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  1. It will be interesting to see what this does to Canadian teams who want to do some races in the US. Now there is no reason they wouldn't do all those mods that cost points..... until they want to race in the US again, do they detune, cheat, run a second car, run EC.
  2. theblue

    Why is this so difficult?

    he must not have claimed it as an MR2 😛
  3. theblue

    Why is this so difficult?

    we had this debate with the ecotec miata. They claim was a fancy header was needed for the swap to work. people found a cheap basic header that would work but per the rules you could run a full titanium equal length long tube setup of your dreams for free.
  4. how big is the gas tank. that will tell you right there if it's small
  5. I've looked at the various Yi carmeras a bunch and decided to stick with gopro. better stabilization and sound and less overall tinkering.
  6. I'm just starting to look around a little. but if anybody has some hot tips on non-recreatable deals that I shouldn't pass up on today? I picked up one of these, gopro hero HD that can be easily flashed to be a gopro hero 5 black for $130 https://slickdeals.net/f/12347527-my-best-buy-members-gopro-hero-hd-waterproof-action-camera-130-free-shipping?v=1&src=frontpage I'd like to pick up some new gloves and shoes. what's out there?
  7. boo to bracket racing. I want to race the field (minus EC) heads up. that's the good stuff.
  8. I raced twice with Canada this year, people definitely pushed the rules further than the US teams from what I saw and heard.
  9. I'm really hoping rules stay close to par and you can travel without paying membeship twice. both sides lose if not.
  10. located in Cockermouth teeheehee.
  11. 20mm more tire width on each corner would easily by quicker here I suspect.
  12. that's my point. it's so clear. how are people interpreting it any other way?
  13. theblue

    Fueling Rules

    I love reading about people adding weight. How many points do you claim for the material? 😛
  14. Can't wait for this one. Also, Mint.com has a funny sense of humor:
  15. I can't believe that we still don't have consensus on something so simple. If you make something on the fixed point list from car parts, it's still on the fixed points list and that should win. If it's not on the fixed point list then it should be as per 4.3.1 covers this as is, yet staff and members alike appear to ignore this clear rule.