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  1. I know it's a long shot, but does anyone have any 15" wheels with the super awesome 4x110 bolt pattern? Thanks, Jake
  2. Dang, I was wrong. I told my buddy that Gasly was done at RBR. If it was this year, Kvyat; if it was after this year, Albon. I guess they can always throw Kvyat back at RBR if Albon can't handle it.
  3. So my wife and I just had our 5th child. (there's a joke in that alone) She was nearly 2 weeks late when she finally went into labor. The day before we had the baby, she had a doctor's appointment. The doctor informed us that the office policy is to not let a pregnancy go past 42 weeks. In spite of our protests about wanting it to occur naturally, they insisted and scheduled an induction 2 days later. As the doctor left the room, I said "This is just forced induction!"
  4. Apples/oranges comparison, but the 2 SpecE46s that I worked with for the 13hr at VIR were getting 1:15-1:35 on the stock tank. 325i with 19.1 gallons should be able to get pretty close to running 2 hours.
  5. I had to search when I saw "tegris" but then it hit me...I work for a defense contractor and we use tegris as backs for MOLLE pockets.
  6. Even with a halo seat and HANS, the center net helps to keep the helmet contained within the wings of the seat. I've seen a video of an incident where the driver's helmet went forward and was wedged under the halo after an impact. The car had quality belts that were installed correctly and he was wearing a HANS, but it still happened.
  7. While I don't support their position on it, I say good for them for having a position and standing by it. I wasn't going to buy any of their stuff before, but I definitely won't now.
  8. There was a team that we used to work with in Conti that would "lose" a rear bumper from at least one car a race. Turns out the car is enough faster to justify buying a new bumper cover for every race weekend.
  9. This is relevant to my interests.
  10. What size wheels are the other 2 RX7s running? I know you love 15" wheels, so I'm leaning towards the air not being able to get out thru the vanes efficiently.
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