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  1. who needs photoshop when you can just post fake ads with internet pics?
  2. I thought this was debunked by the fact that torque multiplication and landing higher in the next gear makes a car faster. The whole S2000s are fast without a high peak torque number because they rev higher than most other cars deal.
  3. I'd love to see these in the series, but I just don't see how they could be competitive in any way. Why wouldn't you you CTS every time?
  4. One of my top choices was a 2000+ V6 mustang right before I went BMW. I had a whole great plan to make it win within the rules. Then I stepped back and realized I was reengineering the entire thing to do what a BMW could do out of the box.
  5. The series has already made serious discounts to the mustang/camaro/tbird to get more domestics. There are two kinds of builders in this series: (1) I've always wanted to build _____. Champcar is a place to take my build (2) I want to win and I'm going to develop a car to do this as a priority I get the impression with domestics we have a lot of the former who them decide they want to be the latter once they are turning laps and not winning. If a few of the top teams ditched their BMWs for a fox body mustang I think they could find a way to win, it just wouldn't be as easy. The two hours on fuel is a problem but a few yellow flags or find some 7 hour races and it's a non-issue. My team just finished year 2 for our E36 and we are just starting to get to a point where we have a shot at something. It's not easy.
  6. we're starting already down the path of fiberglass hoods being free, right?
  7. T&A had a great time in Pitt, thanks the the track and champcar for putting on such a good event and the weather for being nice. We had a good time with lots of quick laps but small repairs like ball joints kept us out of the running for anything. I have to share this, my phone turned the pic into an video: https://i.imgur.com/lQduPCW.gifv
  8. plus you're adding a roll cage in.
  9. people are swapping the head to make power. I assume they are claiming the head from the mustang or is that free. are parts from your stock motor free to swap on?
  10. yeah, reverse would be mustang GT motor in an exploder.
  11. I want reverse swaps. let me run a hellcat with a bmw M50 motor in it,
  12. wow, they get multiple attempts if they can keep running. I think it was Mars racing's E36 that rolled at the glen in champcar and when the wrecker got to the location they couldn't find him because he drove off. anybody remember that?
  13. does cylinder head at 100 points mean upgraded to any spec / customization unlimited? If so I think cams + valvetrain combined should be a lower number than 100.
  14. tuned vs tuned what are they (I'm also going to google now)