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  1. My no transponders for EC idea (which I was completely serious about) seemed slightly unpopular. Next idea is you only get to run a specific car in EC ONCE. If you want to race that car again, bring it into compliance with the rules.
  2. Has anyone done any experiments with wind deflectors on the A pillars to reduce drag from having open windows? We're a low-power light weight car that simply hits a drag induced wall going down longer straights.
  3. How about this? EC cars never get trophies no matter how many have entered the race. EC cars don't get transponders. Since they're not part of the race and not competing for a trophy, why bother keeping track of them?
  4. Our VW Fox uses the Audi style longitudinal engine/trans and the W8 would fit. I'm not sure if the rear tires would even touch the ground but 270hp in a sub 2000lb car would be pretty nice.
  5. Go to your local sporting goods store and buy a hockey bag. You can even get them with wheels and a handle like a suitcase.
  6. Is there a revision control system in use? Depending on the base format something as simple as svn will work. Having public read only access and commit messages would sort a lot of things out.
  7. We've been using 225 width on 8" rims for years with good results. Last year we tried 245 on a 8" for a track day and liked the results. We're going to run 245s this year and perhaps buy a 9" set of wheels if we can test fit one before laying out the cash. Now, our car is under 1800 lbs without the driver so YMMV.
  8. This is correct. The cleanest circuit doesn't matter. What matter is the ground of the O2 sensor is at the same potential as the ground of the circuit that reads the voltage. Any voltage drops and noise on the sensing circuit don't matter because that is what it measuring against.
  9. Simplest and cheapest way? A multi-turn potentiometer on the steering column run by a small o-ring belt. You could get an Aim string pot and do this:
  10. It's a full custom board based on a 32 ARM cortex M4. I've been doing mixed signal design and embedded systems programming since the late 80's so it's pretty easy for me. The system has been in five years now. The tech is pretty crappy, 256x64 monochrome LCD for the five displayed values (water temp, oil temp, oil pressure, battery voltage, WBO2) it can log to USB but it's pretty flaky so I never plug one in. It also has a three axis accelerometer that could be logged. I'm currently making a new system that's complete overkill, because why not?
  11. The electronic dash I made for our car knows RPM, oil pressure, and a bunch of other things. If the RPM is above 1500 and oil pressure is below 7.5psi per 1000rpm the "oh poop" light goes on. We get a few blinks as the oil gets low, well before serious issues. Our "Oh poop" light is a 1W red LED aimed at the driver's face. Previous sane LEDs have been ignored.
  12. That's what we have. We've got two pair HID projectors from ebay. One set are LHD pattern, the other is RHD pattern. The aim is setup like this: -----\______/----- with a dip in the center to keep the light down on the track. The lift on the sides illuminates the corners nicely and doesn't blind anyone. It's almost too bright when you're driving along side a concrete barrier.
  13. It would make me happy knowing that someone actually makes a decent LED lightbar. Can we get all crappy ones banned now?
  14. There is no aftermarket LED light bar that meets the wording of the rules. All of them have symmetrical vertical light patterns throwing as much light up as down. Then again, I have never seen the officials take a car off of the track because of headlights that are a hazard to other drivers. In the past, consistent enforcement of the rules was not their strong suit.
  15. What shims are between the pads & caliper pistons? Have you ditched the shims and have the pads directly contacting the pistons? Stainless is a crappy heat conductor. Air is worse. Fab up some perforated stainless shims to decrease heat transfer into the pistons.
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