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  1. Got the old laptop working decently and tuning software updated. Connected the laptop to the ECU and started the car. Appears to be working as it should. Not getting any unknown DTCs and its reading all the appropriate sensors. Yay! Found the output cable for the wideband sensor so I can log, but I need an adapter to USB so I got that ordered. Played with base timing and idle screw some more and think I have it set where it needs to be (could change after tuning). Did find a small oil leak between the trans/engine, but it only leaks when running (rear main seal bad??). Going to be a slow few weeks on the car due to the PRI tradeshow and upcoming holiday events. Plan is to log a few miles on the back roads around my house to break everything in. Hoping I can schedule a tuning session for right after x-mas.
  2. Finally some progress I'm happy to report. Finished the new exhaust, filled diff/trans/engine, pumped old fuel out and put 4gal of fresh non-ethanol 89 in, powered the fuel pump and fixed a half dozen fuel leaks, repaired 02 sensor harness, took the car off the stands, pushed it outside and cranked it up. OK, it wasn't quite that easy. Had to purge all the air out of the fuel system and play with the timing but after about 30min of spinning on the starter (and then letting the battery recuperate in between), it finally started up. I set the initial timing and we let it run for about 15 min at 2k rpms to break in the cams/lifters and then shut it down. Checked all fluids (all good) and pushed it back in the garage. Spent the rest of the evening trying to get my (wife's former) laptop to function properly and connect to the ECU. Downloaded a stock NA bin file and will work this week getting the car to run on it. Will likely try to put a few miles on it around the hood before I make the appointment with a tuner and a dyno.
  3. Bremsen

    Fire Suppression, what ya got

    Regular extinguishers use a dry powder extinguishant and [I assume] a standardized refill procedure (I'd have to talk with a service tech/facility to know that for sure). The common A/B/C powder extinguishants are highly corrosive. I've heard/read that if one is used on your car, be ready to replace any wiring that came into contact. Racing systems all use proprietary refill tools/procedures so usually those are handled by the mfg or servicing distributor. Lifeline's tools did not work with SpAs bottles or vice versa. We supplied the tools to the local place that refilled the Halon bottles for us. @menderSorry, I wish I knew more about FE36 handling/care. Being a gas based system, I don't know what kind of service requirements they would have. We didn't want to update our facility to handle gaseous systems/services (it was already very labor intensive) so we let our contract run out shortly after FE36 was released. Dupont is the mfg, you might try to send them an email or give people at Lifeline-usa a ring. FE36/Novec basically work by removing O2 from the environment, same as Halon. Gas systems don't prevent re-ignition as well as AFFF. If the fuel and ignition sources are still present once the system is depleted, the fire could start again. Granted in a race car, the only expectation is that the driver has enough time to exit the vehicle but I like the added benefits of reignition protection and cooling the surface through evaporation. While its not a "clean" extinguishant, its not corrosive and wipes up with a damp cloth.
  4. Bremsen

    Fire Suppression, what ya got

    No problem. Just trying to explain what happens when you send your bottle in and some of the things I found when working with them. While trying not to come across in a negative way. I don't know what gas those NCATS systems used, but Halon is hard to find and $$$$. I'm pretty sure Canada banned it outright. We had to send them out since we weren't certified to mess with Halon and it was heavily gov't controlled. I don't remember what the service costs were for FE36, but I remember it wasn't all that much cheaper than Halon at the time (which was a bout 3x AFFF). And the systems themselves were 4x the cost. I don't have any experience with Novec, but I have to say the MSDS/use warnings doesn't exactly give me the warm and fuzzies. The main reason I don't like the gas systems for this type of racing is because they work best in closed environments. Great for office spaces/computer banks and modern enclosed race cars, but our cars are far from air tight. AFFF is safe for humans, biodegradable, non-corrosive, relatively cheap, works well, helps to prevent re-ignition and cools the surface. Aqueous Film Forming Foam:
  5. Bremsen

    Fire Suppression, what ya got

    As the guy that serviced and re-certified all of Lifeline's systems/bottles in North America for about a decade, every bottle that came in for re-cert was completely disassembled, cleaned, refilled and re-pressurized before getting a specially punched re-cert label. Now, I didn't get into the gaseous FE36/Novec/Halon/etc systems (too expensive to upfit so we dropped the line), but AFFF does start to break down after about 24mo. When you dump a system that is really old (like 3-4+ years), AFFF kind of "coagulates" into a waxy substance. Some of this could get past the dip tube and clog lines/nozzles which is why it has to be changed out. Lifeline' "lifes" all of their bottles at 10years. I don't know if that is due to FIA regulations or not, but I fielded some pretty colorful calls when telling customers that their 11 year old bottle is trash (even if it looked practically new). We've been running a 2.25L lifeline club system since day one. Its now lifed out and we'll be replacing it with a 4.0L mech Lifeline system (same as mentioned above) before our next race. Personally, I would only use Lifeline (or their branded products) or SpA. Lifeline puts a little extra into their brackets and hardware so I prefer them. That's my "semi-biased" opinion. I would also only use AFFF at our level. I'm not a big fan of the gas based systems for a few different reasons (no re-ignition layer/protection, driver has to be cognizant of inhalation, and much more expensive). Side note, if you have a Lifeline system that needs service quickly, you can express ship the bottle to the service facility if you depressurize/empty it. AFFF is biodegradable/environmentally friendly so you can expel the mechanical systems by simply pulling the handle (out of the car, of course). Electrical systems can be depressurized as well, but its a bit more involved (I can explain via pm if anyone needs that info).
  6. Bremsen

