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  1. I will be doing GEAR TECH again and due to this event selling out once more and the high number of drivers, we will be doing gear tech in the garage AND have a (red, white & blue) golf cart roaming around checking your DRIVERS GEAR to provide you with the best customer service in the racing industry and to start your weekend off smoothly.
  2. Bill did anyone move from the wait list now that the deadline has passed?
  3. Take a glider ride in Elmira (Harris Hill) one of the best soaring regions in the USA, Walk the gorge in the Village of Watkins Glen Capt Bills boat tour at the end of the lake by the Harbor View hotel in the Glen
  4. When an event is sold out and there is a wait list does the first car on the wait list get the open spot ?
  5. I think you are hyper sensitive about this, take a deep breath. There is zero risk Geeez how long does it take to pull your glove up? You know it's coming as you leave your pit stall be prepared.
  6. Mahatru and his Dad who is a Master Mercedes tech preps a very good car and are great people to be around.
  7. May 21 Tuesday 2019 Trackmasters has a track day at the Glen.
  8. The entire tech team does a great job.
  9. my tethers do not have a date
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