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  1. The car is ready, I'm ready, the team is coming together. Looks like you guys need to pay less attention to me and more attention somewhere else. My apologies if my posting is ruining your forum zen.
  2. If it works like the adjustable shock clarification then if it was at one time adjustable then it's still scored as adjustable even if you disable the adjustment.
  3. That's good to hear. Opposition to Code 35 is probably just a matter of perspective. While it does allow for more green flag laps it also is designed to maintain the status quo at the time. Some of us have a lot more fun when the field gets bunched up again. That may be my preference just from doing a lot of sprint racing where you don't typically get separated by much for an entire 30-45 minute race.
  4. And for the record the NOS is for the tow vehicle....it struggles on the inclines.
  5. I need one of the big ones....no make it two. Lol.
  6. We like to concentrate on the positives...like Parts Badger was the only car to gain more positions in the race than us at RA and we were running something like 25 seconds a lap faster than the V8 Fiero at Charlotte. If you're having fun, we're having fun. I'm surprised there isn't more pre-race smack talk around here.
  7. VIR is a new race. If you're going to be there...drive the first stint. I'll wait for you to catch up.
  8. I'm lucky to live 20 minutes from the Orielly's East Coast distribution center. I can call any local Oriellys in the morning and the part I want is usually there by 4pm.
  9. I dedicated my time and money elsewhere as I was enjoying sprint racing and not having to worry about multiple driver logistics. What brought me back is the car. It's one of the most fun cars to drive that I have ever been in. That's why I've taken it to multiple events with other organizers. Its not my car though and in order to share it with the people who are involved with it we do Champcar....mostly because it's the convenient answer right now, but we do keep an eye on LDRL, AER, and WRL. We had a discussion about cancelling our Charlotte Champcar entry to run LDRL at the Roval or WRL at Road Atlanta, but didn't since Charlotte is only an hour from home, we had already paid, and had an extra driver sign up.
  10. How's those West Coast Champcar races going? You still don't get it.....I'm vocal because I like Champcar and I want it to stick around and be successful. I'm not going to apologize for being concerned about some things.
  11. I would rather run Daytona, especially over the layout that was used at Charlotte. I could just be bored with Charlotte since I'm there like once a month for events, but I'm also at Carolina Motorsports Park once a month and feel more like racing there than Charlotte. Florida has a really good motorsports community all to itself. I didn't look to see how many "travel" teams still ran Daytona.
  12. I wasn't driving. We bent a lot of suspension stuff...some we didn't have spares of We'll see. I've been looking for the entry list for the Lucky Dog race there, but haven't seen it.
  13. Start 33 cars at Charlotte in the most lucrative motorsports area in the country?
  14. Or...you can understand that I run with multiple series....work for a sanctioning body...race multiple cars...and I might have a pretty decent view of things that work and things that don't.
  15. It has affected sprint races I've been involved in. I've lost touch with cars for position that I was drafting due to it. The SCCA stopped using it at VIR after taking a driver survey. There is video of me on the internet somewhere running off track under FCY while trying to find the damn drink bottle hose that wandered off between the seat and the center console. Not my finest moment.
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