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  1. Buy it back ,rivit the repairs, rivit the complete trailer..
  2. I need a couple flat exhaust outlets. I know that they are built as a complete unit but just need the last 15 in or so. Thanks ,MM
  3. Ogren-Engineering

    Front Wheel Bearing Issues

    Did you ever verify that you have enough axle plunge ?
  4. Ogren-Engineering

    Front Wheel Bearing Issues

    Yes, thats a sign of lack of plunge .
  5. Ogren-Engineering

    Official 2018 24-Hours of Nelson Ledges

    Great Job KOKO!! Flat down for 24 . Really happy for you guys. Tried calling one of your drivers but stardom must have gotten him already and NA , voice mail only.
  6. Ogren-Engineering

    Front Wheel Bearing Issues

    Check for axle plunge . That is ; loosen the axle nut 6 turns and make sure that the axle has room to move. 3/8 in each side is a good target. ( at ride height )
  7. Ogren-Engineering

    Official 2018 24-Hours of Nelson Ledges

    Add rear pressure . Use more rear pad .
  8. Ogren-Engineering

    New guy needs some splaining on stuff

    The race track has more respect for HP to weight and weight to tire than calendar years. Run with it.
  9. Ogren-Engineering

    New guy needs some splaining on stuff

    Any V 8 will need the 22 Gal cell to be close to competitive . The early Stang could be good with a decent small block Ford or Chev, and top loader. Most of the parts can be bought for a fair price . Use the 17 in wheels and 13 in brakes front and Explorer 12 in on the rear . Reduce the rear spring rates and add an adjustable track bar. The front needs the new track rods and the Shelby upper ball joint spacer kit. Use some 2x4 tube to run under the car and link the front to the rear and be the lower cage mounts. Link the cage to the upper front towers of course and weld the crap out of the lower frame sections to the frame tie tubes. Adding the convertible front frame panels could be a good move . These cars are really weak stock and need the front tied to the rear pretty well . They can be really fun to drive and reasonably durable. My Recently sold Ranger is very similar or better numbers than the Stang with much better balance and 22 gals of fuel. Good numbers for a Contender overall. 250 HP or more,22 gals, sub 3000# race ready . Lots of tire .
  10. Ogren-Engineering

    Simple Enforcement for Fuel

    I believe your 10% is low for 10/ 1 to 14 /1 The VW can gain 15 HP ATW going from 10 to 12/1 .
  11. Ogren-Engineering

    Mazda Miata lightened flywheel points?

    Light flywheels and drive train parts accelerate faster and decelerate faster. The effect can be dramatic in a low HP car in the lower gears. Time spent on a lathe on a stock Flywheel cost points?
  12. Ogren-Engineering

    2018 petitions

    I have a customer Foretech hot rodded Mini for sale. 1974 Italian import .
  13. Ogren-Engineering

    Roll cage back stays - BCCR 3.2.4 questions

    The OPer could add straight tubes from the hoop to struts and be fine IMHO. Take a few points for the extra tubes or slice them. You shouldnt need to remove them .
  14. Ogren-Engineering

    Turbo Kit Class Question

    Looking at our points, we could remove the headers and cam and install the turbo for 25ish pts. Can that be right?
  15. Ogren-Engineering

    V8 Fuel Consumption

    The TPI can make lots of torque and stay under 5200 RPM while making the needed power. Quite a bit better fuel use VS the old shcool carb and 6000RPM. You need a taller gear and thus also save parts by slowing down the drive shaft /trans speed. Pretty much everything last longer going slower. With the allowed Microsquirt, you can shut off the fuel on over run, you can trim the AFR to way lean on part thrott le, etc. Closed loop is an option that compensates for density/ (temps/alt.) The stock ignition has a knock sensor sensor system that will also help fuel burn and reduce the problems with detonation.