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  1. - money shifting (much improved now) - headgasket / overheating (resolved)
  2. theblue

    Statistically Speaking, Fuel Capacity

    unless you do something exotic. the car you start with is the cheapest part of racing. Our car is a $500 car with a $500 cage (we installed, learning as we went)
  3. theblue

    Statistically Speaking, Fuel Capacity

    ADVANTAGE. because the only reason you pick a car that can't go two hours is because it has some redeemable quality above cars that can go 2 hours.
  4. theblue

    Statistically Speaking, Fuel Capacity

    my order of selecting a car: 1. manual trans 2.can it go 2 hours 3. lap times (power to weight is a factor here) 4. will it last / can I get parts 5. can I afford it
  5. theblue

    Statistically Speaking, Fuel Capacity

    I wonder what happens with the large fuel capacity teams if you offer then 50 points to lose 5 gallons of capacity. I doubt many take it.
  6. theblue

    Statistically Speaking, Fuel Capacity

    flags come into play a lot as does race length. odd number of hour races give an advantage to the cars that can't go 2 hours. some yellows and reds and the advantage gets taken away somewhat.
  7. I thought everyone just took their spacers off to get through tech?
  8. I'm wondering if a pool noodle would functionally do as much as a pulled and rolled fender. It might.
  9. @Bill Strong can we make this like a yearbook and allow each team to supply a quote to put next to their submitted image?
  10. theblue

    V6 e30 Quasi Build Thread

    remember that one time at bandcamp when the weight of the E30 was magically changed just exactly so you could run an M50 in the E30? 😛
  11. theblue

    Test-tune day before Watkins Glen

    Mario, I'm a local team from Rochester. I would like to see if we can work something out for testing when needed. I'll PM you.
  12. theblue

    V6 e30 Quasi Build Thread

    why an E30 for a swap like this? I would think there are lower point cars you can build from.
  13. Hello, My team is in Rochester and there are a few others around. Post up some more about your experience as a racer, builder, manager etc. Also, what you want from a team and I might be able to point you to a good fit etc. you can PM me if you prefer.
  14. theblue

    Ordering the New Number Panels

    came here to post this. Tirerack doesn't sell maxxis tires hmmmm are they gone?
  15. I don't see what the big deal is? you just put your spacers on after tech