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  1. Is that an option? I have been asking how I can deal with our $900 USD in credits and no reply. The series is not coming our way and the Covid border is a problem, I would like to clear it up so I can use the money elsewhere. Been sitting with the credit since 2018.
  2. Wow. Just in case we ever race this series again - why on earth do they keep making "safety rules" that decrease safety? 1. Adding Lexan to the driver window to decrease the area available to escape? I would rather some broken fingers than being trapped in a burning car because my escape is partly blocked with Lexan. 2. Encasing the fuel fill hose in steel. The whole point of having a fuel fill hose is to stop/slow pouring in fuel as soon as you see it in the fill hose so it doesn't shoot out the fill tube. 3. Now including the hose volume in total capacity, thereby forcing teams to leave the pits with significant fuel in the fill tube instead of the cell if they want a fill tube and run full capacity. We have a custom net, the Lexan addition is silly and dangerous. We have a fill tube in the trunk isolated by a metal back seat bulkhead so it is isolated from the driver and we can visibly see the fuel level when filling, we don't spill a drop. We stop filling when the fuel is just in the 8" long fill tube, by the time the car has gotten to the end of pit lane it has jiggled enough that all fuel is out of the fill tube and below the flapper valve - the "thing for safety" as that is how cells are designed to be used. Forcing teams to leave the pit with significant fuel above the flapper is silly and dangerous. I am so glad we have a 24 gallons for everyone series option, and yes the racing is still close. Why not just say no fill tubes - oh, because people want a fill tube so they can be safer when filling, unfortunately in this series that safety option is often required to be covered up negating the added safety, therefore just say no fill tubes and be done with it as the safety as per these rules is equal.
  3. Saw this and thought of ChampCar, not sure on the points...
  4. I agree it is not the lone factor but if they are as irrelevant as he says he will gladly take my bet.
  5. Awesome, let's make a bet for your next race with at least 50 teams. I choose your tires and if you win then I will pay for them. If you don't win then you buy me a set of tires of my choice.
  6. No, when the tubular was added to the BCCR it was not specifically to help Mustangs. For years prior to being added to the BCCR Mustangs were racing with them, the only difference was that the value was bouncing anywhere from 10, 15, 20 points depending on the year and not in a sequential manner because it was not in the rules. As to the weight question, on Mustangs there is no weight savings as with all the strengthening needed for road racing it is pretty similar to stamped stock weight. The weight savings are in the tubular control arms but that is another 20 points. There are lighter K's but they would be folded after a couple of laps, they are for drag racing or street use only. There are only two K's that should be trusted for road racing, Griggs and Maximum. Both require coilovers so the swap is 30 points for the Mustang, no weight savings, and you are into it for a couple thou$ CDN with their setup. A couple of years later, the Mustang being so successful by winning a couple of races (without the tubular K), it was raised by 25 points. So if gaining 55 points is a "help", then yes I guess it was directed at the Mustang.
  7. When night fell on the big course at Utah it was neat watching the SoA Mustang pass and put significant time on the 911. SoA had one of the track instructors in their car while it was obviously an inexperienced person in the 911.
  8. What on earth were they thinking letting in a car like that? Oh wait, ChampCar did that too, so I guess it is OK then.
  9. The Happy Moose is not a $100k build. Randy doesn't haul his car out west for LD races, he just hops in any car that wants his advice. Cool story about Randy and how much he loves racing: I told my team he was showing up for the Utah race. Just as we were arriving on the turn-off road to the entrance there was a guy who had hopped out of his mini-van to take a picture of the entrance sign. I said I was pretty sure it was Randy, everybody else said no way Randy had probably been here hundreds of times, it is probably just some dude at his very first race. We pulled in to the line to get in and the mini-van pulls along side, down comes the window and out pops an arm with a Rolex on it, "Hey guys are you here for the race?", "We sure are Randy, great to see you out...".
  10. All good Jer except the $100k builds. I disagree with that and your other comment a while back that many in LD were up in arms with the series tire - I believe both are incorrect statements. I have not seen any discontent with the RS-4. The series intent is to stay for the amateur and not the big dollar builds. If you come with a GBU build and blow everyone out of the water you are racing yourself in SD class no matter how respectful you are on track or how you initially qualified (sandbagged). Not trying to promote anything but the truth, I wish Champ continued success as well.
  11. SD always has been for cars that don't comply. It is also for cars deemed to fast for the series, real time, during the race - I have seen several cars moved from A class to SD during the race. Initially a classed car but then when lap times are reviewed a change of class just like you received.
  12. I don't know that they have had to park anyone as per that rule, more typically they are just booted from the class to superdog (similar to Champ EC). It is done real time during the race.
  13. In CC for the unchosen it only takes leading the field by half a lap after several hours of racing to get hit with a 100 point penalty. It also only takes some wins with a small margin in a Cobra to get hit with points, or in the case of the Mustang GT no wins despite many attempts in numerous years to get hit with more points. In LD if you have a clearly superior car they will be having a conversation only with the clearly superior team, all other teams with the similar car but not superior performance do not get penalized. So the conclusion is what all of the unchosen have encountered for years: a level playing field is not in the cards. FYI, @mender was incorrect, GBU would not be on the trailer, they just get moved out of the classes and continue racing - just racing with themselves. Before everybody jumps all over that and espouses how close the races are in CC due to the rules, have a look at the close races also in LD. Not trying to convert anyone, just saying despite different rules the cars and racing are very similar. The biggest difference is the lack of arguing over the rules to maintain the relevance of your own car. If GBU did a similar performance in LD they would get the talk instead of favoured rulings, all other Vettes and Camaro's do not get penalized. If KRFL did a similar performance up to the engine fail they get a pat on the back from LD, not all TBirds get penalized. If Crowd Control did a similar performance they get a pat on the back from LD, not all Mustangs get a bump. If Tuttle did similar and ran 26 gallons, they would have a stern talk.
  14. That is a little racy for here... darn that typo, makes sense either way though.
  15. I’m good. Clearly you are not familiar with the Fox platform.
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