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  1. DEE DEE

    Pitt Race Potluck

    Have the baptism at the track and have the Chef cater the party 😃
  2. DEE DEE

    Pitt Race Potluck

    The food at Nelson was great along with the strawberry shortcake. Apple pie for the fall race? What day and time this year Fits?
  3. DEE DEE

    ABS Stand Alone Points Value

    It's the same burnout duo, Alex (dad) & Eric (son). They bought a bmw. Alex said some time ago that he would address "the other side of the story". I would like to hear the other side about the reckless & immature actions of Eric.
  4. DEE DEE

    ABS Stand Alone Points Value

    What do you need brakes for when you have been banned from the series ?
  5. DEE DEE

    Cool Shirt Cooler DIY

    Where is your return line?
  6. DEE DEE

    ABS Stand Alone Points Value

    I assume this car will be running in ChampCar events?
  7. Jay Dee the person you are looking for is my teammate who is not on here much. I can put you in contact with him
  8. Hey Blue that's not distracting, now the girls at the Glen during the 6 hrs. standing next to the armco with their tops hiked up showing their ta ta's now that was distracting at 175mph. 😂
  9. I have been caught out in the same situation as you. Just so you know I am not complaining about your situation I would like a more clear ruling about his also.
  10. I simply mentioned the IMSA rule because it was easy for everyone to look up and read. I wasn't trying to compare IMSA with ChampCar. In road racing the flag no matter what color should have the same meaning. The red flag has had the same meaning for 35 yrs that I am aware of. And it's not hard to enforce and VIR is an easy paddock to buzz around.
  11. Read the IMSA rule on red flag, then go to article 47 about race stoppage in the IMSA rule book. A red flag stops the event except the race clock if it's a timed race. To continue to work on a car during a red flag absolutely does give an advantage to that team. You really need to think it through. Picture a car in their pit box fueling or changing tyres before the red was displayed while the others cars are stopped and no one can touch the car. Geez this really isn't hard to figure out guys. It's Always been like that in racing when a red flag is shown. I can see where this needs to be inserted into the rules and worded correctly and announced at the drivers meeting at every event.
  12. Rules and Regulations: Flag reference
  13. If you were allowed to work on your car during a red flag situation you had an unfair advantage think about it. Doesn't matter if you were in the garage, paddock or pit lane before the red came out. I've been road racing since 1976 and the display of the red flag always stopped the event period. The meaning of the red flag has never changed. We couldn't even approach the vehicle in pit lane until directed by an official. If your at Pitt I would be happy to discuss this further with you. But perhaps it needs to be added into the driver meetings and the school sessions.