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  1. I believe this team needs 1 more driver. Good solid car well prepared.
  2. I think that the Syracuse teams will be in attendance
  3. What day and time did this happen in the weekend?
  4. Geeez, your kinda harsh on rental drivers which I sure makes up the biggest percentage of drivers in this series including me. ( which has had zero, 0, nada ) contact in 6 years.
  5. I think Tyler answered your question as to what ChampCar sponsors contribute to the well being of this series. I like to look at it like what can I do to help promote our sponsors. The sponsors of ChampCar have already done their part by taking this chance on this series. A sponsor is looking to generate a business result, a metric increase. You don't cash the sponsor check and do nothing. Our sponsors are looking for a quantifiable growth of their operation as is ChampCar. You were already a customer of TireRack that's perfect, your the customer they want. Now take it a step further and mention you are a ChampCar member the next time you make a purchase, tell them how happy you are with the service, knowledge, price, & delivery. Ask if they have a patch that you can display on your uniform. That's all it takes. It's a win for everyone
  6. Don't take me wrong Jer, I appreciate what you and the other board members do for this organization. I get what everyone is saying about the EC class just didn't like naming out a team that has been supportive to our group for a few years. ( I never smoked, but would never say negative comments about R.J. Reynolds when I ran in the Camel GT series). Having said that for my last time I voted for you and would vote again for you if you run. One of many things about ChampCar I like is that you can have discussions on this forum agree/disagree and still remain friendly on and off the track.
  7. Sometimes talking too much Doesn't get you votes. I'd like to know so I can vote for that person next time.
  8. Everyone is focused on the EC cars to realize what is going on with that car.
  9. It happens in All series, not ChampCar specific.
  10. Never insinuated special treatment and never would, I just thought it could have been addressed in a different way. Ya know like bitching out an employee in front of co-workers, not cool.
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