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  1. +1 everything you're reading about online for a car like this is probably dealing with street weight / setup cars. I expect there will need to be some development work for this platform in terms of finding a good balance. Billy B8s are probably great out of the box as they effective goes up and the weight goes down. They're magically perfect as is on our E36.
  2. My advice to you is always ask how teams work things and if they want to put a cap on your liability or offer insurance (and increased price) to cover damage under your stint. Our team doesn't have a strict crash policy for example. We charge enough to cover a few hits here and there and look at the car being written off as a risk of racing. Other teams might ding you for a wrinkled fender or even scratches. It's all over the place in this series I'm not aware of any 3rd party companies that will offer insurance for on track racing hits.
  3. if there was contact that's one thing, but drafting has never been banned that I've seen. Daytona would be a lot more boring without it. Got any video to share of what you were doing @takjak2 ?
  4. now I'm curious what head you're swapping onto what block that won't take the same exhaust manifold as the swapped motor you are claiming.
  5. I'm sure if anyone was "thinking" of running a race with LDRL you could just call up and buy those tires at the discount price. if you happen to go to a champcar race with them to bed them in then I'm sure it won't be a problem.
  6. maybe that's why his drivers take out so many other cars compared to other teams?
  7. I didn't even think you could get insurance for wheel to wheel racing contact? is this really a thing?
  8. how are things looking for a mosport date?
  9. I had a ex-nascar 2 piece suit for my first 4 years or so. it was awesome because I can be ready for action in the pits and just throw a jacket on. When it was time for a new one I went one piece for safety and so I can race more places and meet the rules
  10. Apart from the idea of saving 10 tires that did nobody wrong, do you really like Gingerman better?
  11. meh.... is anything that starts 4 laps down really going to have a good shot outside of 24 hour races?
  12. this whole thing reminds me of the silverado / LS1 contradiction. added a truck too heavy by the rules to be on the list so that people can swap from it.
  13. are you doing a panhard bar or anything like that?
  14. I for one, have no objection to being an F1 support race
  15. sorry to see you go... prices dictate interest usually around here. might also want to say where you're located.
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