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  1. Linky no worky. I was hoping to see some more pics of impound.......
  2. I think they are the same, but we need a passenger side if they are different. Thanks again
  3. Sweet! Any help would be appreciated We can then send you the new one we ordered, which will hit RVA on Friday........after we have left.
  4. Does anyone have a spare E36 wiper arm laying around that they are willing to sell and are heading to Daytona? Just think, if you help us out, we will have windshield wipers, and therefore it will NOT rain. Thats a win-win right there!
  5. Once again, I am a huge fan of the system. One opportunity for improvement would be some sort of hood on the housing itself, or something to help with direct sunlight. First stint at VIR with direct low sunlight washed out the lighting in a few areas. Just a little feedback.
  6. I am a huge fan of the system! It takes all of the guessing out of the end of a FCY, green light means go, regardless of when my teammate yells on the radio to go or if the driver happens to be in a spot to see the yellow go away.
  7. Thank the lord! We blew up the big Audi in the first 20 minutes and had to sit for 8 hours inside the track to start the long slog back home.
  8. Check their prices. I think I filled up one can there a few years back, then realized that it was something like $9.99/gallon. I understand a premium for convenience (no pun intended) but sheesh.
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