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  1. VIR is the best for a 24hr event.
  2. Coolshirt- still around?

    Buy a Marine pump they come in various sizes & cheaper.
  3. When it comes to Nelson Ledges never assume flush toilets either. Hotel on site, F 1 garages
  4. If you did a search you find many places to stay and not have to drive on gravel roads. Must be at least 40 hotels of all price ranges,
  5. Camping was always allowed and still is.
  6. If your referring to Mr Chicken in the village, It's gone, demolished, now a parking lot.
  7. Small wheel dollies on grass, what could go wrong
  8. Daytona tips and suggestions WANTED

    Our fuel consumption was pretty much the same between the 2 tracks.
  9. 2018 Schedule?

    You don't see pit boards from Daytona pits either.
  10. 2004 SVT Ford Focus

    price and info always helps
  11. Road Atlanta 14-Hour!

    All the more reason he should have had more patience in that corner. BTW I have a FIA grade B and the FIA ratings are absurd.
  12. Road Atlanta 14-Hour!

    I'm sure Richard Childress had a Ton of faith in Dale also. Was this the last lap and you were going for the win?
  13. Bill if you are striving for a uniform look and should, why are cars still allowed the old banners, door panels ? I think the proper identification should be non debatable.
  14. Road Atlanta 14-Hour!

    It's never good to ride the limiter. Perhaps lifting for a second instead of shifting.
  15. Road Atlanta 14-Hour!

    Anyone know what motor was in the Banks Honda CRX ? It was really fast and seemed to handle well.