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    ABS Stand Alone Points Value

    Reading my post, IF one considers a 95 astro to be sportier then their racer, while there is nothing stopping them, they might be in the wrong series. See:Lemons 🙃
  2. Team Infiniti

    2018 petitions

    It is my .02 this was a non issue, have already moved on, developed hose and vent jugs, and are ready to be in compliance with next years rules. The way everyone should behave even if they do not agree.
  3. Team Infiniti

    2018 petitions

    You and me both, this "problem" is costing us quite a chunk of change buying hardware and hoses to retrofit some existing jugs, not to mention, the rule of unintended consequences kicks in as we are now going to be transferring 2x the fuel from non retro jugs to the "special" set between pit stops. To summarize, we will now be playing with fuel more increasing our chances of spill incident. Saying that Sebring past has proven concept, we will be ready. Ridiculous to fix a non issue
  4. No matter what, we are mostly amateurs,the faster car has responsibility to keep the pass safe.
  5. Looks like I inherited a brand new ZTE K88 tablet, looking to run this unit as a in car lap timer, I have been told about Harrys lap timer. What else should I be looking up? 2 built in cameras, assuming I have cell and wifi connections, what is this unit capable of? Live streaming? Doubt it, but can it do both at the same time? how much data? Running a T-mobile 4gLTE data card Anything else?
  6. Team Infiniti

    ABS Stand Alone Points Value

    Agree I used the terminology wrong, should have said aftermarket, although, a stand alone system from another model should be included in a points increase as the selected donor could be sportier then what was factory offered for the recipient
  7. Team Infiniti

    ABS Stand Alone Points Value

    While it does work stock, would LOVE to mod our software. And that is why it should be points for stand alone.
  8. Team Infiniti

    photographer at Sebring 14.

    While I am not the intended target of any of this conversation, anything from the 19 shark?
  9. Team Infiniti

    photographer at Sebring 14.

    You that bored driving you are more into the people over the wall then your line? Don't answer that
  10. Team Infiniti

    photographer at Sebring 14.

    I saw a older guy, orange vest, wandering, carrying a pro camera.
  11. Team Infiniti

    What happened to your ChampCar today? 2018 Version

    This If it is scraped/heated/pounded it usually leaves residue that gets sticky or bleeds through paint when subjected to race heat
  12. Accurate, top 10 (or top5) as well as class D win was in order up till that moment, apologies to anyone that received my gruff for the next couple of hours (team mates included) After the "mood" passed it was all about salvaging some fun and blasting around with everyone but without the stress of doing everything right. Aftermarket?!? that thing came out of a 1997 5.0 explorer 4x4 and that is likely what we will buy new for.
  13. Team Infiniti

    Downloadable in car lap timers Android

    Post race report Pros: The device is big and easy to read, did not crash or overheat, team feedback was positive, app used speed freq, very easy to configure. Cons: Device is big, have some room planned out, speed freq does not have many pre programmed tracks, Sebring, Daytona, Road Atlanta not on the list, I may be able to share data on the freq forum and get it added, did not hook up with Burningham prior to racing, 1hz internal gps was used and adequate for our first time. Thank you for getting it to me, we will try it out next event! Also, while we had previously met, this time, it was nice properly putting a face to name! Congrats on the podium.
  14. For anyone not watching the live broadcast, we were fighting a brand new overheating issue, it could be driven in traffic to 240deg then we would have to put the nose into clean air to get it down in the 230 range, during a early pit stop it boiled over, 15 min getting cooled off, boiled the next stop but not much so I drove off only to have a pop and sploosh on the windshield entering t1, upper hose blew off, temp read great but knowing better I dip off a cut after hotel, wander around dirt roads looking for the way back, follow a tow truck @ (what I thought)a cautious speed only to get yelled at for speeding, sigh, I limp another mile doing 15-20mph. Once to the pits and a garden hose, boy is it hot, a forced cool down was not healthy for the situation... Get it going but it now lays over the last 1000rpm before shifting and starts using water, I tried blowing it up but it would not, if it had water it would race, and that is what we did. Sebring Dec with another used engine and perhaps our first NEW radiator in 9 years.
  15. It is ALL up to the faster car to complete a safe pass, at no time did your car do anything we considered stupid. Hope you did not feel the urge to move out of our way
  16. I bought some wine country closeout items, this shirt was never worn and has never had water through it but had been hung for display, has been handled and has yellowed on front, fabric is structurally undamaged, just the yellow and a smudge near the label. Made by F.A.S.T cool systems 100% Cotton Hanes shirt Size:Small Location: Sebring with the 19 shark car, see/txt/call Ed 561-2five2-3933 Price:$75 in person $85 if you make me ship and this is how it will be presented Find this car
  17. Team Infiniti

    Small Fast Cool Systems Shirt @ Sebring

    Still have, will be @ December Sebring
  18. 14 min riding along, first stint.
  19. Lets just say, I was ready.
  20. Yes, playing the lotto is too risky though, have to stay small with this power Thanks, fumble fingers fixed.
  21. Team Infiniti

    Sebring Lost and Found

    Lost track of the team whom one of my guys fronted a fire extinguisher to pending sale, they were somewhere between pit 2 and 6, would love to catch up with them in December to make it right.
  22. Rather then pollute with a new thread... Early race 3 car crunch/spin, apologies in advance for camera placement. Good job KSR and everyone else on jackstands after the race!
  23. Team Infiniti

    Official 2018 Marathon Coach Sebring 14

    Loaded car at 9:30 AM, collected spare parts, pulled fuel pump out of parts car just to have another, an hour later stop for lunch in Okeechobee, 30 minutes more and will be there
  24. Team Infiniti

    Official 2018 Marathon Coach Sebring 14

    Wow, everyone must be busy, this place gets quiet when there is about to be a 90 car race
  25. Take that brake, I can wait till Indy