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  1. A fuel pressure gauge, a scanner, a smoke machine, and one hour of a real techs time.
  2. "Self-policing"? then tech should only interpret and enforce safety, all else should be left to the formal competitor protest procedure, with a "hearing" and a published outcome. (Watching this sanction stumble into the light of the GCR,)
  3. Take the time being spent on computational fluid dynamics of brake cooling airflow, and read a rule book, any rule book. Then be prepared to argue your interpretation like a good lawyer.
  4. So Mr. Lug Nut, you are the guy who wants me to look at the wiring diagram, deduce a test plan, take my meter and go find the reason why your hydrogen refrigeration unit keeps setting a false alarm for low pressure right? And for the record I gave you very sound advice, take it to a professional, stop wasting your time and money. As for my qualifications, I am just a guy who has drank with Volta, Ohm, Ampere, Bernoulli, Reynolds, Avogadro, Mendeleev, Euclid, who do you hang out with?
  5. So I went to look at you profile, "An automotive engineering background" really? What were you in charge of vanity mirrors and glove box lids? Maybe not, both have those electronical lighty things in them now days. Maybe it was the buttons, no, no, they have the lighty things too. May be it was the seat track covers, meant to keep the loose change out of the seat rails, no,no, you don't seem to care about money either, especially small change. Lug nuts! that's it you must be the lug nut guy! I think I'll call you Lug Nut!
  6. I don't know what to say to this, other than "liar, liar, pants on fire". (nose growing, his debit card still sizzling from the last trip to the parts store). But for sure I see trans range sensors that simultaneously fail in both the park and neutral positions all the time, no maybe about it!
  7. My guess is, you should have tried a test light, with a technician attached to it! Now drive it to someone who will stop the hemorrhaging of your wallet.
  8. Do tell us the results of the three or four things I listed. What are we betting Ed?
  9. The anti smoke additive is valve seals or piston rings, if you were closer I would supply an engine. Valve seals leak under idle vacuum, rings smoke under wide open throttle.
  10. Where are you located? I have anti smoke additives for M30's. Seriously, get a good checklist, arrange tasks in order of medical necessity. You can complete 14 hr on one set of tire and brakes. Read and re read the rules about all safety items, make sure you can get through tech! Roughly the order should be brakes, rebuild all the calipers, if the brake fluid looks anything like tea replace the master/reservoir too. New stock rubber hoses ( get all six of them). There are cool (and necessary) bronze caliper mount bushings from Turner etc. Use Brembo or ATE rotors, Hawk HT10 pad. Next would be
  11. Use the stock rod, because it is in the rules? How much did the original piston and rod combo weigh? I find that when a customer shows up with all the fancy rotating/reciprocating bits, the parts are usually heavier than the originals. What has been the failure mode you are experiencing, that is indicating a change in con rod design in the first place? And if the only real difference is the weight, why would you even consider the heavier rod? Just adding a bush to the end can not contribute "41g" to the weight. So is the real question "Is it worth 41g to be able to tell everyone I have full
  12. Shite!, your sell'in my seat?! I promise, I'll bring a different girl this time!
  13. In reference to #801 contact with RX8, I was driving the BMW. I know it doesn't look like much wheel movement on his part, but form behind it looked like this, "OK he's on the bottom yellow line @:47, no he's going high, less than a car width to the wall @:51, oh poop now he's back at he bottom @:55", You can almost see my self and the other two cars in the right side mirror weaving trying to decide which side. My sincere apologies for not "making it safe". A little situational awareness and use of mirrors on your part would have helped too.
  14. The 30 or so minutes leading up to the red flag was some of the most difficult driving I've ever done. Visibilty near zero (driving and shifting with a squegee in my right hand). Hydroplaning into T17 with 180' lock on the wheel and no change in direction. Nearly being drawn into the front straight wall on drivers right. The river running across the track at T8 would displace the car the entire width of the track (start at the extreme right and it would float all the way to left curb). It was also the only time we were able to get a lap back on the Flat Out Racing Z car. Just waiting for the
  15. You mean the kind with the killer Porsche brakes and that fast Elsworth kid driving, hell no I would be proud!
  16. Well we were going to bring the big car but apparently they narrowed turn one so much that it probably won't fit, so we'll bring a small car. It is not the horse you need to worry about it is the indians riding them.
  17. Thats more like it! I suggest you scrap your entire driver line up and start flying them in from all over, maybe find someone who doesn't coast as much as you all!
  18. So....., who's coming in second, third and fourth, you bunch of nontrash talking pussies! (jap cars suck! second only to domestics of course) see you all at the races!
  19. TAJ racing45, I would be kind of ashamed of a 2:25 in a 900 HP, steamroller tired Porsche, (coasting all the way around bishops bend!) Mike Flynn ran a 2:23 in a DOT shod BMW E46 IT car , and Greg Ira a 2:24 in a maybe 200 HP Datsun 240zx E production car (not SX, a ZX) with 8in wide tires, at the most recent SCCA national. I am predicting a 2:35 bogey, for a chump winning lap time.
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