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  1. It is strange and you are missing something. I will let you in on a little secret, Bill doesn't publish any of the answers I get on the techdesk so don't look there for any of my valuations. Jay did later change to 10 points for the flywheel or whatever it is now but the message was received loud and clear. Anyway, peace out hope everyone had a good race. Sad to hear both of those teams have moved on. Date: 2020-01-09 23:23:32 Name: Ron Ens Email: Message: I have had rulings in the past on the following with some of them on my car and I want to be sure everyone is taking the same points. How many points are the following items? 1 Swap from an engine OE mechanical clutch fan to electric? 2 Poly steering rack bushing? 3 Aluminum steering rack bushings? 4 Swapping out a steering rubber rag joint to a steel U-joint? 5 Aluminum flywheel? 6 My car has drum brakes, how do I 2X to caliper and rotor? Is it backing plate, piston, springs, drum then 2X to caliper and bracket? What if the backing plate is no longer available and I can’t get a price on the backing plate? 7 Is a short shifter points? 8 Is a bump steer kit points or is it just points for the two spherical rod ends? 9 Is converting from four lug rear axles to five lug axles considered points? 10 Is a heater core repurposed to a fluid cooler points? I am converting from old brake bearing in rotor with cone bearings on a spindle to modern spindle/hub/rotor hat. I am taking 10 points per spindle, will there be additional points for the hub that is needed to make the new spindle work? The old rotor was essentially the hub. Date: 2020-01-10 14:12:47 Name: Ron Ens Print Message: This was all asked for an 87-93 Ford Mustang but would apply to any car. Date: 2020-01-10 22:45:46 Name: Jay Mauney Print Message: #1 -0 #2 -0 #3 - materials #4 - 0 #5 - not allowed #6 - need more info, was a car in your platform avalible with disks ? if so use that . #7 - no #8 - need more info, 10 point each stearing component or points for heims #9 - no , drilling = free #10- no , but you must have documentation and pictures of the where the repurposed materials came from and how you installed the materials if you wish to use the materials for no point add . #11 10 points per spindle , 2.5 per hub , hat added to rotor cost within 2X no points more than 2X added points.
  2. Different than in the past as in... last month and things are different now? Again? I have been hearing that line for many years, too many years. Eastern Miata asks tech last year how much for an aluminum flywheel? Answer: those are free. Western Mustang asks tech last month how much for an aluminum flywheel? Answer: those are not allowed. I just stopped in hoping the Doorslammers had shown up, sadly they didn't and nor did SoA, Griggs, Arsenic. Looks like Flyin Hawaiian's and Bandits both had a less than optimal race.
  3. Was the entire race damp? Nobody even got close to Doorslammer's 1:48.5 a couple of years ago. It has always been known that the eastern rule set has been much looser than the western rule set. It is much easier to win when one group has rules to follow while the other group doesn't have any rules.
  4. Ha, do you really think I would be so careless as to rely on only one approval from only one person four years ago? I was going by memory but because I am irritated here are the dates of my e-mails: Dec 12, 2017 Mike C approves the 1993 Cobra at 250 points, we run it for a year and it never makes the VPI list Jan 3, 2019 Jay reapproves the 1993 Cobra is available to use as supplying the engine for a swap despite it still not appearing on the VPI list Jan 21, 2020 Jay rejects 2X for brakes from a 1993 Cobra because it does not appear on the VPI list. I'm just guessing but I assume the answer would be the same for swapping out the engine. Gosh I guess I better run out to pull the engine so I can quickly yank the cam and roller rockers as those are illegal since I can't claim a Cobra swap anymore, or I take 50 points for cam and 50 for rockers. Or maybe I need to run around and find a 94-95 Cobra intake for $1,000 so I can claim a swap from that car to keep the cam and rockers for the same performance. Or maybe I need to find an unknown number of other people to ask the same question. Or maybe I should just give up.
  5. Not sure who you think the liars and real racers are. All I see are a few more western teams leaving. Just recently got my second "Not allowed" answer - huh, what? But it has been allowed for about four years. Better run out to the garage again to remove those parts too if I wanted to be non-EC. So if I follow the process above I need to get multiple (20? 50? 100?) people to ask the same question then it will allowed? Did I miss that fine print somewhere? Was Phil lying years ago when he said flywheels are 15 points? Was Parts Badger lying when he said he had tech approval last year to run a flywheel for free? Was I lying when tech said they are not allowed? Peace out, good luck in the series. Consider the above questions rhetorical.
  6. It is only hard if you want to follow the rules. Looks like I probably need to edit my statement above to four changes in flywheel value - if I was concerned anymore. Way back when I was concerned about points (like last week), we would not spend $6,000 to go to a race then sweat bullets for the 30 minutes in impound hoping we would not get caught for: Flywheel Header Heads Intake Rockers Cam Cobra engine Driveshaft As not quite OE but pretty close so it “should” be free, right?
  7. Yeah whatever, I'm only here because we have one race credit to use up from a race we had to cancel. I am tired of my points having to readjust every couple of months because BMW or Miata needs or doesn't need a part to be free or points. We will probably be EC as I don't think I have the patience to read through the entire techdesk that is growing by the day to find the points for the items not in the rules in the effort to have a "stable" rule set. I submitted the aluminum flywheel question out of curiosity, shocked it was not allowed for the Mustang, jaw dropped when Miata gets it for free, now 10 points, I think steel is free but I wonder if cast iron or billet steel comes into play. Crazy that an SFI flywheel would not be allowed when SFI is the word of the day for fire suppression. Aluminum flywheels have been in the series for what, 10 years and over the course of a week or two it gets three different values depending on what car it is for.
  8. If those are true then obviously the Mustang must pay 48 points for a fibre glass hood even though it came with one, pay 20 points for a power steering cooler while others get it for free, and cannot run an aluminum flywheel that others get for free. Miata and BMW can run the larger tank, Honda can inflate theirs. Oh and the TBird needs a 10 lap penalty because it led by half a lap that one time. Not green font. I think I am starting to understand the rules finally. While I am at it, can someone remind me - back with the original board members were they always EC when they raced?
  9. Is it for a BMW or does it contain a cast iron piece?
  10. If that was for a Mustang I’m sure it would be at least 25 points or simply not allowed.
  11. I wonder when the other answers to my January 10, 2020 questions and clarifications will get posted?
  12. The reply was from the techdesk, submitted Jan 10, 2020.
  13. Funny story. I asked back in January 10 what the points would be for an aluminum flywheel. As per the techdesk rules you have to say what car it relates to so I put in 1990 Ford Mustang. The answer came back as “Not allowed”. Then I saw on the forum that some Miata’s had an aluminum flywheel for zero points this past year as per tech. Now I see aluminum flywheels are 10 points. There is a lesson or key learning in there somewhere but I just can’t quite put my finger on it. Hmmm.
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