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  1. Without Need to research if they will work. what’s the strut part #?
  2. Today: Car Oil change Replace left and right engine downpipe’s Tow Truck: Replace left exhaust manifold and hardware Remove three broken bolts from cylinder head. Why is my tow truck in such desperate need of stuff? Because used truck, it’s been running well for the first 5000 miles of ownership, a set of ball joints and tires was all it seemingly needed for the first two races, apparently it needed more …
  3. Today: Tow truck Cut hole in utility bed floor to replace fuel pump New filter Patch hole Drive home Life: Schedule myself to go with pintodave @ hooked on driving, conspiring for 2 weeks Mom has minor incident with her car on monday, I take car to park indoors as door is sprung, wait for adjuster This afternoon, confirm I will be @ Pintodave practice tomorrow morning Early evening, get phone call from insurance adjuster, they will be here in the morning Cancel w/pintodave🤧
  4. It’s a little early but we traditionally have a seat available for that race, let me know if you’re interested, I can give you details via text or phone five six one Dash 252–3933
  5. Have one, works but only after practice, mine sits unused, a mistake happens fast. For awhile this was my go to but you will sweat your ass off repeatedly hacking the same spot , works well otherwise https://www.amazon.com/ATD-8562-Professional-Urethane-Cut-Out/dp/B000OUXAGM/ref=sr_1_11?keywords=windshield+tool&qid=1561003152&s=automotive&sr=1-11 With these, you really need the length along the bottom https://www.amazon.com/Long-Utility-Razor-Blades-Pack/dp/B013IPDWQM/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=long+utility+blades&qid=1561003401&s=automotive&sr=1-1
  6. A slight variation I use @ the junkyard, 70% sucess Snip the hood pop cable @ the hood latch, pull handle w/cable center through and out of car, carefully burrow a heated pick or cut a dozen strokes @ the easiest part of the glue to make it easy to stick cable through, grab the T handle inside the car, vise grips outside, with a helper carefully saw it out, be super diligent through the bottom corners where the glue is thickest. Install reverse order, but with $10 of windshield urethane off amazon. (or whatever 2 tubes cost)
  7. Yesterday/Today Indy tow truck: Rear main seal Re seal cam sensor (LS engine, easy with trans out) Replace Flywheel Trans mount Oil change Diff fluid change Lube Flush trans fluid New clutch fan Test drive (had not been driven since water pump and compressor) Tomorrow and or Friday: Possible fuel pump& Filter Hopefully Sunday: racecar Fix wipers R down pipe
  8. Not the write up I started this morning but it struck a nerve, you can add ME to this comment, not on my 1st, 2nd or 3rd race but 25 Champ races in with a off pace car having a bad day, trying to get some track time to justify the days expense vs people out there racing 10/10 @ dusk. Our first event we self limited to hour stints to ensure everyone got a turn and that we were able to physically/mentally do the deed. Turns out we were accustomed to 20 minute sprints, a hour was quite taxing until we got the hang of it. If it feels unsafe for any reason, pull off, think about whats not right, ask for advice, practice, sleep on it, ask your pastor, whatever....give the wheel to someone else, or in our case, quit/repair the car.
  9. You can trust this is not the first time this discussion has come about, as of now, if you believe it or not, the experienced are proven more trouble then the noobs! This is not a jab, but your team is a good example of what I am trying to say, are you hitting new racers or more seasoned ones, just saying, you had incidents before adjusting to our ways... Noobs are fighting for their lives, its obvious to the seasoned racers, we are in control and navigate easily by. I am typing up something in your new thread but have not the time to finish till tonight, chat you then.
  10. 100 laps does nothing to keep the like cars grouped together, a substantially higher number effectively gives EC their own subgroup down at the bottom of scoring, if they want to see how they stack up against the rest make it a easy (but large) # to add back.
  11. Weather did not hold Today: Drove it to work without functioning wiper, got monsoon-ed on the last 3 miles Located spare manifold down pipe Ignored car, decided to confirm cracked tow truck flexplate. Truck: On lift (Utility box loaded, not easy) Y pipe off Starter off Torque convertor disconnected Cracks found Hopefully Tomorrow: Replace flywheel.
  12. Adding 100/500/1000 laps fixes that. Curious, what did you guys experiment with @ NCM?
  13. Not trying to poke the hornets nest but EC car is still top of speed hive..
  14. Looks like Mr. right #5 has arrived, thank you very much Leadsled Lincoln Mike! Infiniti is sold out. This should be interesting.
  15. Today: Ordered tires Car show tonight if weather holds out
  16. Four RS-4 ordered, thanks for the input. See everyone at Indy ! Leaving Poll open.
  17. One little item that most checklists don’t have: After checking fluids, let the car idle till warm with the hood up, I normally do this both Friday and Saturday. At Charlotte we had that freak windstorm Friday afternoon, I didn’t do this, I said to myself “no big deal I drive this car weekly “ Saturday morning pre-race, I found the fuel return line had disintegrated internally, This would’ve definitely been a on track fire. Thank you Huggy for taking a minute out of your pre-race prep to get me some fuel line!
  18. Today: Fix RR brake duct rub Pulled spare wiper motor, tested car circuit , all worked normally, before changing, plugged old one back, works fine Added wiper motor to track spares, will probably add master cut switch to wiper circuit Edit: Attempted to leave, wiper back on, but not for what one would have expected. Wires now temporarily disconnected. Drove it home Video to explain tonight, because stupid racecar. Tow truck: Replaced Water pump Compressor/Drier Car running, wipers turned off
  19. Looking at tire rack comment section on the Dunlop, a few lemons teams that have noted increased wear, the decision is made.
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