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  1. Stripped the bad motor all the way to the bare block. Grabbed the spare motor, gave it a quick hose down (man, modern engine cleaners are useless), put it on the stand and stripped it down to the short block. It looks to be in decent shape but most likely had a fair share of miles. We'll most likely pull the rotating assembly this week and get the block off to be tanked/honed. Also had some discussion about our path going forward with the car. Most likely going back to C class. I think we can build to our basic HP goal while reducing complexity, free up some points to make some chassis/suspension changes and have enough left over to play with aero. Probably won't be setting FTDs, but we need to get it back to actually finishing races on a consistent basis. I had the realization that while we finished all of our citrus races, we've never taken a checkered in this series. Pretty embarrassing.
  2. Your fuel cell installation tips

    Thought this might provide some information/ideas: http://www.motoiq.com/MagazineArticles/ID/3947/Project-Lexus-SC300-Road-Racer-Part-3--Finishing-the-Fuel-Cell.aspx Hey, $30 is pretty dang cheap. The older blocks were about $100/gallon. However, Mender posted the cheapest method a while back, just go buy some new paint cans at lowes. You can get them in quart and gallon.
  3. Nail met coffin. 6months, several hundred in parts and the #6 cylinder is done. [Expletive]. No Charlotte race for us. My previous post was about an hour after seeing this before I ever got to crank it:
  4. 2018 petitions

    I'm just guessing that the mustang has a slight weight advantage over the bird. Maybe aero too. Not really the same as a BMW chassis swap where all of the exterior panels are interchangeable as well as the unibody/chassis. BUT, by all means transfer all that drivetrain stuff over to a caged T-bird chassis and gain all that glorious fuel capacity. Its what I would do. I don't know why anyone would run a mustang in champcar with that tiny little fuel tank meant for 1/4 mile races. And, I'd be willing to bet a clean caged fox mustang (especially if its a notch) roller is worth a couple grand. T-birds are dirt cheap. If you think I've spent some time looking at the fox t-bird/cougar as possible champcar you'd be 100% right. If I were to start a build right now it would be top-3 contender.
  5. 2018 petitions

    I'm for open oil coolers, because they are cheap insurance. Like less than the cost of a set of brake pads for the weekend and could possibly save thousands in major component rebuild costs. And why a $300-400 accusump setup is 10pts, but a $100-150 oil cooler kit is 20pts is beyond me.
  6. This is what my car did to me this weekend. Definitely not testing this week. Charlotte race is questionable.
  7. I was thinking last night about trying to start a thread where points or rules have no reason to be discussed. And it hit me, since driver comfort/aids are open there should be absolutely NO discussion about claiming points or rules. So, lets see those interiors. I'm all about tidy and functional driver spaces and love to poach ideas from other racers. There are some really creative guys/gals on here so lets see what you've done/used past, present and future. Gauges, tablet mounts, pedals, coolsuit mounts, radio installs, etc etc. I'll get some pics of our interior this weekend.
  8. Best Mods....

    1) Best mod that gave you the most lap time reduction - Swap to turbo spec gave me a huge reduction in lap time. Flip side is we have yet to finish a race since. So, while my lap times have reduced significantly so has my overall track time and disposable income. Charlotte race is going to be my watershed moment most likely, if we DNF (again) I'm going back to NA. 2) Best mod that had the best bang for points ratio - Probably chopping the ends off the front control arms and installing heims. 10pts and a number of benefits.
  9. Most brake fluid is Polyethylene Glycol. http://mykin.com/rubber-chemical-resistance-chart-5 Mcmaster (select brake fluid from the LH menu): https://www.mcmaster.com/#o-rings/=1bv7vd8
  10. I'd move that date well into the 90s. Our 87 car came with a single layer steel tank mounted between the rear axle and rear bumper. This is what went through my head every time on track before we went to a cell: No thanks. I'll take my cell installation over that "crash tested" OE steel tank.
  11. Rear freeze plugs installed. Flywheel, clutch and PP mounted. Engine & trans go back in the car tonight.
  12. Our's is at least 5 years old, another item to the list.
  13. No, I think Sumitomo made the Z32 calipers. Mcmaster has a selection of viton o-rings. Like Ogren mentioned, just need to match the size.
  14. Man, did that horse twitch again? Had to take a couple more swings at it? Are we done with it now? OK, moving on........ So I spent most of the weekend finishing engine assembly. Manifolds, injectors, timing, etc. I had hoped to have it back in the car this weekend, but a couple minor setbacks cost me valuable time. As always.....2 steps forward, one step back. At least now its now off the stand and waiting to bolt up the flywheel, clutch and transmission before putting it back in the car.