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  1. Them "what ifs" suck sometimes We were 4th when the fuel pump quit last year, a few years ago we were top 3 or better @ 5pm when MOV penalty laps were finally added.. We deserved them you say? Not really, there was a huge gap behind our win @ PBIR 18/38 when 2nd place dropped out with a hour to go.
  2. My interpenetration is supported by Rays last posts: Example: Medium case Diff with X ratio that came in a certain generation of car can be swapped to any year of the same platform, no making bastard units to fit the same ratio, no swapping any small or large case unless you are claiming platform swap to get all the benefits of being something else. If that makes sense...
  3. But it is well received! Nothing to see here, it affects morale positively with no downside.
  4. Between yesterday and today, Finished peeling off all but the most prized decals Wiped entire car down w/thinner Applied all series and team sponsor decals 2 of the 3 number panels on Changed fuel pump Quit for the night when new pump leaked. Drove something else home 😕
  5. Not a mission critical part, let me get back to you when I figure out a few things.
  6. Yeah, I know mileage is subject to the opinion of seller, this appears to be a professional individual, DIff still in car
  7. There appears to be a professional BMW dismantler 45 min from Charlotte, I inquired about a 4.10 LSD, the answer was " I have a medium case 140K miles $350" Do I act on it or sit and wait for a better deal? I am in no rush and, for the time being, have no plan on rebuilding. (is a clean, 140k unit race viable?)
  8. Friday, I got a clean core, looks to be a altima (2007ish) 3.5 sitting here on the floor, it looks like the intake is the primary cam signal generator, there is a place for exhaust cam sensor but no reluctor wheel notches cut nor external hole on the exhaust for this year/model.
  9. I was thinking something to respect the time chain, the above post is the word of wisdom, does it sound normal when cranking? As for a standalone harness, tall order! I I am a drivability technician by day and didn’t pair down our car because of massive complexity.
  10. Wish I would have seen this @ Daytona😟 Cam and crank sensors are the only things I have had to change on street G35s, they are finicky, I only use oem replacements. Any codes?
  11. I have to admit, it was feeling good, nothing like a fresh car with new tires and brakes... Tomorrow, replace fuel pump, wash and do decals.
  12. Charlotte prep: Drove it home, to a car show, TooJays, Publix, a little unplanned stop, then back home.
  13. Fuel pressure tests @ 40psi deadheaded, got to love factory infiniti parts, even in failure mode they will finish a race (normal deadhead is 80-90)
  14. Stoptech refused to cooperate once I told them my requested kit would not be going on a car they had not engineered the system for Kit requested for 2003 350z brembo upgrade to stoptech (our brakes are off the shelf, no mod 350z stuff, on the car 3 years, well tested and balanced but that was not good enough, the conversation was cut short) Will not be calling them back.
  15. Our internet chip is a bit on the lean side @ 13.4
  16. Do it do it do it I have a good running DOHC 4.6 for sale
  17. Anything done to shorten a event will be a disappointment, as well as, increase in driver fees! Long ago I was lobbying 16hrs to make 4 drivers fit better.
  18. 9.10.3. Fuel Fillers and Fuel Lines: Vehicles may not have more than the stock number of fill ports. 3” MAXIMUM O.D. for all fuel fill lines. MAXIMUM -8 (AN) or ½” I.D. shall be used for all fuel lines from cell/tank to the engine. All fuel lines must be routed in a direct routing to and from source/termination point. Any fuel, oil, or coolant lines (including Aeroquip steel braided lines)(Effective 4/26/2019) that pass through the driving compartment must be metal or encased in continuous steel conduit or aluminum tube. (Flex-conduit is not acceptable. (Effective 4/26/2019) Lines wrapped in aluminum tape are not acceptable.) 9.10.4. Over-flow vents may be installed. Over-flow vents MUST: Exit at the rear of the car
  19. That happened to us twice 2 weeks from daytona, popped it apart, found 1 rod bearing ready to spin, hustled in a set of rod bearings and all was well.
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