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  1. They are heavy, like triple firewall heavy, you have to cut them up like you hate it.
  2. By the time a Chev gets coolant/oil mixed it’s usually a crack somewhere rather then gasket. Doesn’t sound good but Stupid question, have you swapped another cap yet?
  3. Those are beautiful! What is the battery life for the panels?
  4. While you do have a point I think the value is a bit high. Not trying to demonize the Porsche, merely a comparison, I believe they have a decent fuel supply as well
  5. Link no work on phone or lappy.
  6. What he said! Points be damned, keep it "his" car If this happens, I can supply a spare set of matching rims from my late brothers vette.
  7. Tune fuel pressure @ wot under load to achieve target afr and let the rest fall wherever it does?
  8. Pressure curve wrong? Would a stock regulator get things back without tune?
  9. Cars are both tech team and peer reviewed, you NEED to attend post race tech to see if the windshield posted declared items list matches the car, if not ask a tech guy for clarification (recommended) or file a $50 protest.
  10. Properly sized fuses in a unmodified config should never blow.
  11. I’m thinking a light and portable ac in the trailer.
  12. Never being to VIR, I have to ask if there is 120v available in the paddock to plug in some basic necessities within the car trailer.
  13. We have chiseled and pried off the stuff on a super hot gooey day, have also had success with dry ice without alcohol only to learn that afterwards ... I do not recommend what we did here building the current shark as it left dents and dots of residue (that bleed through paint sometimes)
  14. Have yet to try, but dry ice crushed mixed with rubbing alcohol poured on the floor, wait, bang frozen brittle stuff off bottom of floor. *may not work on euro cars*
  15. Dry ice? Heat? Ground/power under load is a good place to look, deadhead pressure is another (this is where our infiniti pumps show their weakness) Have you looked to see if there is a leak @ the pipe connecting pump to sender?
  16. Realistically, I don’t see problems with a track dedicated DI engine in regards to valve build up, a racing PCV system would eliminate any incoming oil.
  17. Everybody trying to reinvent the wheel, there’s only a few that actually last, if lap times matter more than money....this is where the problem lies.
  18. Anyone questioning the benefits of DI...wow.... the only concern is durability of the high-pressure pump. We would jump at the chance to have 12 to 1 compression on pump gas!
  19. On the main Champ Car website, Hit blog, scroll the second bar down Past the notice of counterfeit driver restraints, past welcoming Roger to the board, etc. you’ll find the post impound reports for Rd., America then Daytona. Cliff Notes version: unclaimed materials and items found. 1) Unclaimed non-stock adjustable toe links on the rear left and right 2)Unclaimed front strut bracing 3) Unclaimed Heim joints on both rear control arms.
  20. Yeah, forgot that one, had a Knights of destruction entry, a grand Cherokee on bend/wore out Champ rims and tires formally off infiniti originally off a cobra
  21. The tire meets specs, it’s up to you to decide rim offset to keep em under The fender, if the top half of the tire is uncovered you need flare or puff your fenders out somehow
  22. 5x114.3 aka 5x4.5 Super common, mustang/impala/caddy/trailer/Nissan/ranger
  23. One thing about that guy, I’m sure he will!
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