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  1. Saturday night@ New Hendry County Speedway 2003 cop car, re-purposed Crash-a-Rama steed, now caged for dirt Mike got practice and heat race, he was greeted with limp mode as soon as he pulled on track, I got feature. Neither of us has been on track here for 8+ years Mike Heat 2 Win Me, breaking the car while in strong 3rd pl 7:15 Bent tie rod 7:35 Broken tie rod Im sure hitting the inside apex tractor tire "markers" didn't help
  2. Provided the intake does not disqualify (personally not sure), all you need to ask is: Does it produce +- 3% of the USDM version?
  3. So @mender, the direction is plotted, regardless if you agree, what is stopping you (and anyone else) from finding advantage within the rules?
  4. Many of us need to be back to work on monday...
  5. What is baffling, we all raced under Mr Condren and have not suffered the same as the west, not only that, we are able to put bad stuff behind us when it is obvious things have changed. Neither series is the same 10+ years later, some of us have no issue running a " parade " with you all, on the contrary, lemons was not well attended here @ Sebring, we had a blast schooling/dicing with a very fast 190e cosworth with a huge spider on top @ what was essentially a really long HPDE..... We do get it, took home org choice with our A class cheaty douchbag car/team (see Lemons wrapup Humid TT) My only Humid TT regret: Not knowing to take a Sebring to Sebring for free entry, we would have mopped up! Saying that We are as South East as it gets, even with little involvement, many/most of us have no such misconception about lemons! We know you all have evolved, even though we personally had to write our penalty 100 times on the car before resuming (PBIR 2010) You guys should assume the same. Whats my point? Even with your written words in black and white, can not conceive how you all (the west) refuse to get past it, we have.
  6. Terrible can o worms here @National Tech
  7. What the heck is so taboo to picking one tire that is no longer approved, if the re71 is superseded then name another. Dance ended, problem solved.
  8. Head is spinning how fast this happened, Car loaded on multi-hauler and on its way. Shipper/broker/whatever has no problem with me sharing his florida cell phone # with interested customers, said the rush jobs generally cost more but had no issue discussing a trip with race cars.
  9. Well, that escalated quickly, yesterday I reached out to a random Facebook ad for car shipping, this morning I got a phone call “can you be ready in an hour“? A couple of quick phone calls later, the car will be ready for shipping in two hours and here on Sunday for a whole $400! Fingers crossed…
  10. Did that start out as a Bazillion 2.0?
  11. Honestly I applaud anyone brave enough to run multiple carbs, go ahead, the ones I have seen here in the east are simply not up to 14 hours of 100% duty cycle, something always comes loose, nagging the team into addl pit stops. Yes I know, at some point, a old timer will step up w/a perfect set but honestly, Ill take the chance. Fuel injected w/multiple aftermarket or M power ITBs? Another story... All hypothetical/only for discussion, as legislating anything I say here would be a mess What is not fair would be penalizing a team for 2 ITBs when the car came new with 2, THAT should be counted as one.
  12. You turn right rather then go to labelle, 1 mile, U turn and your there. BTW, some odd state grant was issued to overbuild a flyover @ that juncture Only 1.5 drive through Clewiston, my first visit there was 96-97 chasing someone that owed us on a car (truck) they caged, once there, my brother and I looked at each other and said " hey we can do that!" 6 months later the hillbillies were beating us up in our new metric monte carlo.
  13. Seat belts pulled from focus, installed in 03 crown vic p71 for its debut on dirt this saturday night @ new hendry county speedway 4.6 class. Belts will go back in focus for the 19th @ Citrus Focus still for sale!
  14. As of last year, during a very long tech shed conversation @ AMP, the intake/exhaust do not come with the head, just the OHC stuff. (conversation was honda) This
  15. I always ASSumed it was self insured/another stream of income
  16. Heard them say one to be announced but no location mentioned. Based on the West support, is it much a surprise?
  17. Today Car: Have yet to touch it since Sebring but just off the phone from Tx, looks like we now have acquired the only other prepped J30 road racer in known existence, a successful Lemons car. Anyone passing through TX with a empty trailer? Willing to pay real $$ for shipping closer to Fl.
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