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  1. jmabarone

    Front Wheel Bearing Issues

    In my karting days, I was 50/50 on grenading engines with and without oil. Fun fact: they definitely feel more powerful without any oil in them.
  2. Finished the roll cage on Friday night. It actually looks like we knew what we were doing.
  3. I made a plan to go work on it tomorrow. We will see how it goes. Speed's race car story (the much more light hearted of the 2 tales) is a constant reminder of why I love where I live. In the winter time (when the trees are bare and my wife allows it), I will shoot clay pigeons off my back porch. I do smoky burnouts up my driveway every day that it rains. I could leave the RX7 or some rusting hulk in the yard and nobody would bat an eye. That said, if I were the victim of a home invasion, I would have at best a 10 minute wait for any sort of police response. The bad guy would have an even longer wait for the ambulance to show up...
  4. Who said that was a requirement?
  5. I would love to see Hamilton and Verstappen try their hands in a NASCAR race.
  6. jmabarone

    Rx7 subframe swappers-please help

    Charlotte, NC https://charlotte.craigslist.org/cto/d/large-stash-of-1st-gen-rx7s/6631871565.html
  7. jmabarone

    Rx7 subframe swappers-please help

    I just found a craigslist ad for 5 FBs (in various states of disrepair) and a shop full of parts for $1600. Unfortunately, I do not have $1600 lying around.
  8. Doesn't the 325i have a MPV of 450? Diff swap is 25 points last time I checked.
  9. Leigh Diffey: "They nearly touch!"
  10. It better only be for my shady business dealings in a former Soviet state.