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  1. Nice! I'm trying to talk my brother into sacrificing his E90 330i-6spd sedan for a WRL/NASA build. Got as far as I'm going to with the tune on the car (at least it idles ok). Time to schedule our dyno tune. Started ordering bits to redo the fuel system (again). Carter lift pump, HP fuel pump and surge tank to be going in once we start the bulkheading project. Made a list of must-dos for CMS.
  2. Bremsen

    WTB: Used 255/40/17 Tires

    About 20min NW of Charlotte. I'll try and get over and snag some pics tomorrow.
  3. Um, maybe you heard of Mike Skeen?
  4. Bremsen

    AP Racing Rotors

    That's an interesting kit. Just to clarify, those are either 299mm (11.75") or 310mm (12.19") discs. On the outer face edge (looking down the veins), you'll see a part number stamped into it. CP3862-10#GA (#=4/5 is 299, 5/6 is 310). IMO, looking at the pads (overhang ridge), I'd say you have 299mm, but it was probably designed for the 310mm. Both have the same mounting pattern. Might be something the buyer should consider. GLWS. Its a good deal, the iron alone retails for $190+/side now.
  5. Bremsen

    WTB: Used 255/40/17 Tires

    I probably have a set of RS-3s that meets those requirements. They're kinda old and heat cycled, but have tread. Been in my storage for a couple years.
  6. Bremsen

    Best bang for the buck

    Or, alternatively: o Stock components (strut towers, suspension arms, sub-frames) re-drilled/slotted for adjustment: 0 pts Its a slotted hole in a subframe and a stock eccentric bolt.
  7. Bremsen

    Best bang for the buck

    The Z31 rear suspension setup is very similar to the E30, except we don't have any aftermarket support (no "kits" available). From the factory it has an eccentric bolt/cage on one side of the STA for toe adjustment. I cut the "cages" and grabbed the bolt/washer off a spare subframe and then welded it to our subframe to add the adjustment to the camber side. It allows me to reduce rear camber by about .5*. I have always included the cages in my "material" costs, but I don't claim the bolt since hardware has always been open.
  8. Bremsen

    Best bang for the buck

    Since when does hardware take points? If I'm now taking points for a eccentric bolt/washer I yanked out of a parts car I hope you boys enjoy this series.....this will be my last season.
  9. Hi Jim, sorry, life got in the way this weekend. I'll give you a call this evening.
  10. Hi Jim, Yes, they are for the 90-93 Z32 calipers (they bolt up to the Z31 with a couple washers as spacers). Let me know which your interested (or all, I'll make you a smokin deal). I also have a pr of 90 aluminum front calipers (for 26mm wide discs) available if you're interested in those as well. Just want it out of my garage 🙂
  11. No harm no foul. I figure its fair game anyway. I just noticed 2 guys running nose to tail for most of quali and I think they ended up P2/3. If you were P1, good on ya....1:38 is a smokin time in that car.
  12. Bremsen

    V6 e30 Quasi Build Thread

    Other than starting with a high VPI, I see no issue with this. Although, seems like a light twin cam 4 (as Huggy mentioned) would be a better mill for a light E30, but I know you have stacks of VG30DEs laying around down there.
  13. Wait, you can adjust the fuel load for the race? I thought fuel was set for the race and it was low enough to require at least one stop. I thought it was weird I had 60L. No wonder everyone was running me down on the back straight during the race, lol. Good thing I jumped in for a practice round. I had fun anyway. Qualified P4 1:39.6, which I thought was good since I haven't been on in about a year. I'm also fairly sure at least 2 of the top 3 were drafting during qualifying. I got shuffled back at the start going up the hill and then completely blew 10A (I'm only there for realism). I had shifted to 6th for some reason and didn't realize it. I got a cut course penalty on the next lap but kept pace trying to stay out of the way before I slowed. I ended up waiting too long and had to serve a time penalty in the pits for it. I never could recover and decided to withdraw with about 15min to go. Had a great back and forth with one guy for about 10min before he pitted though. Glad I got some practice in, I'll be back for the real race next week.
  14. Found another tuner, this one is a little closer and actually responds to emails. Always amazed at how difficult some people make it when you just want to give them money for a service. I'm not asking for much and I'm not going to chase you forever.....eventually I'll find someone that wants my money. Still need to figure out the fuel supply issue under load, but I hope I can solve it this weekend and get the car on the schedule. Sooo ready to get this thing back on a race track.