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  1. Typing on my phone so a short summary of day 2. Went to start the car to move it to the hot pit lane for the race and it will not start. Do the quick swap for a new distributor as the TFI likely failed. Car now runs and we rush to make the start. An hour in and we lose third gear again on the freshly installed trans. 30 minutes later the trans has completely failed and we are done. Looks like we have something going on that we need to figure out, something is not happy. We did get the class win on Saturday but it was an otherwise disappointing weekend.
  2. Day 1 did not go as planned. Lost third gear just after the second stint started, new transmission installed and hoping for a better day tomorrow. Ran 3/4 of the race today only in fourth gear.
  3. Points for non-OE rear suspension

    40 spare, we added a few more things.
  4. Points for non-OE rear suspension

    I talked with Mike C and John the western tech and the concensus was two control arms are 10 points each for a total of 20 points.
  5. Perhaps instead of "How" you might want to ask "Why". Although I totally get the V8 thing but a V8 might fold it up into a pretzel.
  6. So if you compare two drivers: Driver 1 is faster not because of braking later or accelerating sooner but because of a better line Driver 2 is in the car and it keeps telling him there is time left on the table (or does it?) Then driver 2 decides to try to drive to the max of driver 1 but because of a poorer line flies off the track, or is it smart enough to figure out a small variation in line can't possibly take the corner as fast as driver 1 so it reduces the maximum indication?
  7. Points for non-OE rear suspension

    All of the rear control arms are stock Mustang.
  8. Apparently it is smarter than the driver - which in some cases may not be saying a whole lot.
  9. Points for non-OE rear suspension

    We have a pair of non-OE control arms and a pair of hubs on our car, I will see what tech has to say this weekend and what is assigned. It does seem to be confusing.
  10. Points for non-OE rear suspension

    At 10 points per corner per component it would be 20 points for the non-OE upper inks, 20 points for the non-OE lower links, plus 10 for the Watts. I believe this to be the correct ruling but others have gotten different points assigned in the past. Note, I am not tech.
  11. Our car left long ago thanks to Harry and his double hauler. We are getting on a plane tomorrow early afternoon, will be at the track early Friday morning.
  12. The forecast is sunny all weekend if anyone else wants to sign up late.
  13. The Fox Mustang uses four or five different threads both standard and metric with different types of flares in the brake lines on a single car. I also converted everything to 3/16 North American standard threads on the hard lines and -3 on the flex lines... life is so much easier this way.
  14. That is a poor attitude from one of my strategists.