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  1. Ogren-Engineering

    ThunderHill Grand Prix

    FWIW we found the 720 to be a good rain tire but way to soft and greasy for dry.
  2. Ogren-Engineering

    E30 Swap Calculator change

    It would be nice to build a car after looking at the rules and have the rules be the same as presented. Running rule changes wil destroy this club. I thought that we had a 3 yr cycle but it has never worked out that way. Having a small tech committee with input from the major platforms /players is a common solution to situations like this. Kinda glad I sold my share in the Super Truck at this point. I love the racing and people but the lack of transparency pollutes the entire deal . IMHO
  3. I have a set of coast down( and dyno) tires. Set at 40psi ( and bled down to 40 as the day runs on.).The alignment has to be low scrubbed to the test toe and camber. You can get BTB results pretty well with the right conditions. 7000ft runway, make 3 runs each direction with GPS speed tracking and add fuel at the same point . You will find that stock mirrors and exposed front tires are a lot of the total drag .
  4. FWIW , For one, the Supercars are not nearly as safe and would not survive 200MPH tumbles . They are not designed for that. The current cup cars have huge driver crush space. The racing is very close today and interesting. Having less restricted engines spreads the space and lessens the appeal . IMHO. The race format sux. If NASCAR went to 4 25 lap shootouts with the fast cars starting in the rear each heat, got it done inside of 2hrs. peeps might watch. There used to be "Thurs night Thunder" Sprints and Midgets on TBS. Watched it every time. The Trucks could run thurs night or late afternoon, finish at Dusk or whatever . I would watch. Run the X cars fri night and the Cup cars late in the day Sun. I have no interest in burning my day watching race segments for 3 hrs. NASCAR basically needs to change with todays demographics' focus. The GRC TV deal was cool. 6 cars banging for 10 laps. Even my ADDass can stand that.
  5. Ogren-Engineering

    FronkenRanger share for sale .

  6. Ogren-Engineering

    FronkenRanger share for sale .

    Last chance onthis great deal. I have a lower offer , but will take the best price and move on. It has the power,light weight and fuel to win. https://www.chrisgreenphoto.com/Events/SCCA-CFR-Turkey-Trot-2017-Sebring/i-skgK674/A
  7. Sold my share of the truck . I have a few items FS; Hard wired Transponder, works but no little light. 350$ 4 Fuel jugs , works but no little light,15$each Fuel delivery cart, fold up deal , 20$ Thanks,Calls please,.MM
  8. Ogren-Engineering

    289 crank in an explorer 302

    You have to burn a fixed amount of fuel to make a fixed amount or power . The losses get higher as the stuff spins faster. For best fuel time, use a long stroke , small cam and tune for sub 4500RPM . This also requires "engineering dominoes" ,gear sets, final gear, etc. Other avenues, more compression with less timing , etc.
  9. Ogren-Engineering

    Soft Brake Pedal

    The truck has BA GM Impala calipers X4 . They float a little and maybe more check valves in the lines might improve it some . I dont find it as a problem, but my candyass drivers dont trust the brakes 100%.
  10. Protech Racing/Ogren Engineering 1 min · I am moving on from the Fronkentruck . My piece of the team is Forsale @ 2000$ . The total cost at this point is just over $12000. $2000 for 1/5 seems like a killer deal . Basic specs are 2000 Ford Ranger, Chopped ,channeled , body shifted with 1990 Corvette Engine on Microsuirt powering the New Muncie M21 low angle gear set. 280 HP at the wheels . 273 rear gear , runs about 155MPH @ Daytona. I need the time and money for other projects. I will stay close for technical assistance and the truck can be stored and serviced at my shop .
  11. Ogren-Engineering

    Soft Brake Pedal

    I have reduced my booster value by porting the vacuum line . The best way is to fit a metal fuel filter in line and drill holes in it to lower the vacuum value. Also I drilled the check valve straight through so there is no check valve and the hole is open at the booster itself. I have a Ford brake peddle assembly . The largest Ford MC I could find is a 96 F150 with ABS @ 1.25 in. This increased peddle pressure and works pretty well with the reduced vacuum. I have pad kickback due to having a solid axle with some endplay required and the rotors hung on the ends. One short stab sets the pads and the brakes stop great after contact . I still get drivers complaints about a low initial peddle tho. I toyed with floating the rotors , mounted inside of the axles on extended wheel bolts/bushings etc.
  12. Red flag may have saved those cars . We were very lucky nobody was hurt . IMHO. When in doubt reduce the cars in jeopardy, in this case the dead car was out of a flag control area, thus the red flag was due.
  13. Black or silver/gray is invisable in light rain or dusk.
  14. Ogren-Engineering

    Tech Sheet Question

    I spent a lot of time getting the FWD to steer from theback just enough to maitain the 9* of tire slip angle and load up the rear , unloading the fronts. Way faster . Wrote the book related to rear steer and how to win with it.
  15. We need a new team mate to buy in and help work on the Fronkentruck . The basics engineering is done/ The numbers are very good . The truck can stay at my shop IN Spring Hill and can be serviced here. I simply dont have time to spend to keep the team happy. The buy in is 2000$. Lots spent. Basic specs are; 2000 Ford Ranger with 89 Vette engine swap . New Muncie M21 box with all new parts bumper to bumper . 475 PT at this point . Needs some basic love post Daytona . Please call fo r more details. Thanks, Mike Ogren 352....42..8..898..3