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  1. NASCAR is officially dead

    I thought the race was fairly entertaining for the first half (all I got to watch). Glen Wood is a neighbor to a lady at church and I asked if they were gone to the race track, but alas, 92 is just pushing it a bit for them. First speedweeks he has missed in 71 years...
  2. Infiniti G35 sedan

    On topic but not helpful: there is a guy around here that has one of these with an obnoxiously loud exhaust. Although it is way too loud, it sounds beautiful.
  3. Open Tech Sheets

    Oh, I was not referring to legality. I was only speaking of his desire to get a cell that would allow him to maximize his capacity per the rules.
  4. Open Tech Sheets

    There will be. The rated capacity in a cell is based on the raw volume of the cell before they add all the foam. I have seen people state anywhere from 5-10% capacity loss due to the foam displacement. You are probably safe with your 24 gallon cell if you are limited to 22.
  5. Road Atlanta 14-Hour!

    This discussion reminds me of a big point that we made in my *gasp* data acquisition class. There is a limitation to how much a driver can take in so there can be a point where too much data is a problem. I could see that as a driver being so focused on "keeping it green" that he misses the waving yellow at the next corner station. On the other hand, the concept is intriguing to me.
  6. Nelson Ledges test day?

    It's not that hard. The coming back is the party you need to dread.
  7. Caliper adapter build material

    Don't use aluminum foil or aluminum cans.
  8. NASCAR is officially dead

    I can see it now...
  9. 2018 Rd. Atl. Consumables

    Obviously someone doesn't know the trick of weaving side to side to make it all disperse in a critical braking zone.
  10. Yeah, just don't bring any family.
  11. 2018 Rd. Atl. Consumables

    (totally joking, I know that the body needs more than what water can provide)
  12. Official - 2018 Road Atlanta 14-Hour

    Oh I'm not doubting you at all. Like I said, I want to see the invoice because I wager they aren't going to request a strap that is as cheap as it sounds.
  13. It's probably not worth dealing with. I can come pick it up for you.