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  1. theblue

    Want to drive this fall

    See my post in the connection about Thompson. I also have a last spot for Pittsburgh. msg me if interested.
  2. are you going to put in a rear diagonal bar? those rear tubes are super long.
  3. BUMP! all people replied to. let me know anybody has questions.
  4. Tim and Aaron racing is looking to fill a couple stints at the 9/1 Thompson race. BMW E36, superlight and fun. This is our second year for the car and it's pretty well sorted out at this point. See my sig for the team page, but here is a video with the car from last year, much improved since then. 2:21 at the glen with room to go faster. here is a video from last year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wug6MXAS_TY More info here: https://www.facebook.com/tandaracing/
  5. just to be clear, this doesn't change rules about aftermarket bushings that change alignment being value add or not, right?
  6. wow, did you get tapped or what happened? glad nobody got hurt.
  7. nobody posts in here anymore? well I just want to say that we had a great time in our first Canada race for the team. this track is epic and I can't wait to come back again. thanks to the track and Sal + Wendy for running a great event and all the teams for making it what it was. here is one fun clip of the fastest contact I've been a part of yet:
  8. wait, are those metric temps or something? 😛 j/k See you guys at the track. I just had a driver bail overnight, so if anybody is looking to pick up a hot stint let me know
  9. holidays, other races, lots going on. I did find a driver in the end so all set here.
  10. theblue

    Crew member fee

    I know plenty of people who have gone over the wall in gear to help without being formal members. It's no enforceable as a rule and I'll stop right there.
  11. theblue

    Help! Overheating E30

    pressure test your system! we had similar and upon pressure testing we found weak areas. running water wetter and distilled water we are able to stay sub 200 with an ebay radiator. I also recommend you have factory shrouding in front it it to force air through.
  12. theblue

    Crew member fee

    not until you made this post 😛
  13. talking with a couple people, but still up for grabs. msg me for more info.