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  1. I know, a little late but New open package, never worn, never had water in it but has a slight blemish that does not affect usage. We are at pit in, Sharkcar Call/txt Ed 561-two5two-3nine33
  2. Your sharing is unprecedented and appreciated, what we are trying to say is, rules clarifications and running right up to the rule, is a bit aggressive for this amateur series. Many of us have barely the budget to bring a viable car let alone multiple track/dyno days between events chasing every last pony or .01g.... Yes, your way is a avenue to winning and absolutely legal, but at a price. I am first to admit, we need more driver development, we need more telemetry, we need to check bump steer, we could use a standalone to eek out more power... Heck checking the alignment more often then every 4 events may be beneficial, but, we are having fun and NOT killing the wallet or banging on national techs door every week. MY $0.02 Trying to keep everything in check is about impossible because herding racers is like herding cats, for now, I have 1200 laps @ Sebring and 46+ hours @ Daytona, all at speed, not one track day, and for that we love this series... When this becomes too much, we will reevaluate.
  3. The only spare parts we have are ones that have yet to be used (used up) We have never pushed the ragged edge of the rules, as the problem you describe, is absolutely predictable. Car built in 08-09, raced every year since 2010 with multiple poduims and uncountable top 10
  4. Apparently it was an untested car, severe brake problems, mostly off track all day, yes that is a testament to your prep level but that team is no stranger to prep so not sure what happened that day
  5. Would love to see some of that research after Daytona, I have some wilwood caliper and 4x100 rotor stuff here to compare notes/offsets if you want more data. Going to be @ Daytona?
  6. I will drink your cool-aide once you have had a few years drinking ours... running w/auto trans. I promise stock brakes will suffer more then one could ever imagine with auto + more hp. The brakes I have planned/already posses are more then described, but want points for other, still undetermined, stuff.
  7. Not sure how that would work but Going wilwood front calipers, swapping stock front caliper to back but need more front rotor.
  8. Wait, wasn't VPI changes supposed to go something like: Lower- Apply immeadiately Higher Apply later (end of year?)
  9. It depends, is a SE the model with leather/sunroof or a addtl camshafts and aimed at the performance market? End of the day, it doesn't matter what we all think, a direct question to tech is in order.
  10. I always look it this way...Is there a "R" "SVT" "SVO" "Z06" etc attached?
  11. New camera mount for go pro and Bill Some face masks discussed Mounted hood, started on stars, wow this art stuff is hard.
  12. @Bill Strong I have been hearing about teams struggling to make this event for one reason or another , do we have an updated entry list?
  13. If it were more practical I would be after some of those wheels.
  14. Friday: Installed good used wideband sensor.... IT WORKS! Then it didn't. πŸ™„ Surprise. Drove home from work, picked up outback takeout Messed with half dozen handheld radios, figured out how to program. Progress on hood Sat Froze ice packs, cleaned pit coolers & cool suit box, hooked up shirt, uh oh, what glue works on these things? Drove to Sonic burger car show, place was packed ! Mikes hood progress Monday Stars and install hood New camera mount(s)
  15. @Bill Strong we were planning a new camera mount to be welded in Monday, going to use square tubing roughly in place where a passenger shoulder belt would go, will this work for you or should we stick to round? What size?
  16. And good news about Florida/this race, even though the governor has acknowledged a recent spike in cases, he stated this morning, "we will not be shutting down again" * except* No bars are allowed to serve alcohol to sit down folks, take out still seems fine. Canadians beware! (If we have any this time)
  17. So let me get this straight, for each person we print a copy of the 6 page PDF under additional wavers? Is there more? If I got it right please break it down better for dummies like me because it actually is not clear to us dense types. Something like PRINT THIS or NO ENTRY.
  18. Monday: Adjusted tailpipes on recently replaced mufflers Checked fluid level and pinion seal that was dried off last week -- Still dry Put front lower section of front inner fenders back on after going missing a couple years ago (couldn't hurt @ Daytona) Replaced Finn light First color on hood
  19. Cant re-purpose something if you replaced it with another, now, if you did not need the rear and moved/added to the front.... Awesome!
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