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  1. Undermined which way we will be going with the fuel system, but curious what you need for this.
  2. Today: Drove it to work Made partition around Air filter to keep the hot side hot and cold side cold Pulled perfectly mounted mockup radiator to install new radiator Did face palm realizing new radiator mounting tabs are 1 inch higher, now have hood clearance issue Decided to pull the transmission tomorrow and worry about radiator later in the week.
  3. Last 3 work sessions: Core support/fender mounts 100% Brake ducts 90% Radiator ducting 80% Headlights 70% Final mount on trans cooler Cleaned up misc under hood wires & gave fuse box some love Wiped entire car down w/thinner to remove a incredible amount of Indy rubber clag marks (need new JB Bugs decal😕)
  4. How many cars total? How many in your class? (how many in other classes if you know)
  5. No clue what to compare Champ to, WRL/AER do not have the number of car in each class to comment properly, due to distance there is no way for most of us to attend a LD race so someone else will have to chime in. Lemons is not strong here, at this juncture, we are by far no longer similar enough, it is difficult to say what would happen in a 150+ car lemons race packed solely with A class cars. Personally, our fault or not, if a corner worker notates contact, we get flagged for a conversation, most of the time someone gets a penalty, if it is not our fault they may give a lap back, if everyone is driving badly, there may be a red flag to remind all of some manors. All I can say has already been said, IF a track employed corner worker never makes a call, the series director has no clue something has happened.
  6. Color me confused, I was not aware Condren was up to anything endurance related for a few years. If you’re referring to something that happened five years ago, I’m not sure where the relevance or sour grapes translate to things happening currently.
  7. Not rocket science, @ 3300 grid weight typically top 5 we get almost 30 hours out of Dunlop2 or hancook 4, the cars that burn tires are typically FWD
  8. Correct, focus should stay on a spec 3-4 tire type and or some rule that stymies frequent tire changes, "frequent", whatever that may be, is easy enough to determine.
  9. You can trust a front running car would devastate a set of those 460tw tires in half a day.
  10. You know, it’s funny, some cars are hardly affected by all this, in our case, 10 years, 40+ races in the Southeast, we’ve had 5 incidences that required moderate to major surgery, three of those five incidents were one car accident, our fault, only one required car replacement (2012) not our fault...
  11. https://www.amazon.com/Pentosin-1204116-Super-Brake-Fluid/dp/B007PCQCIU Boiling Point≥265°C/≥509°F Bleed a quart through before every race, local parts store has it for $12
  12. Heavy hit because you refuse to use the available repurposed material clause?
  13. No amount (large/small)of factory expansion space can make up for the consequence of poorly thought out factory canister deletion. We take those lines, leave them intact front to back, but rather then a canister, I loop fuel line like 10 times around, works fine here. Other then this Im out...
  14. As does OEM stuff, its not a design deficiency when someone plugs their factory charcoal canister vent lines...
  15. No clue but just tossing it out there Perhaps those rental cars are making crash deposit $$?
  16. I see no point by, but, even if there was one, it would have been expired by the time
  17. I would say a stock fuel tank mounting point is legal to repair but be wary about creating too much pinch on the gas tank itself, in the long term, under stress, a plastic tank will crack if squeezed too hard.
  18. Finished headlight mounts Hooked up mockup radiator Filled with P/S fluid and water Drilled hood pin holes Drove home Satrurday eve: Drove to rained out but not raining car show to check post Indy condition Disliked trans shift through 3rd 😟
  19. This is the hobby car Chump/Champ interrupted, note the video is exactly 10 years old, its still romping but needs love, it mostly sits as INDY, Daytona, Sebring etc. seem to take all free time away from other stuff.
  20. Frame repair 90% complete, nose reconstruction core support/headlight brackets 80%, next will be to remove mockup/install new radiator, wire headlights and drive to evaluate possible trans issue. Still needed: Brake ducts Radiator shrouding/fan
  21. Pretty complicated circuit, here is the alldata diagram https://photos.app.goo.gl/hL18zq9XJQCEhAKE7 From the manual start you have proven out ign A fuse 40a and related wires, next will be double checking crank fuse 10a with a assistant and test light to fuse with key in start position.. both pins should have batt + when in crank
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