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  1. Out of the seven, which ones are justifiably getting points added to their VPI for 2021?
  2. NA is North American in the context of the statement. M4L was I think the only team to make the Neon successful but that was in the days of AIV so there was no way raise the VPI of the individual make to prevent a North American car on the podium. VPI gave the series the ability to control the model on the podium. Dominant AVI cars are E36, Cougar, Neon, maybe a few others I don't care to look up. AIV was mostly E36 winners in the hands of many teams. Dominant VPI cars are the list above, none of the AIV cars.
  3. It led a race that one time by half a lap so it got hit with 100 points. It was later reduced to *only* a 50 point hit. Has not won since 2012. Even when equipped with a 435+hp Coyote in the hands of a previously multi-winning team with the same platform was only shown to be competitive against the fields of today at Indy and Road America and did not take the fastest time.
  4. Just because you say it doesn't make it true. The GBU Corvette was just an embarrassment catering to one owner, any other team could not duplicate the build and be assessed the same points. The Fox Mustang has been proven capable, in the 11 years of the series I think five teams have put it on the podium despite many teams trying, used to be 10-15% of the car count. So better slap it with points (twice), can't have that happening again. What other cars have been multi-years wonders yet did not get slapped with points: MR2 E30 Miata Miata swap SC30
  5. That is hilarious, if you actually believed in closing the gaps between the "haves" and "have nots" you would also believe in fuel for points. Short on fuel, good luck!
  6. OK, so never mind flywheel points have been bouncing around for 5-6 years - just don't buy one, alrighty. Let's pick an easier one - headers. Has been in the rule book since the series started, 2009. Went to zero with a swap if required, 2017 (?) *this line never made it in the rulebook despite it being a rule*. I think going to zero with a swap is removed in 2021? Not sure because the line above was never in the rule book. Was also reduced to 2 points if replacing cast iron with cast iron regardless of the performance change OE/non-OE, 2019 or 2020. Wh
  7. Regarding flywheels, they have not been bouncing just this last year, it has been quite a few years. Not making up: Jer Members 3,393 4,964 posts Location: Denver, Colorado but race everywhere Posted October 26 Just an FYI. we are trying, but there will always be a loophole to exploit. They exploited one exceedingly well. We are also raising the values on other older cars with gigantic fuel tanks. Je
  8. Chill dude, flywheels have been bouncing from 0, 15, 0, 10, not allowed, free, 10 points for years, no reason to solve it this year as it is just one part that may or may not have a performance gain yet normally is found or every race vehicle. That is just a swing of 15 points to not allowed. Imagine all the teams that must be stalled because it was said a month or two ago that all big tank cars are being adjusted - so E30, E36, Camaro, Corvette, TBird, SC300, Mercedes, 240Z, Accord, Infinity, MX6, Eclipse, 240SX, Altima, 944, etc. are all presumably being adjusted because they ca
  9. Pretty sure that has been the series line often repeated through the years since the first board was created and favoured teams identified along the way. Good luck Dana.
  10. There is a comma between axles and 911 parts meaning two separate events. The axles was me, I was at an event and both Mike Chisek and Mike Morrison were standing beside a podium car, I said those five lug axles with Moser labels are not claimed. I picked that item as it was the easiest indisputable non-claimed part. Mike M said OK where is your protest form? I looked at both Mikes then walked away. The inspection hole will be on the engine side of my flywheel which may be painted - with paint mixed with grinding filings. Carry on with your 2 point non-OE cast iron headers, mi
  11. Kaka, what kaka is that Ray? Pretty sure it was you that said your "bore scope will see all" above.
  12. So ChampCar will kick a team off the podium based on what they see with a borescope when looking at a flywheel? Are you able to see whether it is steel, aluminum, *cast iron*, or lighter than stock? A team will not get kicked off the podium for non-claimed axles, 911 parts, can't remember if the wrong engine made the podium, a complete custom non-OE body, yet they will get kicked off with what you can see with a borescope? On another note I will bet anyone that they can't get our starter off a hot engine within 30 minutes.
  13. That is awesome, so if a part is changing yearly you should never install it? Here are a couple of examples: Power steering cooler at 0, 5, 10, 20, 10' tubing free, 10' tubing not free, 10' tubing free, repurposed free, 0. So if after 4-6 hours the fluid is smoked you shouldn't install a cooler, instead change fluid every race and risk seizing the pump which will burn off the belt and stop circulating engine coolant? Seems to be zero for 1-2 years now so it is seemingly safe to install one, maybe wait till next year. Flywheel at 15, 0, 10, SFI recommended and 0, not
  14. You forgot Phil used to call them 15 points before they became free the first time. Also at one point they were simply not allowed but only if you were asking for a Mustang while they were free for others at the same time.
  15. Alrighty then, I can add "I don't know these cars well" to "It wasn't me", "I didn't have anything to do with it" and the incredibly inane "It has been proven competitive so it deserves laps". This isn't directed at you but whoever is pretending to be the authority on the Fox chassis should pull their head out of their nether region as this is the third increase in a third distinct year on a Fox chassis car. Surly someone could figure out what the number should be in one single year instead of jumping on the chassis whenever it manages to lead by half a lap or heaven forbid actually make it
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