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  1. so if champcar crates a mazda only class with season points. one of you guys will win for sure?
  2. I figure we would take an hour off for lunch also.
  3. haha. I also ran the numbers, if we had skipped the infield we would have won by 20 laps.
  4. I feel the classes work pretty well. please lets not end up bracket racing.
  5. That was actually my petition idea (go to EC). I should have been clearer here. @enginerd if you are out of fuel like that, I'd loan you some 93
  6. I think they are probably mostly legal. free injectors, claim cams, deck and machine the heads, race fuel, standalone on a VQ30 should be 220-250hp which sounds about right for how they blow past our E36. I can't lie, it has me considering doing similar to our M50 if that's what is going to take in this age of speed creep. I'm hoping my petition to ban race fuel lowers that expensive bar a little.
  7. theblue

    Daytona 2020

    Pick any date and weather, but give me 24 hours of Daytona.
  8. cryo rotors, good ducting, pf08 pads, oem brakes don't do enough? people keep asking me why we don't do the free E46 330i brake swap on our E36... I tell them because we don't need it.
  9. imagine the size of the crowd that could take out.
  10. Claiming your car as a 944 S2 is not the same as using the swap calculator. that's how you would do it I think.
  11. I have the same one as @red0 and second his claim to this being the perfect size.
  12. so who got top speed? I think we might have seen 145mph once or twice. I'm wondering if there are any 160+ cars out there
  13. T&A Racing had a great event overall and would like to thank Champcar, The workers and track, and other drivers who make this event awesome. Tim and I jumped in the truck after work on Wednesday and drove through the night 1000 miles to get to Daytona and prep. Our car (and drivers) have room to optimize but overall everything went well. We didn't need to so much as turn a screwdriver the entire race. We did swap tires on the front once just because and need to relocate our fuel pump switch as a driver bumped it shutting the car off on track and not realizing it which cost us 5 minutes. I believe we finished 15th overall with 10 minutes of dead time and a couple pits that went 2-5 minutes longer than they should have. It's amazing how thirsty cars are here, we normally can get 2 hours without fual saving but only got 1:30 at most going wide open. Here is our best lap..... completed under a yellow and here is first 30 mins of my second stint with lots of traffic / fun stuff
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