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  1. Sanding. More sanding. Sanding. Did I mention sanding? Felt like I got into a fight with Chester Cheetah all weekend. A few things left to finish up and its ready (at least as ready as its going to get) for paint towards the end of the week. Need it back in my garage next weekend to do final prep for CMP.
  2. If you've still got some units left, we'd be up to trying it out at CMP.
  3. I'd also add to not just take other's recommendations as gospel, even if its a similar car/build. Brake pad compounds are like ice cream, everyone has their favorite flavor and what's good for one build is not always good for another. Listen to other's/mfg suggestions, look at what you have and what you like/dislike and use the info to make your own choices. The unfortunate part is that it will take a good bit of trial and error (and $$) and needs to be done at track speeds. But, IMO, nothing is more important than sorting out the brakes. It will give you confidence to charge the brake zones which translates to quicker lap times. Got the spare wheels tossed on to roll it out for a bath since it was still wearing the grime from the Charlotte race. Its getting moved to the paint booth this week for a livery update and contingency decals in time for CMP.
  4. Troy turned me on to Seals-All. Works on fuel systems and fixed this exact issue on our car before a race a few years back (ours was a tweaked FP flange keeping the o-ring from sealing. Always keep a tube on hand now.
  5. @mindspin311Camden and Lancaster are probably the best options, both are right about 30min from the track.
  6. Yeah, the big shift seemed to occur around 2013-2015 after the switch to a points based (and not $$ based) ruleset. Seems like yesterday.
  7. Yeah, back when guys were running cars like this one, where the weight and drag clearly negated any downforce increase: Now they all look more like this: Times definitely changed.
  8. Bought this with my 2020 helmet. I just wanted to have a helmet bag with HANS but it was able to hold all my safety gear without being too cramped. Gloves and undies go in the side pockets, helmet/hans/shoes/suit fit easily in the main compartment. YMMV. https://bellracing.com/2120014-hans-pro-v-2-bell-helmet-bag-v15.html
  9. That thing is still kickin, huh! Ol GFY racing. I spoke to one of your guys at CMS and he mentioned you guys picked a Z31 up. LMK if y'all need anything, I'm just down the road in Denver.
  10. Yes, I've run several days with them and they do allow multiple drivers in the same car.
  11. I think you can self contain camp for free at CMP. $30/day is for the 30A hookup.
  12. They only have about 2 dozen spots total so demand>supply. I'm used to $30-50/day at most 30A campsites (that usually include water/sewer hookup though) so I didn't even balk. $200 for the garage spot for the weekend was the one I had to stop and really think about.
  13. Any specific sites I can check out? RV share or something like that?
  14. Worlds better from those I know that have driven it. Tons more grip too, like 2-4sec/lap faster.
  15. Where you at @Team Infiniti?? You know you wanna. New pavement. A/C'd bathrooms. Its like a resort now, lol.
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