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  1. or that time Matt Farah, Chris Harris, and Mike Spinelli ran VIR in one
  2. the number one reason people built horrible cars is because they can get it for free or cheap. the cheapest thing to buy in champcar is the car that you start with, so don't let what's just sitting around drive your decision.
  3. @Bill Strong nice graphic! can I suggest getting this made into like a 4 foot cardboard cutout and placing it at events need where people walk/funnel into the pits so they can review and see it and maybe learn something.
  4. people who really want to win often do two things: 1) pick A for lightweight cars (often) or C for power and weight 2) put in a lot more effort and bring a lot of experience (and sometimes cash) You also have to consider that sometimes a single dominant team will skew these stats a lot with a run of wins. think about the big rusty cougar with the big V8 and massive tank that used to run and win a lot. B suffers from just not having great car selections that fall into it, D suffers from being heavy and needing lots of fuel. champcar has already brought down values on things like camaros and mustangs and people for the most part still want none of that.
  5. I feel like we keep getting these threads but nothing new for information. I think the current system works well because everyone has a shot at the win. the classes don't differentiate performance, they group similar cars together. the civics can fight other small motors, the bmws same, the muscle cars also. If you're left with no real shot at the win, going for class win is a second shot and gives you something to race for which is a lot more fun than just running laps DE style. Really it would almost be as good if you just divided field randomly into four classes, except that racing similar cars is a bit more fun. when other series are bringing more cars to same tracks you can come back and tell us it's broken. (excluding lemons which is something else)
  6. @Mudflap unless your engine is in the back with the fuel cell the rules you quoted have nothing to do with the engine bay where there are no specific regulations as to how you connect to the rail etc. what you described is totally fine.
  7. we run the tirerack C2 17x8.5 on our car. they are cheap enough at under 200 each and take a pretty good beating. we run either 235 or 245 without aero (for now) more tire won't really help us until we have aero or more power I suspect. @Hi_Im_Will that's both awesome and terrifying with your E46 plans.
  8. I do appreciate your response, but I'm not posting for myself so much as I want all member to see a single clear ruling on this topic. emailing you doesn't provide that. honestly, I would it that if everytime you make a clarification or ruling it gets posted to a locked thread or something so we can all see what's going on and get the same advantage as other people.
  9. good to know.. I'll be building air dams, splitters, undertrays, and wings out of stuff and expect zero points added at tech. thanks.
  10. I still haven't seen an official ruling about if you can make aero out of reused stuff from your car at no points or if this costs the fixed point. It would be really nice to get this as the rules are not clear either way. and please, no more members replying with their "interpretation" I want a 100% ironclad ruling. @Bill Strong @National Tech
  11. #brotella here. find it cheap everywhere.
  12. I don't want class racing in the sense proposed here because it kills the everyone running for a single win vibe. When you look at other series you often see expensive cars who run for the front and the "4 dudes in a garage" will never be able to spend enough to hunt them. Champcar doesn't often get this problem, but it comes up from time to time and those guys move on or the rules bring them back to the fold where they should be. I think that other series look down on us a little, but when they show up to drive they change their tune because for the most part your wallet doesn't buy wins around here and even if you have money this is a more rewarding win. I also agree that speed creep is a little bit of a problem mostly due to aero and tire size. I don't think it's unrealistic to think we might move towards tire width being no more than 20 over stock so that all cars can go bigger but not so much. Perhaps aero does need to become free, but more limited like 6" where rules are 12" now to give a taste but not bonkers levels of extra grip. what I'm saying is keep it simple and true to the vision. anyway, that's my Friday morning ramble.
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