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  1. Tires and brake pads and rotors budget one race. Fuel will be car dependant, what engine are you running?
  2. Ron_e

    New Unicorn builds

    It is still there, had another one offered to me, I guess some non-BMW types feel sorry for me.
  3. Ron_e

    New Unicorn builds

    You're right, I was going way overboard there... I wonder how many points a 347 stroker kit is?
  4. Ron_e

    New Unicorn builds

    Yeah, I need to get the VPI weight increased so I can swap in at least a 351, I hear they can use up the fuel at a pretty good rate. Good thing I would be running a 9/10ths scale car to offset the extra fuel load.
  5. Ron_e

    New Unicorn builds

    All these problems keep cropping up, well in goes ANOTHER 2 gallons, what am I going to do with all of this fuel????????????
  6. Ron_e

    New Unicorn builds

    Yes at one point I was thinking I don't even need to swap body parts. Platform swap exactly as per the rules: Engine - check Transmission - check Differential - check Suspension - check Fuel tank - well, OK if I have to, just to follow the rules! Walks out to garage, looks at Mustang, blinks, now it is magically a TBird as soon I swap in the big fuel tank. Done deal and I am just following the rules, oh also have to take 25 points to swap in the manual transmission that is already installed. @enginerd is hereby petitioning to increase the VPI of a vehicle that has not won a race nor podiumed since, what, 2015? Oh, also just to clarify, if an E30 is running a 4 cylinder then it must have the small tank and only if it is running a 6 can it have the big fuel tank? I was not aware of that.
  7. You are so far down on the list that you need to start your own list.
  8. Ron_e

    New Unicorn builds

    @enginerd - wheelbase needs to match - based on what rule? @Racer7x - must match VIN - based on what rule? @JDChristianson - must be indistinguishable from 20 feet - based on what rule? Gee I don't know if I can tell the difference between this: and this: Keep making up rules till you find one that sticks to maintain your fuel superiority.
  9. Ron_e

    New Unicorn builds

    Whatever is right. BMW can swap gas tanks because it is within the platform. Ford can't swap gas tanks because it is within a platform.
  10. Ron_e

    New Unicorn builds

    I hear blown wheel hubs are pretty dangerous. Besides, I am not chopping the frame, only proposing a re-body no different than a team adding aero.
  11. Ron_e

    New Unicorn builds

    Should probably get rid of aero too, also run stock width tires. I'm good, the Cobra came with 245's
  12. Ron_e

    New Unicorn builds

    Cam: It is just for certain brands - see BMW. Enginerd: it is only a platform swap for BMW. It does not apply to the Fox platform. Wittenauer: I did ask Mike about doing a rebody of our Mustang into a TBird and he said he would re-write the rules to prevent the largest protest in the history of ChampCar, or something to that effect. JD: there is no rule preventing a shortened wheelbase TBird. A shortened Crown Vic has run in the series. By the rules mounting front quarters, front and rear bumper, doors, and hood from a TBird onto our Mustang would easily meet the 60% requirement. I have specifically been told it is not going to fly.
  13. This discussion regarding fuel can take place in the fuel thread. For clarity I reread the whole thread and most of the “maybe” want points assigned for anything above the stock capacity. I am not opposed to the idea.
  14. Ron_e

    Decal Requirements

    I put the stickers from non-sponsor parts on my garage wall.