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  1. Let's not start rumours. The rusty Cougar was winning under a completely different rule set, there have been I think six major rules revisions since then - swaps going to value based, swap formula for points per hp, around 100 cars VPI lowered, a bunch of free stuff that used to be points, around another 100 cars VPI lowered again, more free stuff that used to be points, etc. It has not raced nor won since or through all of the revisions. It was not one of the cars that had its VPI adjusted down, more recently it was adjusted up 100 points which was then revised to up 50 points. Mustangs were never lowered, the plan was to raise them all while lowering around 100 other cars, also known as double dipping. I don't think Camaros have ever been changed except to match sister cars like Chev and Pontiac.
  2. Richard 1,059 Members 1,059 1,736 posts LocationToronto Report post Posted 12 hours ago I appreciate ´╗┐sarcasm at all times but we all know that if there were D class cars prepped with the same diligence, effort and budget that both the C and A class cars are prepped to that they would be topping the time charts and podium consistently. We simply don't see enough D class cars. Imagine a few teams of ex Roush/Saleen Mustangs coupled with the Camaro/Firebirds added to the Escort Corvettes, in ChampCar. D class would dominate. @Richard you easterners used to say BMW types were just better drivers, now not only are you apparently better drivers but also better mechanics too? Why was the east faster? Well when you don't take points for anything: West: we claim brake ducts at 10 points. East: we need those so they are free. West: we claim swapping from mechanical to electric fan at 10 points. East: it does the same thing so it is free. West: we claim a power steering cooler at 20 points. East: 20 points is just for engine/trans/diff coolers, our power steering cooler is free. West: we claim a chipped ECU at 75 points. East: it was in the computer when we got it and the stock tune is so good it doesn't really do anything so it is free. West: we claim the oil cooler at 20 points even though it is a repurposed AC cooler because it is being used as an oil cooler. East: that is just repurposed so ours is free. West: we claim... Thankfully I think those discrepancies have been cleared up, unfortunately I think all of it has been made free because the east "needed it". For a current argument for the next free item see the splitter/air dam discussion. Then when a D class car shows up to challenge for the podium the east says it is a cheater because they are not claiming everything despite that being the way of the east, see the 400SX. Yes many said it was a cheater but it passed tech and tech said in black and white it was legit. @Black Magic you probably shouldn't say "we" like everybody on the board agreed. It took over a flipping month to figure out how much it should be penalized despite no recent wins since multiple major rule changes, that doesn't sound very unanimous or even reasonable to some. It was double dipped because others were afraid it might challenge for a podium spot. Slanting the rules keeps potential customers away - for evidence see the entries for Utah. In the May Lucky Dog Utah race there were 7 Mustangs but not one of them have entered the July ChampCar race yet, that is a funny coincidence or maybe they will all show up last minute proving me wrong. However the smart business decision is to slant things for the popular choice so they can win and claim they are better drivers and better mechanics and I don't blame ChampCar for that, even though I hate double dipping the rules.
  3. Agree, alternately can the east track be run in reverse on day two?
  4. Just for discussion: There are currently 7 cars registered for the Utah ChampCar race, not one of them a Mustang. Last weekend there were 7 Mustangs in a 32 car field at Utah, or 22% of the field. EC does not seem to be looked upon favourably, likely most if not all of the Mustangs would have the Lucky Dog allowed 24 gallon cell which would make them EC in ChampCar. While I personally agree that 100 laps is an OK solution as far as removing confusion with the timing but will it further discourage possible participation?
  5. We have always taken 10 points per corner.
  6. They sure are. The rules are simply hp in, they don't say anything about the number of engines going in. A triple rotor is just one extra middle housing and rotor with a long crank. Say each 13B engine is $300, weld 1.5 cranks together, weld 1.5 intakes together, weld 1.5 headers together. ECU is free along with injectors. I've seen people claim things much more extravagant than that. Each 13B engine is 135 hp so hp in is 202.5 hp tops.
  7. You mean like how the vast majority of the fuel rich say to the fuel lean: Just drive faster to make up for the extra stops, it is easy - but we are already no longer setting fast laps. Just drive slower to conserve fuel - but isn't this a race? It has been that way since the start of the series so we can't change it now - but numerous other things have changed recently that were in place since the start of the series. Let's race on the track, not in the pits - but the fuel lean are forced to racing in the pits as well as the track. The extra stop is no big deal - but isn't that like taking penalty laps?
  8. I like the west course as well but it is an unreal experience to do the full 5 mile. In one lap you do 3 miles of old school high speed then 2 miles of new school tight and twisty. A real challenge to do it all well.
  9. Sunday results? Never mind, found it, congrats to the podium cars. Way to go Roto Plookers on narrowly maintaining third.
  10. Who were the podium cars on Saturday?
  11. Wasn't everyone saying a few months ago that the TBird was undervalued at 300? What a bargain at 250 and they tell me you just need to swap the K member, put on some aluminum heads, cam, a carb, and it is pretty much a guaranteed win with something like 350 hp and 24 gallons. Not quite out of the box but you should be able to swap the K, heads, and cam in a weekend or two so not a lot of extra work. They say with just those changes it will corner like a Miata, brake like a BMW, and of course hp to spare. Should be able to put 20+ laps on any field at any track.
  12. Exactly no where in the rules is there an assessment for effectiveness, except when adding hp in an engine swap. If you swap just heads and regardless of whether you gain or lose hp and the magnitude of the change, even swapping iron to aluminum it is still 100 points. Using the same reasoning, regardless of how effective your splitter is, it is 10 points, even if it only adds weight it is still 10 points. If you choose to add an air dam which is a vertical piece for 10 points that is your decision.
  13. Imagine two boxes, one standard and one with hinges on each corner... one serves the purpose and the other is useless.
  14. Sadly cancelled, we were going to go and would have been nice to see your car in person. Come to Utah instead, it is a fantastic facility.
  15. If you check the Utah results you will see that the GT3 is not even listed. They were on slicks so not even EC, if I said before they were EC was my mistake. The only time I knew they were on track was a white flash in the mirror, I would give a wave then they were gone. Having them there was a non-event.
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