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  1. Yes I am at the Lodge Fridsy, but I will be working gear tech Friday.
  2. 5 are yours. Do you have a garage?
  3. ChampCar is the best racing for the money period. Some other groups are full of themselves.
  4. 50wt Quarts. I have 10 qts @ $10 each Can deliver to Watkins Glen
  5. I'm curious what do you consider a "pro" driver ?
  6. DEE DEE

    Official - 2018 National Championship at NCM

    If this was years ago and the old configuration I would agree, but they have sanitized the circuit in most turns and the skill level has been diminished. Pull up some old footage and see how close the blue monster was close to the surface compared to now. Hell we use to fly in & out of pit lane at nearly 100 mph! with people standing on the pit wall walk way.
  7. DEE DEE

    Official - 2018 National Championship at NCM

    The track doesn't eat cars, it's drivers making poor choices
  8. 1 gallon Gear lube 80 - 140. List price $98 Sell for $60 This is the good stuff that world wide teams use. Can deliver to Watkins Glen
  9. At the end of the garage there is a small vendor.
  10. You won't get to the bar till after midnight if your landing @10pm in Syracuse.
  11. The Argetsinger grand stand is for Free viewing for any event other than a professional race. You would be directed there from the front gate worker (gate 2) & there are signs and this is on the outside of the track.
  12. DEE DEE

    Decal Requirements

    Bill is there helmet decals available at tech for this event?
  13. DEE DEE

    Decal Requirements

    Long overdue,