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  1. jmabarone

    2018 F1

    I hear you on that. That's one of the nice things about GT and Touring cars...a guy does that enough and he gets a little nudged out of the way with minimal harm to the passing car. I think the blame split should be 100% team for letting them race to that degree, and then another 90% to Max for moving over twice (I thought that was banned?) and then 10% to Hamilton, just because. JK, Ric gets 10% because he actually did hit Max.
  2. jmabarone

    2018 F1

    While it wasn't the result I was hoping for, that was definitely an entertaining race. I know that Ric lost downforce from Max moving back to the left, so he locked up, but it sure looked to me like he said "well screw you too Max!" and just lifted off the brakes.
  3. jmabarone

    2018 F1

    Newgarden peed his pants too.
  4. I referenced Leroy Jenkins once and my in-laws quickly asked how I knew him. Apparently, my FIL went to school with him and played basketball with him.
  5. jmabarone

    2018 F1

    Here's a gif of that action. https://thumbs.gfycat.com/NervousInfiniteArcticseal-mobile.mp4
  6. jmabarone

    2018 F1

    K Mag may be my new favorite driver. I was watching the replay of P1 from Bahrain and they did a little around the garage deal. Nice shot of him chatting with a mechanic or his trainer, which he then sees, and responds by giving the guy a cup check.
  7. jmabarone

    2018 F1

    I hope the Haas crew practiced their pit stops for a week straight and doesn't throw away another great result.
  8. jmabarone

    Fuel vs weight vs hp

  9. jmabarone

    2018 F1

    +1 It also looks like the Merc still isn't great at following and passing other cars. I watched on replay Sunday morning. I like the Sky crew doing the commentary (but I will miss the NBC guys) but holy crap, they put commercials at the worst time. "Hey, it looks like K-Mag is slowing down"-immediate cut to commercial. Come back and both Haas cars are out...
  10. jmabarone

    2018 petitions

    Oh, I forgot the green font. I highly oppose the concept of allowing quick disconnect refueling systems. Unless it is an EC car, I guess that would be fine.
  11. jmabarone

    Your fuel cell installation tips

    ATL sells ball sacks. There, I said it for you.
  12. jmabarone

    2018 petitions

    No way that can dump in under 5 seconds. Not a bad price though, I say we allow them. Those red heads are at least 200 a piece. Plus you need the female in the car (a little more than the males), so for a cool grand (plus jugs if you don't already have some), you can dump 20 gallons in about 2 minutes. why don't we just allow fuel rigs to save money? Only need one red head fitting.
  13. jmabarone

    Virginia and North Carolina

    OP, where are you located?