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  1. When did the sealed battery box make it into the rules? We have been running a plastic non-sealed battery box since we have been in the series in 2011 and never had tech indicate anything else was required. Tech has had us put electrical tape on the positive post is all.
  2. Those stacks 'O tires by the SoA car do seem to matter to every Fox chassis team. At least that seems to be the popular opinion of solely that car as to why the Fox Mustang was slated to be increased by 50 points and why the winless TBird was increased by 100 50 points. So one single team's budget has affected what, 30 teams? For sure they are a top team but speed/money certainly helps the skill and effort.
  3. I know you will but be sure to post your RE71 tire life on the heavy weight car capable of racing for the overall.
  4. Does it matter who uses stacks of tires, race gas, $2300+ brake kits, etc.? Note, I am not saying SoA uses all of those. I am simply saying some teams are willing to spend significant dollars to help secure the win within the rule of the series and sometimes that can lead to some pretty exponential dollars. Pretty sure someone said above more than one featherweight Miata team is willing to run a couple of sets over 16 hours.
  5. Numerous teams have said the RE71 goes 6-7 hours. Just because a tire wont last doesn't mean teams will not use stacks of them for the win... kind of like how you just said.
  6. So what happens if you cord two tires, do you sit out a full stint?
  7. Thanks for confirming my point. Everybody agrees the RS-4 will last the distance. The opposite is when bigger budget teams are running the RE71-R and using up all 16 tires in a 24 hour race, changing tires every pit to rotate, and even running the wheels to a tire shop to flip the tire on the rim DURING the race. It is being done.
  8. Mandating a frequency only penalizes the heavier cars. The brands would need to be limited to make it fair.
  9. At Utah our under car fuel line ended up close to the exhaust when the exhaust was reinstalled. After about 30 minutes of run time the cell would start burping out the vent line, we have since moved the fuel line (obviously) and have not had a problem since but also as per ATL installed a catch can on the vent line. The vent line goes to the bottom of the catch can so as fuel is pulled out of the cell it will pull any burped fuel then start drawing air into the cell. Also on the fill plate is a ball check on the vent. A loop is useless in a burping situation as there is not enough diameter to separate the fuel and air. Put in a catch can to drain back to the cell.
  10. It looks like the threads are the same as a bicycle pump. Clamp a ground to the body and pressure it up with a bicycle pump to check the operation.
  11. Is it the style where there are two nuts on the post? The top one is not a jamb nut, the bottom one is to isolate the connector from the body.
  12. We have seen three cars lose their stock gas tanks... maybe a weird coincidence but oddly they were all Hondas.
  13. Does the sensor provide the ground for the light when it is triggered? What did you use on the threads? Edit: my comment may be wrong, if the light is on all the time then it sounds like it is pinched somewhere and is grounding all the time.
  14. No because we correctly claim stuff. When the first set of rules came out in 2018 if it was in section 4 then you had to use the assigned points whether it was homemade from purchased/reclaimed materials or retailed as per the deep sump oil pan, they all became 25 points. I think ours is 2 points right now from purchased steel added to the car. That was also when my power steering cooler was 20 points whether "repurposed" heater core or purchased. I have the e-mails if you would like to see. Not sure whether it was the west tax or the TBird tax.
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