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  1. Ray........calling Ray............
  2. Will I get a warning first if I make fun of the suit? Looking like everyones cousin that lives off the grid but came to town for a wedding or funeral. I keed, I keed. Keep up the good work and make sure none of us goes too far with how we treat each other.
  3. A buddy of mine in college asked when the tv reception was poor if we had "adjusted the earls?" He also called the piece of furniture where he kept his clothing "Chester Drawers."
  4. What I find interesting is that as what I assume is a reaction to the utter DOMINATION displayed by these two cars someone felt compelled to reach out to CC and have the AIV adjusted on the AWD TT. Both used to be 475, but once again, I completely understand why some sort of balance of performance had to be implemented in order to maintain fairness. I was begining to get accustomed to this type of response as we enjoyed some success with our E30, but JEEZ, pitchfork the TT before it even gets a chance to have a fuel stop while a race is still going on? To anyone considering building one of these destroyers of personal best lap times, I mean hopes & dreams, I would absolutely NOT run one without a rear wing as they have the aerodynamics of an airplane wing, which are known to cause a bit of lift at speed. https://jalopnik.com/no-car-tells-the-story-of-design-vs-performance-like-t-1830419153
  5. As a fellow victim, er racer, I mean builder of a TT Quattro, turbo gaskets, engine temps, front axles and drivelines are all weak points that need addressing. We removed the drive shaft during the race at Charlotte so we could at least have the car see a checkered flag and the handling was much improved. We have since removed the rear diff altogether and used the CV joint hub as the mounting mechanism for the rear wheels. Honestly did not think about doing it RWD, might have to consider that. We have/are struggling with engine temps on long full throttle applications. Enough so that we are taking a break to focus on our current E30 and a new E30 build as well. Would love to find out how folks keep their turbo's and engines cool enough.
  6. I can not say enough how impressed I am in what I believe Tyler has done for the club. The growth in sponsorships alone is incredibly impressive, that and every interaction I have had with him over the years has been a positive one. You have my vote. Plus Doc always makes fun of me.
  7. We struggle with overheating issues and no one local to work on tuning it while on the dyno. Have not 100% thrown in the towel yet, especially after doing a quick tally on the $$$$ invested up till this point. We have shifted gears into building a second E30 now.
  8. I cannot believe this has yet to fill up considering it is FREE
  9. The interior stuff is like most cars, more firm and responds well to the dry ice or leave the car outside in the winter then beat with a rubber mallet. The stuff underneath is a different animal all-together. It's relatively soft and did not respond to any chemical other than the sweat of ones brow when grinding/scraping....those pesky germans.
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