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  1. The kind that stick out sideways were common on Trans Am cars as the aero got in the way of vertical ones. They still remained inside the bodywork and an adapter was slid into them that stuck out for a jack. If you look closely at the sides of Trans Am cars there is a little hole in the bodywork above the rockers. That's where the adapter goes.
  2. It's easy enough to facilitate a jacking point integrated into the cage structure that can be accessed easily without violating the rule. I also don't believe an extension of the cage that serves as a jacking point that also can't be seen past the body line when looking down vertically violates the rule. If we are getting that picky than any of the trucks that run would be in violation with bars going from the top of the main hoop diagonal to the frame in the bed area. I "think" I understand the internet of the rule, but it needs to be applied correctly to intentional exo-skeletons. It's a good rule, but incomplete or written poorly.
  3. I would add a horizontal third "sill" bar right at the rocker and just tie it into the bar at the firewall and main hoop as close to the floor as possible. Then you can put some vertical supports from the main door bars to it. That helps protect the integrity of the seat mounts as the factory rockers usually aren't that strong. The main frame rails are usually farther inboard.
  4. On our car the RS4 is around 4 seconds a lap slower than the Rival S at VIR. To make it simpler.....lets just say 1 second per mile of track. For us during the 24 hour race that would end up being about a 25 minute deficit to the faster tire. Simplify that and lets just say the RS-4 is 1 minute per hour slower than the faster tires. It's probably a little bit more than that, but that's my simple 6am math.
  5. We clocked the shift mechanism 90* and redrilled the mounting plate/internal locating pins for that. That allowed us to use pretty straight cable runs over the top of the transmission. We figured straighter and shorter would be more reliable in the long run. It took forever to engineer, but it works.
  6. Yep. We've got to pull ours soon. When we rebuilt the selector mechanism to work with mid-engine placement I didn't get the reverse lockout put back correctly. One of our drivers tried to turn it into a 6 speed....so we have no reverse gear at the moment.
  7. Yea. The Fiero is Ecotec with an F23. It's a good setup for us because they have several final drives available and it's a pretty easy trans to find salvage. Also...it accepts stock Fiero axles.
  8. Oh yea....and while your in there....swap the slave cylinder over to the all metal Saab version. We've not had good luck with the plastic domestic versions.
  9. The best method I've used is to have one prybar applying constant pressure on one side of the stub axle and then have a second pry bar on the opposite side that you pop with some type of impact force. With both bars acting together it helps keep the stub axle from binding one way on the circlip.
  10. My old 5.5" twin disc sounded like Dave Lombardo playing a tambourine.
  11. You can usually hear them when the clutch is pushed in. Also...5 things in the driveline breaking in half when you try to get rolling from a stop is a dead giveaway.
  12. I think Bridgestone has been working on a new version. All they could tell me was that it should last longer. That was when I spoke to a rep last summer.
  13. Agreed. Because of what we do tire choices have mostly regulated themselves through cost and wear characteristics without the need for written rules. For whatever reason, we now have team(s) willing and able to exploit the lack of rules regulation we have. The rulebook needs to be written for the Rileys of the racing world, because they will eventually show up.
  14. We already have tire bans. People just don't think of it that way because we don't ban tires by name. Using treadwear ratings as a metric for rules writing was ok until everyone figured out that nobody regulates those ratings. Up until last year the tire companies have played nice and even the softer stuff like the RE71 has been reasonable, but it's now creeping again with the Yokohama A052 which has the same treadwear rating as the RS4.
  15. You are correct. We just never took them into consideration because of limited size availability. I had honestly forgot they were still available since our car was light enough to make the soft tires last.
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