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  1. Our team name is "The Flying Lumberjacks." If we lived nearby this could be our home away from home.
  2. I gave up trying to get a good sensor reading from the tank while the car is moving. As the fuel sloshes around while driving a level sensor is useless. A low pressure sensor in the surge tank is probably the best bet if you want to know if you're just about to run out of fuel. We use historical fuel burn rate at each track and plan accordingly.
  3. We run 245-40-R15 RS4 on out light (sub 1900 without driver) FWD car. We bought two sets at the end of last season and have four races and two track days on them. One set is worn out, the other has a track day or two left. I'm not super thrilled with a spec tire, especially as they don't have our size on the ready made list of sizes available, however we're already using that spec'd tire and are quite happy with them. If we get them cheaper straight from the manufacturer then why am I complaining?
  4. Hmm. I'll bring that up next year when it's time to renew.
  5. They eventually won after the car they were chasing broke down with about two laps left. It was a hell of a race. We placed 12th.
  6. Medical insurance for me. No standard medical insurance covers contests of speed.
  7. I get mine through BCAA, the local Canadian branch of AAA. Ask for insurance with a motorsports rider. The price has skyrocketed in the last two years. It used to be around $250 a year, now it's over $800. Racing has now been lumped in with the extreme sports idiots.
  8. We used Imron III brushed on. It turned out OK, they guys slopped it on too thick and it ran in places. It's very durable. A safety note to everyone, the paint hardeners are usually isocyanate based (as are just about all 2K paints) and are extremely hazardous. That poop absorbs through the skin and mucus membranes. Cover yourself up and use a well-fitted top notch respirator.
  9. On our car fabbed motor mounts are a necessity. We tried to figure out for a couple of years why we couldn't get camber set properly. It turns out that the mounting points for the front subframe were offset 1/2" from the centerline of the shock towers. Moving the subframe over to match moverd the engine over too much so offset motor mounts were needed. VW Made crap cars in Brazil.
  10. I guess this was a daytime race then?
  11. If it were up to me those wouldn't be allowed on track. You're putting as much light ABOVE your car as down on the track. This is exceptionally disrespectful to the other drivers. Notice how high up the building in front of you is lit. That needs to be remedied.
  12. We've been using a PWM controller on or coolshirt pump for years. It works great. For us it's kind of pointless as it's really hot in our car and with manual steering we have to work. We leave it on full-blast all the time.
  13. The reading comprehension fail is on your part. You'll have real trouble getting full track coverage on tracks with lots of terrain between the transmitters and receivers while remaining FCC legal on an unlicensed band. I've been doing software development along with analog and digital design since the late 80's. There's a device on my desk that just went through FCC certification where I wrote the radio software. I've got a project for our car that uses LoRa for live telemetry to the pits. I really do mean "Good luck" remaining FCC legal while having a robust system. Don't forget to make the LED boards for flagging stations. Flags need to go away.
  14. And half of them go up and are useless on track.
  15. Nope. Not if you want to weld anywhere. The entire underside of our VW was coated in that crap. There was overspray on the front subframe, suspension components and oil pan. It didn't seem to do anything to keep rust at bay. All it did was hide that there wasn't any metal left.
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