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  1. I'm as shocked as you. I had to chase the threads on 18 of the twenty I ordered, and apparently they are single use only as three of them stripped when we changed tires at practice.
  2. Test day today, and it was the usual good news/bad news. Good news is we will be ready for Gingerman. The bad news is rain shortened the session so my new driver needs more wheel time, I think the TPS took a dump and the Chinese lug nuts I bought are junk.
  3. Does anyone know if it is possible to request a pit stall assignment adjacent to one's reserved camp site?
  4. Yes they have. They were limited to 2 races in the not so distant past.
  5. So the folks in the race that conform to the series rules, eligible for the Championship should cater to the whims of those few who are not? Why should the majority face the inconvenience of doing math?
  6. We're in. Pork butt and all. Let me know what we can bring.
  7. Finished new mounts for the Accusump and Coolshirt box. Nearly finished prepping a new set of wheels, need to finish stripping old paint. New window net is installed. Ready to align. Just need to fabricate the cover for the deadly Accusump hose and I'm ready for testing. I think.
  8. I'm in the midst of prepping a McLaren Senna. I think it should come in at about 510 pts. Unless I swap in the M25/2. Or put in an automatic.
  9. I remade 3 of the 4 rear brake lines and am now down to 1 minor leak from 6, so progress. I also have a plan for the accusump and a good start on a revised mount that will make the new splash shield easier to fabricate.
  10. Mopped up the puddle of brake fluid under the car again and spent an hour trying to figure out how to make a splash shield over my accusump hose. Why can't I make any progress this year?
  11. My 2 cents. Bring out the ban hammer. EC started as a 2 race "free trial" , now its morphing into bring your supercar to a track day. This series was started as a budget series and should remain as such. Well, now that I look at it, that ship sailed a while ago. BTW I'm not real fond of multiple car rent a ride teams either. Bring back the backyard engineering! Bring back Tubby!
  12. Let's see if I can remember all this. Planted zucchini prior to inundation Removed flash flood water from the garage Rescued numerous worms from a slow death by dehydration Modified RR caliper for remote bleeder Rebuilt RR caliper and installed same Installed RR rotor and halfshaft Installed RF UCA bushing Repaired rear spring lower seats Replaced both front rotors Inspected front bearings Rebuilt both front calipers and installed same Watched in rain at Indy Provided supervision while my wife repaired the rear seat upholstery for my Milano Prepared for another round of flash flooding Other than that, not much going on around here.
  13. 28 of the cars running today turned sub 3 min laps. Wow.
  14. Ladies and Gentlemen- I offer to you for sale a somewhat Chumpy 2005 Ford Excursion Eddie Bauer 4x4 with the renowned 6.0l Powerstroke diesel. the Truck has 193,000 miles on it and was lightly rolled this winter. It has been lightened in the rocker and lower door areas using an all natural, eco friendly process called oxidation. Despite these issues the truck drives and pulls very nicely and is in good to excellent mechanical condition. Everything works. I'm asking $7500 for the general public but willing to sell at a discount to a Chump. I can be reached via PM or at the phone number shown in the photos below.
  15. Racer is right. Absolutely right. 2.2. VEHICLE ELIGIBILITY – DEFINITION OF AN EXCEPTION CLASS (“EC”) CAR 2.2.1. The Exception Class or “EC” car class is open to “ChampCar compatible” cars that wish to race with ChampCar but exceed the 1,000 point limit, or any Team not wishing to compete for the overall win. 2.2.2. ChampCar reserves the right to deny entry to any EC car if ChampCar determines the car to be excessively superior in power, braking, top speed or other factors that ChampCar feels would be unsafe or disruptive to any event. Notice the words "ChampCar compatible". That thing is not even close. This is just another reason (including the rules lawyering, rules instability, outright cheating, ridiculous speed creep, abandon the grassroots philosophy, and money is no object) why I am gravitating to Midwest Council events. Troll away if you must, but I've just about had enough.
  16. Do you ever see an Xfinity car racing in the Monster Energy series? Or an Indy car with F1?
  17. That's why I've become a lurker. Damn, I F'ed that up too.
  18. My point is that he is using a non OE ignition system (20 pts) and non OE coils (10 pts), even if the ignitor, amplifier or ignition control module (take your pick) is part of the coils or ECU. At least that is the way it has been applied in the past.
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