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  1. Now that is reading comprehension fail. Says the one who left the series because your ass gets easily chapped. Talk about trolling. ha ha Shouldn't you be sending off some e-mails about how poorly run this series is and the unfair treatment your team ? Jealousy is an ugly companion. Thanks for contributing absolutely nothing.
  2. Trolling ? Most people know me, you were introduced to me at VIR last year. Perhaps memory fail on your part ? I'm all for keeping costs in check in this series but for you or anyone else to say that a few teams are not welcome ChampCar because they spend more money than your expectations is arrogant and arrogance diminishes any wisdom. When will you be contacting those "few teams" to tell them they are not welcomed in the series ? FYI Huggy, I Trolled 18 votes for you in the last election.
  3. Really looking forward to this event at a great track.
  4. Dont worry just go to registration and see Sue you'll be fine. take a screen shot of your transaction and show her.
  5. Contact the registrar before Friday. Membership takes 24hrs to show up
  6. Might be a good idea to contact the Tech employees to get the official answer.
  7. Good luck with your treatment, looking forward to you getting back on track.
  8. Just what the title says. I have two expierenced, safe drivers looking to drive at Mid Ohio. One driver has many laps at the track. Let me know what you have.
  9. Have you clicked on the TAC banner lately and see who's name is at the top Roger ? and do you need permission to vacate the position ?
  10. Discovery parts is a ChampCar sponsor and offers members a discount. Very friendly and has a large inventory.
  11. Maybe if everyone who is complaining about rubber put the same effort into finding a marketing partner..... They are right under your noses.
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