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  1. Ron_e

    Reground Camshafts

    Fish for lunch? Or perhaps you meant bated breathe?
  2. Quite the opposite, they were 1:54 last year but the turbo blew up the engine as well. Looks like they turned the power up.
  3. Ron_e

    Statistically Speaking, Fuel Capacity

    It used to be an advantage as fuel lean cars generally had low VPI to add speed. Since the points for most everything (both parts and cars) has been lowered or been made free that "advantage" is no longer there. As many speed parts became free in 2017 the fuel rich cars are now just as fast as the fuel lean cars so race length is no longer an advantage to anyone, fuel lean car just take 1-2 more stops and hope for flags.
  4. Ron_e

    Statistically Speaking, Fuel Capacity

    That is a red herring argument. Normalizing for number of entries is more simply adjusting for reliability. More entries of the same type of car just eliminates the reliability factor, with enough entries of one type of car odds are much better at least one team will have a perfect race. As an example let's turn the tables. Say there was a race with 999 Mustang entries and 1 single fuel rich Lexus, all vehicles capable of turning a similar lap time. If the Lexus has a perfect race it doesn't matter whether one or all 999 Mustangs have a perfect race, the Mustang still has to take an extra fuel stop. Now by doing your normalizing is the Lexus all conquering toying with the field or able to easily make 2 hours thereby just maintaining pace? The Lexus just wins on flat out reliability and fuel. A fuel capacity discussion has absolutely nothing to do with reliability, therefore nothing to do with number of entries.
  5. Ron_e

    Statistically Speaking, Fuel Capacity

    Henceforth the mantra of this thread will be, "We didn't pick your team."
  6. Ron_e

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    Exactly, care to make a wager on what its VPI will be next year relative to other podium cars? Increase, status quo, or decrease?
  7. Ron_e

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    OK, well if it makes a difference coming from a current customer then I will rephrase the comments from @mender. Current customer details: been racing with ChumpCar/ChampCar since 2011, four races per year since then. Raced west, central, east, south. Also not a fan of double standards. Not sure what is meant by the comment that I would see a different perspective by attending a race. Will only be attending two races this year because the TBird triple dip decision was delayed by ~1.5 months (increase of 100 points) so we laid down our tools for the corresponding time - Docspeed and ourselves travel together, there would have been two more entries at Sonoma. 2017 was to be a triple dip in points for the Fox Mustang - increase of 50 points planned, many other cars decrease (even some podium cars), numerous speed parts points lowered or became free. By lowering the points of speed parts the advantage of a low VPI was disappearing. The result was a previous normal podium contender was to become a podium car only in low attendance races despite the 50 point increase being cancelled. 2019 was only a double dip for the Fox Mustang, triple dip for the TBird. The Fox Mustang was not increased but the VPI of many other cars were decreased (again even some podium models), more speed parts points were lowered further eroding the advantage of a low VPI car. The podium record of the Fox Mustang leading into 2019, not good. The podium record of the TBird leading into 2019, non-existent since 2013? The TBird was triple dipped with a 50 point increase, many other cars decreased (podium cars included), and of course speed parts are lowered eroding the advantage of low VPI cars again. I keep seeing the comments that: MR2 is not raised despite podiums and well the fast lap was only because of the fast driver. TBird has not podiumed. Both cars at 200 points. TBird raised by 50 points - stinks of a double standard like nothing else. Some podium cars were lowered because apparently they needed a bit of help while the non-podium TBird gets raised by 50 points. It is said this is because of the perceived threat that the TBird will dominate despite the results since 2017 major adjustment and prior. Other cars are adjusted down because they have not seen the podium or perceived to need help. The TBird has not seen the podium either but it sees a 50 point increase. It is said other cars are decreased to help their competitiveness and per their results. TBird results need not apply. But wait the TBird was going to podium at Sebring until it broke, well yeah that was before 50 points needs to get removed from the car for the coming year. I can understand the decision to support the larger volume of customers by doing things like raising the weight of the BMW to allow another engine choice or common swap but this about racing, don't they also want to race other contenders instead of just other BMW's? My conclusion, American Iron on the podium is not looked upon as favoured, double standard, whatever the reason.
  8. Ron_e

    Best bang for the buck

    Again, I said likely. Stock E30 hood is 30 lbs? Say 1/3 is bracing and 2/3 surface? So a gutted steel hood would be 20 lbs or a couple less (remove hinges too so I would think closer to 17?), fibreglass at 14, OK steel is 3-6 lbs heavier, I would think a reasonable 10 points on a fibreglass hood. At current points go all out and spend 75 points on a fibreglass hood and a non-OE driveshaft, that is a race winning recipe right there.
  9. Ron_e

    Best bang for the buck

    I never said it should be zero points for a fibreglass hood. I said 25 points is ridiculous - compare the performance of the hood to other 25 point items like: Headers Air dam/splitter/5 points left over Two suspension components/5 points left over. Compare air dam/splitter/wing/skirts/diffuser to... a non-OE driveshaft. Pretty sure there is much more cost and lap time to be gained with a full aero package over a driveshaft. Then again maybe if you could fill the driveshaft with fuel... .
  10. Ron_e

    Best bang for the buck

    On the flip side, all time worst bang for the buck: Driveshaft at a ridiculous 50 points closely followed by a fiberglass hood at 25 points which is likely heavier than the stock gutted steel, then a coil at 10 points.
  11. Ron_e

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    Of the utmost importance and with extreme urgency, what needs to be immediately stated/calculated/weighed is who gets the Hypocrisy Award in this thread for pointing out the most things wrong with other people's ride/model while ignoring their own ride/model's "advantages"?
  12. Ron_e

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    Exactly the opposite. Can it win? If yes then figure out a way to keep up with the Jonses and the potential of the car. If it has not won then it probably needs some help. Surely an objective person looking at the VPI table could figure out the cars that made it to impound on a fluke - like a race with 15 cars. Making impound in a field of 50+ cars is very likely not a fluke. I said in the instance of making impound would either maintain or be considered for VPI increase, I did not say mandatory VPI increase. Cheaters - well this would put more pressure on them by teams running the same vehicle to identify where they are cheating. Another benefit. See a 550 point car wining a race after being claimed as a 500 point car - pretty sure it would get protested. In the interest of stability.
  13. Ron_e

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    How about in the interest of stability, avoiding double dipping of non-winners, not penalizing a new build for at least a couple of years: Any vehicle that has made impound in the last two years not be considered for VPI decrease or weight increase, it may only be considered for maintain or a VPI increase. Any vehicle that has not made impound in the last two years will either maintain VPI or be considered for VPI decrease.
  14. Ron_e

    Fuel cell rule change

    That reply was to your question where you asked if steel lines were acceptable and Ray replied that they were. That was with respect to steel lines, steel being a type of metal. The rules do not say steel, they say metal lines. My question was asking if metal (as per the rules) is acceptable as Ray (tech) keeps saying steel lines are acceptable.
  15. Ron_e

    Fuel cell rule change

    Steel tube fuel lines are not specified in the rules. The rule book states "metal lines". The lines I am running are metal (aluminum), so I want to be sure as I hate to redo things, bending lines is not one of my favorite things to do and I am installing bare aluminum fuel lines preferably not in conduit.