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  1. The surge tank changed I think in 2013, maybe 2014. It was 2 gallons until people were not using it as a surge, they were just using it as a gravity feed of two more gallons into the cell which was already +2 gallons so they were getting +4 gallons then putting a surge inside the cell. Engine swaps used to be completely free if staying within the family, i.e. 302 to 350, not a lot of whining at that time. When people wanted to swap out of family they needed a different trans, that was when the 25 points for trans came in. The trans and diff swap at 25 points each came in at the same time. The whining didn't come in until the swaps became somewhat successful, then people started crying, "That's not fair!." That was when the engine swap became 50 points for any size engine, even going from a 4 cylinder to a 454, that was when the real whining started, unlimited hp for 50 points, kind of like the 100 point turbo now. Fuel for points is a dead issue. Now that everything is pretty much zero points ChampCar and Lucky Dog look almost exactly the same, the only thing differentiating the two series now is fuel.
  2. If you affect the majority it doesn't seem to be that big of a problem. Some examples: Surge tank reduced from 2 to 0.5 gallons. Not much whining, we still have our 2 gallon on the shelf. Hubs 2.5 points per. Seems to have been minimal response. Fender flares. Whining about measurement method and material, not a lot about the flares themselves. Going from zero to 50 points to swap a non-OE engine. There was much ado years later about the swap formula as it wildly affected some and minimal to others. Going from zero to 25 points for trans and 25 for diff swaps. No reaction. Aero devices went from materials to 10 points per. Not sure if the points would be more or less going from material to assigned points, depends on the device. If you target one car it stands out and causes a very big reaction, see E36, MR2, TBird, Mustang.
  3. Same for Free shocks and springs, they should be points. Freed ECU, instead of dropping from 75 to free it should have been lowered to 15 then raise all OBDII cars by 15. Diffs should be points to change the ratio. The infamous winter package should be points. Any aero device should be 20 points, not 10. What did someone say - 1.7 G with aero? "Repurposing" should at least be 1/2 points of the actual item in the list, there is your bonus for ingenuity. Not use the convertible weight for certain cars. Not cater to the MR2. And don't say things can't be taken away. Surge tank used to be up to 2 gallons, that was lowered to 0.5. Swaps used to be open, then 50 points, then points per hp. Things have been taken away without huge detriment. The one thing that did severely hurt being taken away was raising the E36 to 520(?), i.e. targeting one car.
  4. Canadian insurance for a speed contest usually does not have a problem unless it is for a professional series. Be sure to specify that you are not a professional.
  5. I tuned in to the live broadcast for a bit today and they said the 2020 schedule is complete, is that correct? One Canadian race and only Sonoma in the west.
  6. Well if you are running for the board of a club you probably want to know the concerns of the club members and voice your opinion about them to gain or lose votes as it were.
  7. I'm sorry, do you actually believe what you are saying? A car sniffs the podium once in seven years at a track that favours it and you are saying it deserves a 100 50 point increase? KFLR did that before the points increase. Why wasn't a points increase also applied to the MR2? Miata? E30? Mitsu? Camaro? RX-7? And anything else that has ever led a race in the last 7 years. You are going to give me 100 points? If you finance a 347 stroker kit too I will be there, not sure how many points they are but pretty sure I can afford it now.
  8. Well that's clearly not going to happen with the current board. The petition to limit increases was rejected and the board saw fit to raise a winless car by 100 points - 10 laps, while lowering 70+ others which is a massive double dipping. One board member was against it, one said he had nothing to do with it, and you say you would only recommend a modest increase which is a much more reasonable approach for a winning car when lowering many others. So I guess the remaining four felt strongly that a 100 point increase and a double dip is a reasonable assessment.
  9. That doesn’t sound correct. Even if all lines were melted and the release is triggered it will at minimum spurt out of the bottle. It sounds more like the trigger mechanism failed, maybe because the fire was right underneath it?
  10. You sure will. It would be awesome if you posted the details as well. 😀
  11. Where is @mcoppola? Can @mcoppola respond to this thread? I would support the level headed @mcoppola on the board. I wonder if @mcoppola has noticed this thread? Maybe if I mentioned @mcoppola's name in a thread about @mcoppola he might notice it.
  12. Some Miata guys were using stock cams, two stock exhaust cams I think it was. They are stock... or so the story goes.
  13. Since 2011 we have always done 3-4 ChumpCar/ChampCar races per year. Everything on the west coast, south as far as COTA, east as far as Road America, north as far as Castrol. When the TBird was double dipped and it took ChampCar five months to answer two questions specific to the car (the answers came only after much prodding and you know I am tenacious) we did other series for 2019, three races as usual. We will see what 2020 brings, planning on one ChampCar race so far.
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