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  1. I just lost a renter due to him catching the flu. Anybody need something last minute, or the car you are renting breaks before your stint, come find me on pit road!
  2. Yeah, Ive been meaning to call you about it, but instead I just replied to him in the forum..lol
  3. Bill, I am bringing my two rentals, we would like all three of ours pitted down near the end of the front stretch. Usually there is room down there.
  4. Call or text me at 352-225-1210 I have two stints open at this point.
  5. Running a little late getting our cars filled due to a shop move, but we have the cars prepped and have a few more stints to sell. One car is my Lexus SC300 that is a sister car to the one that has won 6 or the last 7 races that it has done, and the EC 300ZX that is quicker than the SC300s and is just a big gocart that will peel your eyeballs out on the brakes.
  6. I field class cars and an EC car. Start the EC cars 1000 laps down so that they have their own group to run in that does not clutter the running order. Yes I like seeing my EC car high up in the running order, but for the good of the series long term, I am good with it staying classified far away from the "real race". Worst thing that happens is that more cars convert from EC to the regular classes.
  7. Trueeeee true I think it would have been an interesting race had we both stayed healthy. Would have definitely been for the overall win. We would have two hour stinted every stint on you guys and you would be flying to make up for the extra fuel pit stop(s?). Maybe we can lobby for sequential gearboxes so we can race it out, for "safety" of course lolol
  8. If we hadn't blow up the transmission, we would have won by 10 laps overall.....................maybe just a tad optimistic, but hey, why not
  9. There has been enough questionable circumstances surrounding those orange convertables to warrant a very close inspection. They have already been busted for running an engine that was different than what they claimed it was.....then "withdrew" so that they were not kicked out for outright cheating.
  10. Kinda amazing what a "stock" 3L engine will do right......I mean riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight??????? Just be thankful that they didn't run into you under caution........or while receiving a black flag.............
  11. Nobody went over 140..............that should be the story from all of us if we want to keep this racing affordable at Daytona.........
  12. We definitely did, lol. He radioed it in and I told him if it still had oil pressure to keep going! I drove the car late in the race and did the same thing myself after the last caution and looped it down in Turn 1. I was all by myself on that one so I am sure about everybody heard/saw it, haha. The transmission feels different in the 226 than the 225 and the 5-4 downshift has to be done very carefully with that transmission. Planning to take it out to see if we can see any reason why that is being weird.
  13. Well, we sure didnt have the results we were hoping for, but we kept our rental cars, 223 and 226 on track until the finish. The 225 broke the transmission while leading around 1.5 hours and that was a big bummer, but we were due a bad finish after never finishing worse than 4th over 10 races. Most of my day was spent attempting to fix a few glitches with the 226 that ended up being related to a bad battery, we stole the battery and cables out of 225 and the car was fine for the rest of the event. Pretty silly of me to not have the cars be the same in the battery and battery cable setup for easy parts repair, but that will be remedied before the next event. It seemed like there was alot of early attrition from the faster cars including us, Cone Crushers, Crowd Control Racing Mustang, Bill Riley etc. Hopefully we can keep a transmission in this the SC300s in the future! Congrats to the podium finishers!!
  14. Exactly, the guys on our team were all talking about this. 230+ rwhp and 500+ pounds lighter than our SC300s......holy smokes.
  15. Anybody spy the S2000 on the list at 500 points........I mean, that has stupid potential right there.
  16. Uuuhhhmmmm, lol. I try and keep tabs on all sorts of stuff while I am on track. I watch the clouds, traffic, corner workers, even sing on the radio.......lol
  17. I am just telling you my perspective, for you to add into your thought process about the situation. I can assure you that when I am driving, I try to consider every single thing that another car may do so that I can plan for avoidance, but that line starting out way wide and cutting in for the grass mid corner is pretty far outside of "normal", even if that is that you were doing all day. The entry to 17 should never be that wide as it can be misleading for faster cars coming up on you, again, just my opinion. BTW, I see where my last line in that quote may seem a little harsh, but that is the impression that I got from you saying things like "but he barely changes once he has turned in", or "I took that line and the other cars avoided me fine", etc. I am sorry if that is the wrong impression, but I took your statements as meaning that you are ok with sweeping across the track like that, which I feel is not a good way to race.
  18. The main thing to remember is to be predictable. That line through 17 is anything but that. By entering the corner 2-3 lanes outside of "normal", it looks like you are saying "this is my line, I am entering wide and this is where I will stay so faster cars can have all of the open track under me", but it sounds like you think that sweeping across 3 lanes is normal and OK. In my opinion, it is not. Sure if you are at a private track rental and want to try out new lines, go for it, but when on track with 80+ other cars with wide ranges in speed and skill, pick a lane and stay in it. I would MUCH rather have a car be racing on the correct line and for me to figure out how to get around them than for them to be swapping lanes mid corner, especially if they are of the mindset that other cars should avoid them as they take whatever line they want. Just my opinion.
  19. I saw him over by 11-12 at some point when I was driving.
  20. Way too wide and too slow on entry to swoop across the track to come down to the apex. If I were coming up on a car doing that, to me, they are broadcasting that they are leaving the inside line open and that is where I am going. Once committed, there may not be much available room for correction to avoid contact. Yes, you should always try and leave a plan out of harms way, but to me that looked like he was leaving the inside lanes (like 3 of them) open, then came all the way across track down to the most inside lane.
  21. They leave their used up fuel barrels and pallets in the paddock too, for someone else to clean up after they are done. I do not understand that group......at all....... Thanks for the kudos everyone and congrats to everyone else who finished! What a race! I am still sore from all of the driving I did. My apologies to anyone that I might have scared in the rain by passing them with the car drifting more than going straight. I can't describe how much I like racing in the rain, its just freaking epic.
  22. Anybody else needing a ride? Seems like there is always a silent period a few weeks before the race, then my phone blows up the week of the race with people looking for seat time. Best to call or text me at 352-225-1210 if you want to get ahold of me quickly.
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