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  1. hi, all As it turns out, we won't be going; at least not in May, but wanted to pass along that we DID find this motel who said, as of yesterday, that they had two rooms with 2 beds each for those dates. about 3 miles from the track. <fallsmotel@stny.rr.com> good luck with it; GP
  2. Lots of good advice! We're still 'finishing' a fiero build, and can offer our findings, for what that might be worth. There is a nice, sympathetic quote in the rules, somewhere, about parts and building whatever car you have. It says (or said, more or less) "...we didn't pick your car, you did..." While that is true, it can be a bit hard-nosed. Everyone - the first time around for sure! - makes their best guess based on the above points.... and then when you really get into it, you find out what is and isn't available. This likely, unintentionally, contributes to the necessary 'Chumpiness' o
  3. hi; and welcome to the fiero problem ;-) we're building one too and have learned a LOT about these cars.... you won't be able to really lighten it THAT much, simply due to its space frame design; it isn't a monocoque setup like lots of cars now; it has a very heavy and stiff full frame. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pontiac_Fiero go about 2/3 of the way down to "Crash Safety" and read the report. Second only to the Volvo 740D Station Wagon for all years of production. The car can be driven with all the body panels removed, since they don't contribute to the structure. That was actually one
  4. hi; just to correct an earlier note; CSC is in Newmarket, so closer than Ottawa; website https://www.cscracing.com/roll-cage-kits and our local Chumpcar sponsor; Streetrate Parts, is in Ajax; they can install a whole cage for you. http://www.streetrateparts.com/ FYI
  5. I wonder if a thread has ever been sidetracked before..... but.... that car was in Chump? What I am getting elsewhere seems to follow the same general theme; each car has to be 'recognizable' as some kind of production vehicle and then safety - nothing falling off and no sharp edges etc etc.
  6. ...i think it's to prevent too many Hammerhead Eagle-i Thrust replicas from showing up... LOL; had to look it up. The name doesn't exactly give you a mental picture of what it is... what a beaut!
  7. That's what I was thinking; they don't want this looking like World of Outlaws/Sprint series etc? So the cars should look like recognizable cars, etc...
  8. I guess this has to go to John and/or the tech director(s); what is the intent of the minimum 60% of body panels; is it to discourage excess removal of body metal (likely in an effort to lighten the car) or possibly if the car is too rusted or damaged and the suspect panels are removed without replacing them? After all, these are supposed to be $500 cars and I guess they might not be in pristine condition.... I expect it might also be to avoid having sharp edges (corners of panels etc) exposed which would then become hazardous? Any input appreciated.... thanks in advance. GP
  9. hi John As a previous longterm sufferer of British Leyland products I just saw the valuation for an MGB V8. What specs would you 'impose' or use to evaluate one? There are tons of customized ones out there but I don't see a lot of the originals... Keep in mind that a lot of the parts are absolutely impossible to find (yes I know that is our choice) but substitutes would be inevitable. This is one of the cases where the cost of the original parts would be phenomenal, so finding cheaper ones would be much easier and would include almost anything. I almost started one last year (just f
  10. Read the whole nine pages.... Just want to be really sure about the Nov 1st date? Is that carved in stone I hope? We have at least a couple of team members who need to plan their entire next years workplan, holidays/vacation shortly after...... Thanks!
  11. When I check the PDF schedule it still shows as a "TBA", but on the weblink for the 2013 it isn't mentioned. Is it still happening (presumably in Oct?) ?????
  12. Makes perfect sense but wanted to check.... Thanks.
  13. I assume there will be a way to add/edit team members after the fact...... We have the base 4 but may be adding a 5th. Just asking.... I'm sure it is doable but checking.......... GP
  14. oh yeah forgot to add; I will be putting a plug in (ie into a receptacle) Carbon Monoxide sensor as we will also have a propane heater going out there and I keep one (CO sensor) in conjunction with that anyway. Finally for the really gritty work I bought a box of the good masks with double straps each. If the going gets really bad I could put my asbestos entry mask on...... kinda tough with the welding helmet tho! And yes we open the doors from time to time for an air wash. Quickest way to do it. We have overhead doors front and rear so that is very effective for a quick fix.
