615’s in 205, aero runs 245. But if we look at the best times for the RR car and compare to the aero car (before it had the aero and wider tires) I think the lap times are very similar on VIR full, but with all that the aero car is today the lap times are prolly 8-9 seconds faster. Part of this is the aero, wider tires, suspension, more available fuel due to hydro mats and surge tank (less fuel conservation), and better driving (driver lineups). You also had the MOV stupidity back then, so you didn’t drive all out the entire race.
  5. Agreed- plus would they give you a timer when you enter for a black flag discussion? If not, then you would have to do another lap potentially to get one- or maybe ask for one once you are done with the discussion
  6. Can't the miata add a fuel cell? So let's remember what this thread is about... How does the club want to determine when a car's VPI gets reviewed?
  7. I would like to know why it was reduced $100- what are the reasons behind that VPI reduction?
  8. @snowman- where does your car sit now with regards to projected points for your proposed build?
  9. How? Grant stated that WRL was the plan all along- but just twist stuff to make a point I guess...
  10. damn- you mean she's not guarding the door now- the little beeeaaaacht almost ripped my head off every time I came into the RV
  11. I'm so glad that the TAC and BOD don't have real jobs to get in the way of all this work...
  12. @Rodger Coan-Burningham- time to real this discussion back on topic
  13. So which was it? Tires or aero? Can't be both because everyone states that tires are worth 2 seconds a lap and also that aero is worth 2 seconds a lap. But the driver only picked up 2 seconds- so one of them isn't working for you... I agree that tires are an easy button, but at times it won't make a difference due to driver ability. The sticky tires only help in turns and not necessarily on straights (ask @Rodger Coan-Burninghamhis findings at RA). So if a driver isn't getting close to 100% of the turns correct- then the tires prolly won't help as much as everyone says. As for aero- that's a slippery slope. Whether the aero is correctly setup on the car is the first issue- and I would bet that a lot of teams that are running wings don't have them setup correctly. Or have the correct balance between wing/splitter. Then it comes back to the driver and are they getting the most out of the aero? But let's wait for the new and improved Troy Tire thread to discuss this matter further. Maybe there can be an Aero thread as well....
  14. Jut saying that the real advantage isn't a given until it's proven on the specific car. Just commenting on all the claims that tires/aero are worth many seconds per lap...
  15. I love this unfounded quoting of faster lap times due to aero and better tires. I've read the article on the tires and that was really for a specific car at a specific track with a specific driver. Can every driver get everything out of the car with the 'fast' tire? I would say NO. Aero looks cool, and done correctly can be better at some tracks or maybe some sections of tracks. But can every driver in that car make it work for them? Again, I would say NO.
  16. FTD both days at VIR North in December- so what's that FOUR races? But who's counting...
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