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  1. My member number #000039 if anyone is inclined to throw a nomination my way. Best, Justin
  2. I would be happy to be a Board member if folks thought I would be an asset. Not sure if sponsors are able but I have been a part of this series for quite some time.
  3. We had even our millennial tap out from heat at VIR this year as our E36 has ZERO air movement in the car and we re-routed our exhaust out behind the driver to not heat up the fuel cell. We are looking at naca ducts where "vent windows" used to live on old cars & trucks and forcing air out of some other location mechanically via a bilge blower or something. Anything to get air moving in the car is needed. I also bought and sprayed on lizard ceramic coating on the trans tunnel and under the drivers seat as well as the underside of the car as our new exhaust routing damn near
  4. I say fill em up, plenty of room on the false grid worked out well last year. See Bill, it is possible for me to agree with something you say.
  5. I imagine the paper mâché 944 has excellent ventilation since there is almost no car left. A serious question though, has anyone used lizard skin ceramic coating to lower in car temps? Each of our drivers, even the young whipper snapper were more than done after just over an hour in our E36, it is an oven in that thing. We are going to try to keep heat from coming in from the exhaust/floor and try to get cross ventilation as it was miserable.
  6. Congrats to Huggy and crew. No small feat what they accomplished and it was never in doubt.
  7. I can see that, not a big six, just our third e30 build
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