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  1. 50 points, well it is deserved when you win every race by five laps because that is what has been happening isn't it? What are those words again - it has been proven competitive so it deserves points. Who wants to have a race when you can win before the race.
  2. Don't stress about it, we have four drivers on my team, all within 0.5 seconds best lap at any track. Three heel-and-toe, I don't. I am the only one that gets out of the car with tire marbles melted onto the heel of my right foot because it rarely moves for two hours. Right foot is throttle only, left is either brake or clutch. Brake for turn, turn in, as soon as your foot is off the brake stab the clutch to shift and release right away and blip the throttle as needed, do not bleed out the clutch as you are thinking as it will likely overheat. Roll on the throttle as soon as yo
  3. Agree, if the intent is chain store cost it should say "OE-spec replacement at chain store cost", not "OE cost". If the intent is OE cost then it should remain "OE cost".
  4. Interesting to see old cars being phased out via radiators of all things. Can't get OE pricing for old cars "Radiator greater than OE cost: 30" so you use O'Reilly which means you can only use budget stuff versus the newer cars that use dealer prices to replace their radiators? Penske's for everybody. Heads are still confusing. 100 points for heads, 50 for valvetrain, is the valve train included or not included with the 100 point heads? Page 31, what is a cas? Does a rain light count as a brake light? No more than four brake lights are permitt
  5. Pretty much the only words are wah, wah, wah... for those who have never heard of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.
  6. Like I said, this will be interesting as Tyler seems to think he can still kick my a$$ if I was at 600 points or given a 10 lap lead: E. Tyler Pedersen Posted September 27, 2019 Ron, Kids for Life Racing had Sebring 2018 in hand by laps, but they broke so it's been proven it's a competitive car. I don't think there is a conspiracy theory going on as you realize. I feel the TAC, Mike and Tech have done a great job analyzing the values and items to make sure everything is in line with lap times and t
  7. Well this should provide some entertainment for my lunch hours over the next month. Let me get this straight, a complete cheater car with its own secret rule book exposed the cracks in the rule book for the commoner teams? So if an E30 showed up with a turbo and tech approves it as a hair dryer for driver comfort then said car lays waste to the field that would result in all BMW's getting hit with a 100+ point increase? If points increases are coming this would be a great time to treat everybody fairly and hit some other obvious ones as well, not just the TBird for leading Tyler
  8. FYI a lot of teams are probably like mine and @mender's where only the captain is on the forum so one stated opinion = four opinions. Therefore 400 * 4 ~ 1,600 added to the forum over the past month.
  9. Just curious, is this all about an old board member teaching the current board a lesson about lowering points too much? Current board silence is deafening.
  10. Here it is in a car a handful or two of seconds faster than a top Champcar: And the other way at a ChampCar pace:
  11. Turbo Miata did win over the cheater Mustang, Sonoma is not fuel friendly but it is Griggs' home track. Fast laps and a fast win.
  12. So much entertainment in this thread. False! Turbo Miata blistered a cheater 2 hour 24 gallon Griggs Mustang, might want to re-run your calcs. Remember when some fast eastern teams like Tuttle came west for the Sonoma Champs and the best they ran was 1:52 then everyone was gloating the east is fastest? Nobody came close to the turbo Miata 1:48. If TAC is going to reconsider the Vette for four seconds then for the same 4 seconds they may want to also reconsider the turbo rule before somebody in the east decides to give it a go... in a region that matters.
  13. To each their own. I never said it was my favourite track, people were raving about COTA's facilities so I said Utah is much better. Yes Utah is flat but doing three tracks in one weekend is simply awesome in my books - full, east, west. 23 corners and they are all different, not a bunch of 90 degree corners like say Laguna or Road America. For elevation changes when was the last time you were at a track where: You are stupid if you don't bring motion sickness medication - a few get away without using it Has three corners that you need to start turning before you see i
  14. Utah blows COTA out of the water in every sense: Every garage has its own private bathroom, not shared like COTA, around mid-afternoon somebody stops in to clean it and empty the garbage. You can see a good portion of the track from your garage, go to the upper level (both open air and air conditioned parts) and you can see the entire massive track. The garage is similar size to COTA. Both pit lane garages and cheaper garages on the far side of the paddock, large paddock. Seems like more bathrooms than people. Showers, food. By the rules we were not to have access to the
  15. I don't think you or anyone else wants to hear my thoughts on more rule changes meaning more parts like another fuel cell. Go back and read my posts on the first page keeping two things in mind: 1. Except for the "repurposed free/points/free" flip that happened too quick we were impacted by every one of those whims with changing parts. Although when the repurposed flip happened I immediately e-mailed about our home-made deep sump oil pan as I think that would be +75 at the time instead of +3 for materials. 2. We used to do four races per year since 2011 so we had to constantly reac
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