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  1. Yep, they're handy Also, if you go to RockAuto, you can find replacement headlight assemblies pretty cheap to replace those clouded/crusty ones. Make sure you don't leave the parking brake on when driving, it's a funky set-up that's on the axle or something odd, can't remember what, but if you wear out those brakes, it's heck replacing them. If it's a Ford, watch for the small vacuum hose under the cowl to break that controls the vacuum for the HVAC controls. All of your A/C will go out the defrost if it breaks. Found that out the hard way on a summer trip. Other than that, it was a s
  2. Nope, had a buddy with a shop that specializes in towing equipment & trailers fab up a solution & mount a brake controller for me. My recommendation if you're towing long distances or if you're not a young pup anymore, reupholster the front seats & add some padding. With that, it would have been more comfortable for the long hauls. My issue was having room for people when we wanted to go out for supper, etc., if they had flown in for the race & didn't have a rental car. Also, change all of the interior bulbs in the rear for led bulbs. Saves a huge draw on the batteries whe
  3. Sold this and bought a Yukon Denali a couple of years ago.......and now the Denali is for sale, just a couple of posts down from this
  4. Selling my 2004 Yukon Denali. Bought it to use as a tow vehicle, wanted something more comfortable for long distance tows & to be able to haul my arrive & drive guys around at the track. Last two years have been crazy at the real job, haven't done enough race car rentals to make it worth paying the business insurance on it. 215K miles, runs great, would drive anywhere. Good: Denali package - comfy 6.0 - doesn't grunt pulling the race car trailer with 300ZX on it Middle row buckets, removable 3rd row seats Rear DVD player with head phones if you need to hau
  5. Not in the broad sense, no; I believe it's more of a regional thing that has been affected by people just trying to be goofy. It is interesting how certain areas have sayings that can be completely foreign to other parts of the state, region or country. I heard someone use the phrase "Upright and sniffing the air" when asked how they were, and I throw that out occasionally myself now. Not sure where they got it, and I get weird looks sometimes when I use it, but haven't tried running down the origin.
  6. Southern saying, when something's hard to find, you say it's harder to find than hen's teeth, which don't exist.
  7. Interested in the 7/32nds set. Where are you located? Thanks! I just got confused when I looked at Tire Rack & they didn't even have a back order option for the tires. Needing a wider set for the 944 I'm racing with, wider is better
  8. OK, have I just turned into a complete idiot, or have manufacturers stopped making 245/40/15 tires? Started looking for a set for next season, and not saying anything at Tire Rack for the Hankooks. Try to couple of other sources, the only thing I found were the Rivals. Not a huge fan, anyone else have anything they are running in that size with good experience?
  9. Had a great time this weekend, a couple of crazy moments, but I have to say kudos to everyone out there. This was one of the cleanest weekends of racing I've seen in quite a while, even more impressive given the conditions we had. Great to see so many familiar faces, as well as a lot of new (to me!) faces out there. Looking forward to Sebring in December, hope to see y'all out there!
  10. So is the FlagTronics system going to be a one and done purchase, or is it going to be a subscription based service? One and done, fine, it's no big deal price wise in the long run, but being required to use something that's a subscription based platform still in a nascent state is a little less easy to accept. @vtjballeng
  11. Had a great weekend, good to see a lot of familiar faces that I haven't seen lately. My car wasn't ready, I was lucky enough to get a ride with John Allen Special and had a blast. Had a great day Saturday, ended up with cranial rectal inversion Sunday and was slower in the dry, but had some great dices with other cars. Went clean while 3 wide through 2, so that was pretty doggone exciting! Already planning some more events for next season!
  12. I've got too much going on to prep my car, hate to miss an event in my backyard. I'm not the fastest, but I bring it home in one piece & I'm not the slowest either. Experience in E30's, Miatas & 300ZX's primarily. Not an FWD fan, I suck at that. Hit me up with what you've got & how much, I'd like a last drive before going into winter rebuilding mode.
  13. Ok, still got it, am I smoking crack on the price? Somebody make me a crazy offer!
  14. Bump for a price drop. Just got the insurance bill, want to sell it before it's due.
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