    Enclosed Trailer Advise

    I've been eyeballing the ATC aluminum trailers. Their 24' will likely be our next one. I'd add the side "escape" door to the list of must haves on a new trailer. First time I saw that feature I knew I had to have it.
  7. Y'all are way more talented than me. Worst I've done is melt the head gasket into the head (I think it was a .050" ring indentation). Got the intake sorted out, TPS sensor adjusted and the rest of the harness connected. Loosely installed the front bumper cover. MT90 ordered. Installed the bad driveshaft to verify the exhaust clears. It does, but not by much so I'll make some tweaks before I finish welding it up tonight. Then I can finally move on to finish the remaining exhaust. Initial start-up planned for this weekend.
  8. That light at the end of the tunnel got a lot brighter this weekend. Installed upper intake manifold, fuel pressure regulator and exhaust manifolds. Engine harness mostly hooked up (MAF and TPS only things left). Stub/companion axles torqued and axles installed. Rear brakes installed along with new front and rear lines and brake system bled. New clutch master and rebuilt slave installed/bled. Oil cooler installed. Slapped the wheels on it and rolled it outside to clean (both the garage and the car). Our spare driveshaft was worse than the one we pulled out so a new shaft was ordered today. Need to finish up the exhaust, replace some fuel line and fill it with fluids before initial start up.
  9. Got the diff/subframe all torqued in place. Driveshaft ujoint is stiff/notchy so going to see if we have a good one or fork out the $300 for a rebuilt unit. Got a few more things hooked up in the engine bay. Oil lines/adapters showed up so I can finish the cooler install. I also stared at the hatch for a while. Not sure what I'm going to do about the new fuel cell bulkhead rules. I don't understand this "if I can't see it, its not a problem" mentality with the required add'l bulkhead. In my head, all it does is create a smaller space for fumes to build and provide no way to check for leaks visually. Its not like some sheet metal is going to do anything should fumes build to the point of an explosion. Also not sure how I'm going to know when the cell is full when I can't see the fuel filler/vent hoses.
  10. Oh, I thought you changed calipers to something else. So this is all OE hydraulics? What pressures are you seeing at the calipers?
  11. Do you know the increase in caliper piston area over the stock calipers?
  12. Long pedal indicates to me that the MC is a bit too small for the calipers and going larger will raise/stiffen the pedal along with lowering pressure at the calipers for the same pedal input.
  13. Not a ton work done this weekend due to soccer games and my better half's birthday. I did get the downpipe all welded up and painted. Parts came in to finish up the rest of the exhaust, but the DP was definitely the hard part. Had to do some minor surgery on the rear subframe but got it repaired and installed with the diff, trailing arms and sway bar (the latter two getting poly for the first time). Swapped out the clutch slave for the rebuilt one and found out the clutch master is bad, so ordered one of RA. And the best part of the weekend......removing the starter freed up the engine. When I installed it, I grabbed what looked like the best of the bunch (nice, clean and recently reman). One of the problems with tossing all your spares into a bin is you forget where each one came from (if you don't label them). After thinking about why it would interfere, I realized it was likely from the one automatic we parted out (DOH!). At least it was a simple remedy and I don't have to pull the engine/trans back out. Should be able to have everything ready to fire in about 2 weeks.
  14. Pretty sure all engineers are like that. Don't think you're special. I'm not an engineer....more of an 'engineer whisperer'. I understand both normal language and engineer and sometimes I feel like my job is literally an intermediary so that nobody kills anyone. I haven't been able to race since 2016 due to a move and other issues so if the Nov. 1 reg day is only open to those that have raced in the last 12 then I'm going to be SOL too. I have been racing Chump/champ on/off since 2011 and probably donated 500 discs for trophy stands. I do plan to run both Road Atlanta and Charlotte prior to IMS, maybe if we sign up for two races at the same time? OR maybe a citrus style "application" for this race up until a certain time? I'm sure either way the screening will be fair. Mike and Bill know the regulars, especially us loudmouths on the forums.
  15. Bremsen

    2018 petitions

    Wish I had known. I am gonna put our VP fast fill parts up for sale. Allstar big mouth caps, PVC adapters/hoses/barbs, etc. We bought Hunsakers during a sale last year so going to just use the VP jugs for transport.