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  1. Some sort of time penalty (1-2 min per tire?) for changing a tire seems the most reasonable. Or maybe as simple as a drive through penalty. If you add pit stop time, it might have to be added to the next stop since adding time during the tire change stop might be hard to manage. I don't know if we're still using kitchen timers or not (been a few years now). Tires will continue to evolve so I don't think banning specific tires or going to a spec tire is the right move. But I agree there should be some sort of discouragement for changing tires during a race. Tires are nearly alw
  2. This was along the lines of what I had in my head as the current rule definition around exhaust manifolds. Was hoping the '21 rules would provide clarity. @TimS No, they're definitely regular old cast iron on the VG engines. Not sure what came on the later VQs.
  3. I have some fun stuff laying around too
  4. I'm totally confused by your post. I never reference nylocks, or even nuts at all. I was referring to the fasteners that hold the flywheel to the crank. I've only done a few different clutch jobs in my life but I can honestly say I've never seen a nut used in any of them (flywheel or PP). But maybe its just been the makes I've worked on. Anyway, for clarity, something like this is what was recommended under the bolt heads that hold the flywheel to the crank:
  5. I work with a mechanical engineer that spent years designing racing clutches and flywheels for a major manufacturer. One of the issues he brought up with aluminum flywheels in a racing environment is the higher material expansion of aluminum over steel, which can lead to the flywheel bolts wanting to back out. He suggested using a steel flywheel shim under the bolt heads to help distribute the load on the flywheel.
  6. Nissan routed the pass side exhaust over the bellhousing and into the dr side manifold. This was done for turbocharging purposes, but left on/adapted to the NA car. The x-over pipe/flex joint is prone to failure, NLA (we're on our last good spare) and ran right next to the brake and clutch hard lines, so I'm not a fan of the setup. It certainly doesn't help exhaust flow, either. Installing the pathfinder manifolds (provided they clear on the Z) would theoretically allow me to remove the x-over pipe and route the exhaust out of both sides of the engine. I'm not aware of anyone doing it bef
  7. There was some brief talk about the interpretation of the rules regarding exhaust manifolds. I see they're included without penalty on swapped engines. The FPL, only lists "exhaust headers" as 25 pts. Is there a points penalty for using an OE cast-iron exhaust manifold from the exact same engine (no displacement difference), just from a different vehicle? I would like to reroute my exhaust, but I'm unsure how this would be interpreted and the BCCR doesn't offer any real answers on the subject. I know there was chatter about some GM guys using "wrong" manifolds so I was curious
  8. Really good responses from everyone. Glad to see so many brake myths finally being put to bed. My only pad recommendation is to start with the same compound front and rear. Then see if you need more/less rear brake depending on lockup/ABS. If you run a higher friction front compound setup on a car that is well biased, all you are doing is forcing the front brakes to do more than its share of the work and elevating heat and increasing wear. We see this A LOT on the consumer side. Some cars might even benefit from a higher rear friction pad, but it all depends on the car and how
  9. The suspense is killing me. I understand we're all busy, but its mid-October now guys. Builds are waiting. @Bill Strong @Huggy or anyone else in the know, exactly when do you guys expect to release the new rule set?
  10. Bedding new race pads is important to solidify the resins in the material. Mfg bake their pads to a few hundred degrees to set the compound, but they don't take the pucks to the pressures and temperatures seen under a brake event on race compounds. The friction material needs to get hot under some pressure allowed to cool before any significant abuse. Bedding new discs is important to transfer material from the pad to the disc. This maximizes friction between the surfaces and reduces the chances of material building unevenly and causing vibration. This is better done with used
  11. Pulled the front bumper cover and headlights out. Cleaned up the previous hack job on the steel bumper. Made a template for radiator ducting. Decided to hammer/dolly out some previous front end damage in order to get things to line up better. Bought some rolled plastic to redo the front air dam (remove the old lawn edging). Anyone know when the 2021 rules are going to be released?
  12. Yes, but the thread title suggests we're talking about outliers here (specifically referring to a single team). Is there a rash of well funded teams now showing up with several sets of the stickiest 200 180tw tires in common sizes and changing out several sets per race? Legitimate question, I've been out of the game a while now.
  13. Something like this sounds like the logical path to me to reduce the incentive to swap tires for optimal lap times (not just replacing a worn tire) through a race. The series already places minimum pit stop times based on certain actions. I also think a max width of no greater than 300mm would be another good limit. Does the series want vehicles that have the ability/need to run 300+mm wide tires? For all the complaints about speed creep, this would seem to place at least some limitation on it.
  14. We have a 4-gang usb hub, and I think a rugged one would be a good idea, but can't say I've had an issue with our $15 Amazon one yet either. Doesn't seem to have vibration or heat issues, even in 100* weather. I'm running a tablet and GPS receiver on it. My GoPro8 battery life is stupid. Maybe 20min? Other battery was DOA. I think I'm going rechargeable portable battery packs for the cam. I used an old 3000mAh rechargeable pack I had lying around and it lasted 3-4hrs with the camera running HD. YMMV.
  15. On a road car, yes, that's an important consideration since it probably won't get bled/changed very often. However, it takes a fairly long time (couple years or more) for brake fluid to reach its wet boiling point inside a closed system. Even an open bottle will take months in FL humidity to absorb the moisture content required to reach WBP. A cracked bottle will do just fine for a few months if you need to top off the system or rebleed. Any track car that sees its brakes bled more than once a year should really only be concerned with DBP. There are other factors such as compre
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