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  1. This will be the first time I've run with them. They seem very accommodating so far since we have 2 drivers and no passenger seat (to sign off solo). I listed our experience and they seem OK with it. I offered to take a couple laps in someone's personal car to get signed off if needed. Newer teams w/o as much experience (we've been at this for a decade now) might get more push back, idk. I will report back on my experience. To keep with the thread theme: After staring at it for longer than I'd like to admit and thinking about the email from ATL, I figured out I made an assembly error on the fuel cell. Its now re-assembled in what I believe is the correct way and shouldn't leak again (fingers-crossed). Definitely wish there were more online resources for fuel cell assembly/installation. Also safety wired the electrical connections on the lift pump so they can't slide off due to vibrations (silly knurled connectors).
  2. Turns out our test day wasn't as problem free as we initially thought. Still have a leak at the back of the engine so RMS ordered and plan to pull the drivetrain this weekend to replace it. Also had a leak in the fuel cell from slosh while on the track. Emailed ATL (who responded very quickly) and determined our fill plate is not ATL brand and is not fitting our can/bladder properly. Ahh the joys of buying used. Pumped out the cell last night and removed the fill plate and surge tank. I just need to take about 1/16" off the flange edge of the fill plate. Sending the surge tank to a friend to have a 1/4" NPT bung welded onto it for a float switch (low fuel light). Signed up for another track day up at VIR at the end of the month. This event has a 2hr open track session at the end of the day so we can see how it does over a full stint.
  3. Officially signed up for our first race in over 3 years 😮 I'm coming for redemption, Charlotte Motor Speedway. 3 races, 3 dnfs. We will see the checkered flag this time, I don't care if I have to push it over the line.
  4. Here’s how we re-did ours. I had to move the fill neck and vent hose to the tail panel. We have a top cover that seals it.
  5. Another spring rod here. I didn't want drivers to have find a button or latch in dense smoke, fire, dust or fumes. If for some reason the driver can't find the little release handle, its not hard to grab the top bar and shove it forward 1/2".
  6. Its a miracle he's alive, modern safety or not. Definitely one of the worst I've seen in a very long time and nearly a worst case scenario. The entire chassis taco's when LaJoie hits him in the driver's window showing just how violent that hit was. Praying he recovers. 🙏
  7. Our new gauge pod. Disregard the wiring, it’s mostly cleaned up now. Switch panel is next.
  8. Spent Friday down at CMP for the car's first track day since the rebuild (over 3 years). With the exception of missing most of the first session due to having to charge the battery (<40* out), the car ran the rest of the day without any real issues. Feels so much stiffer with the cage additions and new poly bushings in the rear. Grip and balance were very good. Love love love the LSD, I was able to easily drift out of the carousel and it just made the car much easier to drive at the limit everywhere around the track. Biggest blunder of the day was forgetting the thumbscrew for the GoPros, so we didn't get any in-car video. I was able to put down the best time of the day, 1:54.6, about 3 seconds off the spec miata times of the head instructor (who also got the pole and won this weekend's race), so I was pleased. For basically rebuilding the entire drivetrain, suspension and brake system, to say I was happy driving home would be a big understatement. Have a little tuning to do and some minor things to attend to, but we can officially sign up for Charlotte. Woot! Oh, and a pair of F35s did a fly-by at what looked like 1000ft which was freakin cool.
  9. "kyle.engineers" on YT has a lot of good videos dedicated to aero. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6R7zR4ZbGkOny_RGsc2V3DULdd2SPwSU
  10. We're racing everyone so I consider every other vehicle on track as my competition. Not sure why I would only compare against like vehicles. Also, I've said this many times before, and yes HP/weight and fuel capacity are major factors but there is a pretty large leap in automotive technology (chassis, suspension, electronics) between the 80s and the early 2000s. Even if the hp/lb, fuel load and configuration were the same, a 2000s car is going to be much better in just about every way. I don't want anyone to think I'm hating on the MCS. Its an excellent vehicle choice and I can see why JPS JAS made the switch. And, they can actually be found pretty cheap now. More power to them and looking forward to racing against it. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.
  11. Wow, seriously? An early 2000s R53 CooperS has the same VPI as our normally aspirated 87 300zx. Has anyone ever successfully lowered their VPI through a petition?
  12. Not sure if this is what you mean, but as far as I know, the top race for both TV viewers and attendance in Cup for the last few years has been WGI. And I think followed by Sonoma. I'm with Ray, you will likely see more road course/roval events being added to the series. Without having track specific cars, I think you could even see an oval and roval run in the same weekend. I don't know if that's going to be 100% the case, but I do know that some systems on the current car that do have track type specific components do not for 2021. There is not an array of options any more (which drove costs up). People I know have said its very similar to the Aussie car underneath (I believe all the OEs are still finalizing the bodies in the wind tunnel). That is a spec chassis and some of the best racing on the planet, IMO anyway. As long as they look different and are powered differently, I think people will warm up to it. The cars will be much easier to drive at the limit and hopefully that will lead to some very close and competitive racing. One of the things that has bothered me about watching cup races is that it looks like their all racing 50s pickup trucks (because, thats kinda what they are). They constantly have to saw at the wheel to get the car to turn, they bounce around like crazy and it just looks off to me. Certainly doesn't look like what you would expect of a top spec racing series in 2020. IMO, this is all way over due. I also hope it will allow the formation of new teams and close the gap between the Penskes and the Levines of the series. Sorry to the multicar teams that have thrown cubic dollars into development and manufacturing over the last decade, but that was a big part of the problem. I don't think it was all backmarker driven either, I think many of the top teams welcomed efforts to reduce costs since sponsorships are getting harder to find. It is definitely unfortunate that a lot of people will likely be looking for work, but a necessary evil if NASCAR wants teams to reign in costs. I guess a silver lining is that unemployment is low and technical jobs are in demand. But also worthy of note that a lot of people lose their jobs at teams after every season. Silly season isn't just for drivers.
  13. Last weekend I installed Aerocatch hood latches into the new hood. Once that was done we cleaned up some more of the wiring, made sure the bumpers covers were secure and took it out for a spin. Was going pretty well but I lost all power about 5 miles down the road. Apparently the alternator isn't charging, which I guess is why the battery died last time. I'll chase that issue this week. It ran well otherwise and the only other issue I noticed was a bit of a pull under braking. Lost a 10mm wrench along the way, but found it lying next to the road on my way home last night (woot!). Pulled the battery, reset it and recharged it. I do love that feature on the Battery Tender LiFePo batteries, that would have been #2 of my old batteries.
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