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  1. Not in the broad sense, no; I believe it's more of a regional thing that has been affected by people just trying to be goofy. It is interesting how certain areas have sayings that can be completely foreign to other parts of the state, region or country. I heard someone use the phrase "Upright and sniffing the air" when asked how they were, and I throw that out occasionally myself now. Not sure where they got it, and I get weird looks sometimes when I use it, but haven't tried running down the origin.
  2. Southern saying, when something's hard to find, you say it's harder to find than hen's teeth, which don't exist.
  3. Interested in the 7/32nds set. Where are you located? Thanks! I just got confused when I looked at Tire Rack & they didn't even have a back order option for the tires. Needing a wider set for the 944 I'm racing with, wider is better
  4. OK, have I just turned into a complete idiot, or have manufacturers stopped making 245/40/15 tires? Started looking for a set for next season, and not saying anything at Tire Rack for the Hankooks. Try to couple of other sources, the only thing I found were the Rivals. Not a huge fan, anyone else have anything they are running in that size with good experience?
  5. Had a great time this weekend, a couple of crazy moments, but I have to say kudos to everyone out there. This was one of the cleanest weekends of racing I've seen in quite a while, even more impressive given the conditions we had. Great to see so many familiar faces, as well as a lot of new (to me!) faces out there. Looking forward to Sebring in December, hope to see y'all out there!
  6. So is the FlagTronics system going to be a one and done purchase, or is it going to be a subscription based service? One and done, fine, it's no big deal price wise in the long run, but being required to use something that's a subscription based platform still in a nascent state is a little less easy to accept. @vtjballeng
  7. Had a great weekend, good to see a lot of familiar faces that I haven't seen lately. My car wasn't ready, I was lucky enough to get a ride with John Allen Special and had a blast. Had a great day Saturday, ended up with cranial rectal inversion Sunday and was slower in the dry, but had some great dices with other cars. Went clean while 3 wide through 2, so that was pretty doggone exciting! Already planning some more events for next season!
  8. I've got too much going on to prep my car, hate to miss an event in my backyard. I'm not the fastest, but I bring it home in one piece & I'm not the slowest either. Experience in E30's, Miatas & 300ZX's primarily. Not an FWD fan, I suck at that. Hit me up with what you've got & how much, I'd like a last drive before going into winter rebuilding mode.
  9. Ok, still got it, am I smoking crack on the price? Somebody make me a crazy offer!
  10. Bump for a price drop. Just got the insurance bill, want to sell it before it's due.
  11. I've been using this for my tow vehicle for several years, works great. 288K miles on it, have receipts from where the exhaust manifold & turbo was redone about 30K miles ago, alternators have been rebuilt, when I was having it serviced last year we found a couple of shavings on the diff drain plug, so we rebuilt the rear end. 10k lb. Dana rear end, it is stout. Redid the lift pump right after I got it, got stranded on the way to a race, had the fuel system checked out then. I've towed from Georgia to Watkins Glen, Mid-Ohio, Daytona several times, tows well. Last trip from Mid-Ohio, the mechanical vacuum pump failed & took out the serpentine belt. New serpentine belt & vacuum pump. While doing the roadside repair, accidentally broke the the nipple off the top of the radiator that goes to the overflow tank. Epoxied & plugged it for the ride home, haven't swapped radiator yet. Prodigy P2 brake controller, Jensen stereo with video screen if you want to put in a back-up camera, put on a towing mirror on the passenger side, haven't installed the one on the driver's side yet, mounting holes were in the wrong place & didn't have time to measure & drill holes, replaced the rear compartment low lights with LED's, they put out more than the high setting lights do, and don't get as hot. Built in inverter & battery charger, you can either run a 120 off of the inverter, or plug in the umbilical to charge the batteries. 1 battery is 3 years old, other is 1 year old, NAPA Gold. TONS of storage, rear heating and air conditioning, exterior lighting to help with loading or working on race cars, has some lights that will strobe on command, new head light lenses, A/C & heat work well, new tires put on ~14K miles ago, decals professionally removed, 7.3 Powerstroke, just bought something easier to haul folks around while at the race track. $6500 OBO. Cannonball Run here I come!
  12. It was 3 of our 4 driver's first time at Road America, and we had a blast, even in the rain on Sunday. There were some guys that could out-power us on the straights, and we were faster in the turns, and that made for some interesting racing. Had the weirdest of electrical gremlins hit Saturday morning, had a screw back out of a toggle switch and kill power to the ignition, and the resultant repair later led to a loss of brake lights. Got those both fixed and eventually got 3rd in EC. Decided to put a windshield on the car Saturday night which bumped us from C to EC, but we still had fun. In my 2 stints, I did see a couple of "2nd pace cars" out there, especially Sunday when they were repairing the wall coming out of the carousel, but not a lot of asshattery fortunately. One or two cars were much slower and it was a little more difficult getting around, but we are an amateur series for the most part, so I don't want to slam anyone because it may have been their first event there or anywhere. Hopefully I didn't hold anyone up unnecessarily, I tried to get out of the way of the really quick guys when I saw them coming. As one of my first instructors told me, "When you see someone suddenly behind you, God did not drop them out of the sky there, they caught your ass, let them by." All in all, I had a blast, huge thanks to Mike, Chelsey, Dan and the rest of the Chumpcar team for putting on a great event. I just wish this track wasn't 780 miles away from home
  13. Had a blast, followed GWR around for a few laps & learned a few tips. Still the slowest guy on the team Sunday, but had a blast, well worth the long drive up there! The guys in the VT BMW (#106) were pitted next to us, and I think I ended up with ther radio charger. Does anyone know how to get in touch with them so I can get it back to them? Thanks!
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