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  1. okkustom

    Swapping parts on Engine Swap

    Has anyone emailed the board members about menders possible solution . Talking on here ain't gonna get it done . Use the tools don't be one ....
  2. okkustom

    Swapping parts on Engine Swap

    Don't forget the new petition " no mods after swap " that is being reviewed and voted on by the board at NCM. ...
  3. Why not proper spindles, hubs , axel's , rotors , and wheels that fit , that's the way I roll .... I have used 1/8" spacers before but that's as much as I feel comfortable with .. As far as cup cars when you use hubs , lug studs , and nuts that big , yeah thicker spacers r OK
  4. I usually get lunch and a couple of beers after the race ..
  5. okkustom

    Fuel tank cap

    Wrong cap ?
  6. okkustom

    Fuel supplement formula

    Cannot vote no because never is attached . Maybe is not a vote option for me either . As I drive several different cars one of wich is VERY FAST and fuel limited if you give me enough fuel to go 2hrs it would not be fair ,for y'all ,to vote yes . There is another reason I'm not voting but that will be told another day .
  7. okkustom

    E30 cage question

    How about a look at the drivers door bars .
  8. There are at least 3 Solti running in the east now .
  9. okkustom

    Fuel supplement formula

    Dagg ron I don't make the list ? Wa up wit dat ?
  10. Don't cut it up I'm still working on someone .. Ahhhhh ....
  11. okkustom

    Decal Requirements

    The gear check stickers will be there to apply when all driver gear is approved. . But if ya want to slap a blue ChampCar sticker on come to the car tech line and I'll hook you up ..
  12. Dude this looks like a no brainer , and if Andrew says they are Honda gold even better , JUMP ..
  13. okkustom

    Decal Requirements

    Well hey , carry on brother ..
  14. okkustom

    Decal Requirements

    Non entry to the racing surface at Green flag should do it .. our sponsors have made a deal to promote their product we need to show them correctly to hold up our end of the deal .. that should not be hard to do .. Bill is the media guy isn't that directly tied to promotion ?
  15. Speck in no way = stock . Hey Chris what tires do they run ?