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  1. Good Job Dana, I know your doing the best with what you have to deal with.
  2. Why does everyone think the EC class is so bad ?
  3. David, I think plywood is dangerous on a race car. I think broom bristle mohawk is rinky dink. There are No multi million dollar haulers in ChampCar with factory support They may be professionally prepared and are legal. I know of some cars prepped in a backyard that are "illegal" There will always be those that throw more money at a hobby than the next guy so what. Those teams can and have been beaten. Prep your car car to the best of your ability and go have fun. That's what ChampCar gives you the opportunity to do that otherwise you not be able. You are involved in one of the greatest sports with The Best Organization in the United States with some of the nicest people I have ever met. I know nothing about the header deal. I agree with you about mid-season changes, unless it concerns safety. PS Check out the horse show people and you'll see the discrepancy in money spent.
  4. Was there a flagger / flaggers on the first turn?
  5. I know that there is no motor in it but it should sit lower than what I see, The rear clip removes so no need to take flares off. I would love to see this year Corvette compete in ChampCar.
  6. Diff is no big deal, brakes would have to be rebuilt, and the suspension is questionable. Front suspension should have the coil springs not leaf. Car sits high in the front, should be wedge shape. Body panels were riveted on not bonded. Car has potential but needs A Lot of work & $$$$$.
  7. Not much more than $3500 and that might me generous. Car looks in rough shape and not taken care of from the pictures,
  8. Nothing against Rapido we just came across different teams . How's this Slug, front running car $1000 -$1400. $700 -$1200 24hr events top 10 finish. Nothing contradictory here just real life experience of what I have paid over 8 yrs. I have contacted enough teams since 2012 that I know what teams charge. Indy was offered on this site for $1500 not long ago. But then again your the guy that thinks that you can't get a roll cage built for under $6K . Perhaps you should get all the facts before you make your own negative comments. But being a newbie you should know that anything can happen to any car anytime at any event so price doesn't always reflect where you may finish. Hell if you didn't have such a poor attitude I could get you into a well prepared car for the VIR 24hr for $1100. Maybe some day we'll meet at a race and you and I can go to the nearest Home Depot. 🤣
  9. My research as a renter has found some very good teams with reasonable costs that do not compare with your figures.
  10. I don't think brake / tail lites should be mounted in any place other than the stock location also.
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