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    Race seat

    Agree to disagree, there is one of those in my hot rod, 15deg layback design, I like.... BUT, as someone that has had a seat "go bad" in a crash Please get something more expensive/containment style, if this racing thing doesn't work out it will hold enough resale value to bail with less pain.
  2. Team Infiniti

    Transponder Mounting

    Battery unit w/ matching bracket mounted to outside of drivers frame-rail where it first goes parallel with the ground, about 6in behind the LF tire. 38ish races zero fail.
  3. Team Infiniti

    Fuel Rule

    We need one of those, 93 is $3:40 here
  4. What size card? I got our hero 3(white?) to video about 17 hrs using low res & 64gb chip (says unsupported but ignore the timer reading 9:59, it keeps going)
  5. As long as everyone is under the same conditions all should balance (unless the tune sucks?)
  6. One amp max charge rate or risk overheating/shutdown (hero 3, unknown if this is issue on other models)
  7. Every team has that moment where opportunity to podium slips away , it could be when building the car, pre-race prep, a bone headed move, strategy, bad luck, or in this case, a sudden fail of the in tank lift pump. This was hour 5.5, excluding EC cars, I believe we were in 4th
  8. Team Infiniti

    New to all this

    Where in the rule book does it differentiate fuel systems for cars vs pickup? Disclaimer: One of Infiniti is starting a pickup build, just had this conversation Saturday because it limits how far back he can place the cab
  9. Team Infiniti

    New to all this

    Stock tanks lock location, move the tank you no longer have stock location you must use a cell
  10. Team Infiniti

    What happened to your ChampCar today? 2018 Version

    Monster brake duct update has its first installed piece, right front scoop and screen is permanently fitted. Pic would be posted but for some reason all I can download/post is a stupid low res version and I am unwilling to jump through the hoops required to resize. Please give me a hand? @Bill Strong
  11. Dog sighting, no need to spill beer in his name, to the delight/displeasure of the folks here, I can assure everyone he is just fine Exactly one week ago, I spent a couple of days wandering around dog in close proximity, going as far as having a beer @ the same table ! We were bracket racing WRL .
  12. Team Infiniti

    Official - 2018 National Championship at NCM

    My bad, was prepared to listen tonight
  13. Team Infiniti

    Gear suggestions for newbie

    Don't forget to check their garage sale items.
  14. Team Infiniti

    Coming from Lemons Engine VPI help please

    It has been talked about ad nauseam. At this juncture, classes are simply based on displacement and are only in place to increase opportunity/drama/fun for those not in it for overall, there are "class winners" but a overall win in A-B-C or D class is our proverbial $500 bag of nickles. No shame in not making changes to the car and killing everyone in EC then making your car fit to compete for overall after attending one event (this way of doing things could save you a ton of $$ and time)
  15. Team Infiniti


    Holy crappers­čî×
  16. Team Infiniti

    What happened to your ChampCar today? 2018 Version

    It's more common then the ztec, car/truck 4.6/5.4L require a J tool set as well. A few years ago the local trans shop was turning a ranger (could have been mazda) engine with a breaker bar to put back torque convertor bolts, the tech forgot to remove the bar off the balancer bolt before firing... lost their a$$ when they were obligated to replace some valves.
  17. Team Infiniti

    Best Radio System

    Last week I rented a car with beofang, everything worked decently at start, but halfway through, the in car 12v battery eliminator would not produce enough amps to transmit, frustrating to hear but not reliably reply, caused at least one fumble shift... Not a big deal to replace but not something the team had spares for. Bottom line If radios are any bit frustrating or confusing to everyone on a team it would be best to start with better equipment from a series suporter (yes, even on a budget)
  18. Team Infiniti

    Coming from Lemons Engine VPI help please

    At the end of the day, Tech has the right to assign value to things, IF someone were to make things so well they both look and function like a nicely engineered, purchased part, tech may value it as such. Not saying what is good or bad, but this car was developed by a very competent builder/tinkerer for use in a race series with a entirely different system of rules/tech/Judging. As someone with a long memory of how and why the rules were and have evolved: I personally would campaign this car exactly as it sits, enter as EC class, have a fun, race with all your new friends, show off your fab skill and racing prowess(without worry of stepping 2-4 off), look over what us Champs have done with/to the rulebook *then* schedule a long sit down with head of tech Phil, let him give the lowdown on all that can and can not be done within the confines of the $500point system....He will work with you, changes may not be as dramatic (or might be a different direction then anticipated)
  19. Team Infiniti

    What happened to your ChampCar today? 2018 Version

    If it were rings you would be blowing oil smoke out the breather/exhaust, a intake valve will be popping back up the intake manifold, on the other hand, a cyl with burnt exhaust valve will simply freewheel as a non contributor (as will a cyl with a broken intake rocker)
  20. Team Infiniti

    OEM and Viper immobilizers

    The override typically involves hiding a chip key near the lock within the steering column plastic clam shell, you NEED to get rid of the viper to have a reliable racer... Look for that hidden key and make sure to plug everything back in or you risk chasing your tail in this diagnostic.
  21. Team Infiniti

    Decal Requirements

    In the past, number back decals are the only one we have had to pay for.
  22. Team Infiniti

    What happened to your ChampCar today? 2018 Version

    Posted this before but could you please look up this and let me know your thoughts, on shelf item @ the local parts store, $10 a qt <30 a gallon, change it every race 509 deg dry, have been using it since our 1st chump race 9 yrs ago... http://www.pentosin.net/specsheets/Pentosin_SuperDot_4.pdf Alternately/briefly experimented with http://www.pentosin.net/specsheets/Pentosin_Dot4_LV.pdf
  23. Team Infiniti

    Cool Shirt Cooler DIY

    To potentially save money, Check the Internet/eBay for medical version of a cool suit cooler and buy a proper shirt