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  1. NASCAR is officially dead

    You guys must be too young to remember the races were won by laps , not feet. Often the second best car couldnt even stay in the draft. Then you have cars going 225MPH with enough energy to fly about 150ft in the air. BS happens eventually . Todays fans are the same old white guys that were there for years. They are not being replaced , who watches for 3 hrs? Why would anyone? Watch some Stadium Rallycross. . 2 min heats and a maybe 10 min feature. Crazy good racing , fan friendly, bitchin current cool cars. Nascar needs to use my old VW Cup format. 10 laps , stop and invert , 10 laps , invert , 10 laps, coin toss for inversion. . 3/4 pt for each 1st place with pts per place . Low point wins. Or maybe give pts per pass. Done in one hr., Actually some of our sprint races were kinda like that ..
  2. Individual Throttle Bodies

    Funny. Many of us look at the same stuff. I am doing patent search now for a filter system for these Downdraft ITBs ,street rod style. I n order to keep the cool look , I have designed an air box to receive two flat style filters to fit under the TBs. These would take some power away for sure and have some limits on intake velocity . I will need to have some size of plenum under the filters to soften the intake pulses, and I have not done any calculations as to how many CI air box i need. I am still in the provisional area and have not actually built one yet. I want to use the old school Buick/Olds can am intake look for my TVR . I wanted to use a tube throttle, but dust kills them so will use typical plates. If you talk to old CAN Am techs they had to swap plugs every session and lap the valves often until they used the air boxes with water /dirt" exclusion bends "in them . As far as points. It should be the same as any other intake mod. IMHO.
  3. I have 4 X 75 - 85 Impala calipers on now. Not bad. The 85s are a little narrower. D52 pads all around. PFC 97.
  4. VentoGT

    Where are you?
  5. Open Tech Sheets

    I was looking for tech sheets as the header listed. Good to know that tech sheets have been posted. FWIW another thread has fuel tanks listed. see ya there. .. I have raced Miatas for 10 yrs MOL . None ran over 98min with a good driver. Stock tanks stock pickups. There is a little improvement found with using a second pump and sump . maybe 10min . IMHO.
  6. Open Tech Sheets

    Any mention of tech sheets at Road Atlanta?
  7. First time to Watkins Glenn: Camp or Hotel?

    Chicken shack . Drink at the lodge, stay in your tent .
  8. Caliper adapter build material

    Yes. The flat style has a lot of options for centering /servicing etc. The radial mounts are crap in reality. Slight to no No options for slight misalignment or distance correction.
  9. Auto zone has a bunch hanging othe back wall.
  10. I have a large stack of OE VW wheels. Brooksville Fl 34604. 5$ each . 4 of Miata 14x6. 40$ Mike 352/4288.9..83.. Thanks,MM
  11. http://www.fanschoice.tv/imsa
  12. Do you remember

    This is the second gen Chumper , Turbo with no computer. The actual turbo cost 275$ and thus the pts. . Blew up about evrything but rocket fast . 2013ish
  13. The vintage cars on Bias ply tires. Awsum.. Big slow slithering pigs. You cant have more fun than a TA car on those Hoosier street TDs.
  14. New team

    The Mk 3 has some good features and responds well to the rear steer deal. JJ used all of my notes and axles.
  15. Question about "Platform Swaps"

    Maybe someday soon the Murcan V8s will have a chance. The #s are good.