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  1. Ron_e

    ABS Stand Alone Points Value

    Whaaaat? Whoa!!!! I call blasphemy. We can’t change a rule that has been around since the start of the series. Some people’s heads will explode, others will implode. Speed creep will happen, some cars will suddenly be light-years faster, BMW will be off the podium, races will no longer be close, the entire series is at threat just at the very thought of changing a rule that has been in the series since day one. Allowing brakes more than 2XOE will create a massive power imbalance the likes of which has never been seen before.
  2. FYI Lucky Dog allows 24 gallon cells and SoA has both a Champ spec 18 and Lucky Dog spec 24 gallon.
  3. OK, if cost isn't the issue then what is?
  4. Ron_e

    ABS Stand Alone Points Value

    First gen RX-7, 240/260/280 Datsun Z cars, DSM that was given free power steering, I think Mender said Fiero - all manual. This is just from memory, I’m sure there are others.
  5. Ron_e

    ABS Stand Alone Points Value

    Hopefully the decision is points for adding power steering because that is the only one that makes sense.
  6. Ron_e

    ABS Stand Alone Points Value

    To compare: a car has power steering and swaps out the cooler resulting in a 20 point hit. A car does not have power steering but adds an entire system including a cooler points free as driver comfort. Following the same logic, if your car has ABS then swapping out any component should also be a points hit. I don’t believe ABS is mentioned in the 2X, is it?
  7. Sorry no I didn't say I was against the way a Mustang team found a way to still be competitive, I was just merely pointing out the, uh discrepancy. In the same way the fuel rule cannot be changed, there has never been a rule limiting the number of tires.
  8. You east guys are hilarious. A western Mustang uses 12 soft tires at a single race to manage the fuel restriction and the east reaction - ha, ha see a Mustang can still win. An eastern car puts in an aftermarket ECU and pedals then the east reaction - it is a purpose built race car pushing the boundaries of ChampCar. Another eastern team shows up with crew in team shirts and the east reaction - should pro/semi-pro teams be allowed in the series? FYI the tire budget for that one race was probably more than the ECU and pedals together that will be used for many races - if cost is seen as the issue. Oops, forgot about the gold foil, maybe that is what tipped the scales to rile the masses... .
  9. Did they try appealing the assessed weight of the car to make the swap manageable?
  10. Any projections on: When the 2019 rules will be posted When the 2019 rules will be set in stone for the 2019 year When the 2019 race schedule will be more-or-less finalized ??
  11. This is the 86-95, I don't know if the 4.6 engine ones are different. First pic is mounted, second and third pic shows the vane and TPS. The one hole to mount the TPS is larger to allow it to be shifted to set the resistance at idle. I checked the operation and it is smooth, the only movement is rotational and nothing can be pulled out. This sensor is from Ford and sells for $60 US.
  12. I have two or three kicking around and can check tonight but I only remember smooth action and no loose parts. I could have sent one to you if you are looking for an 86-95.
  13. Ron_e

    Downloadable in car lap timers Android

    I believe the 1hz is what the phone has integral already. If you buy an external gps with 10 hz capability that can plug into the phone then what Harry’s is saying is that it can understand that increased volume of data from that and any other sensor.
  14. We will try for next time. I was unaware of the collection or how good the track is. In other news the Carstairs track is a go for next year. I was able to give them a helping hand pushing it through the regulatory process side of things.