  15. Depending on how much welding/smoke you are generating if you can capture it at or near the source you will help things a lot - rather than let it spread thru the entire shop and thus have to ventilate the entire space (a complete air wash). We are just about to start some fairly extensive welding in our small garage and I bought a $30 100 CFM (cubic ft per min) bathroom exh fan and a long flexible aluminum dryer duct. Since I have easy access to a side window in the garage I will make a plywood panel for the exh fan connection; plug that into the window (and seal around it) and connect the fl
  16. Well this is interesting. If the GUY had signed all the needed waivers (and then some!), does that mean his wife (or anyone else for that matter) can't still come forward and sue regardless? After all, SHE didn't sign anything.... What a scenario! yuch. .I can't describe how much I detest this crap. Trying to figure out how to phrase a suitable waiver; there has GOT to be something. Look at all the racing drivers around the world; for how many decades? That he fully accepts all responsibility for his decision to race and that no loss or damage or whatever is to be visited upon (your name
  17. yep but that isn't the problem or the beef; it is the overall return issue. The various duties were fairly up-front so that wan't much of a surprise; they were off a bit but that always happens.
  18. update: They shipped me the wrong water pump. After a lengthy phone call they will 'allow' me to return it with the following conditions. I go get the shipping estimate back to them. They will reimburse me up to the price I paid for shipping originally, to be sent within 5 days of them receving the item back in satisfactory condition. So I go to the PO, get the estimate, they 'approve' it and then back to the PO to ship it and I pay those costs up front. After they get it (USPO has taken 30 days on delivering ebay items previously) they will process my refund within 5 days. I will THEN be rei
  19. is there a better way to get in touch? have asked for shipping cost at least 3 times; different ways with no response? Email or this forum doesn't seem to work. Interested in 4 of the 225's; LMK
  20. I have registered the team and the drivers now, but only 3 of 5 names show up on the screen and even tho the guys tell me they have accepted the registration (yesterday) they still aren't showing as "Accepted" on the page. Does this take a day or two normally? Is there something else they need to do; ie go to the site themselves to complete the process? It looks like they get an email and respond to that; is there more to it? Also need to figure out how to credit the 'most deserving' team (kind of tough but we have to pick just one!) that helped bring us in but I'll look around the site.
  21. Wow! what a beaOOtiful looking car! What people have said to me is .."You SURE you want to run that in Chump?".......... Some dings and bangs are to be expected I guess... mine if fiberglass so theoretically it is fixable. I have no idea what is involved working on the stock plastic panels of the original body? There IS a movement toward fiero racers sharing info; send me your email address and I'll fwd it! Were you going to use a similar name? Where would you be racing; maybe we'll cross paths altho we are in the frozen north... Looking forward to hearing from you. GP
  22. So a newbie question from a newbie team! We want to figure out how to get entered into a race(s); ie what is the process?. Do we have to somehow 'register' as a team with Chump in some fashion or do we do that when we show up? How and where do we send our entry fee or anything else we will need in order to get a spot on the grid? Does it go to Chump or the Regional Director or who? And I assume that all us new drivers will pay our individual fees and get our licences when? at the first track when we show up? I have read the rule book and know it is $500 for the car plus $100 each plus we hav
  23. thanks; appreciate the help. We'll definitely have to learn how to drive this very different car and weight distribution, but looking forward to it. The 88 cradle would be nice but we can get pretty close just by readjusting the links on ours; a bit of work with a grinder and a mig welder (I just love welding over my head) and it works out pretty well. For our first season we'll be focused on getting the bugs out. I heard from the fiero team at RA; they were stuck in 4th gear most of saturday, So they did pretty well considering! Yes, cooling will be a challenge. We'll be taking whatever meas
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