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  1. AER would never draw many cars from the U.S. It's basically a regional series of BMW clubbie buddies from what I see from the North East. I wouldn't worry about aer making difference in your area.
  2. Jake, I am really sorry about your Mom. I know exactly how you are feeling. Your Mom's wings were ready, but your heart was not.
  3. DEE DEE

    NJMP and Summit Point

    It would be cool going into that huge long banking
  4. DEE DEE

    NJMP and Summit Point

    POCONO The largest metropolitan area in the U.S. Potential for lots of New Teams and existing teams from the Tri-States.
  5. Bill correct Saturday to Sunday on the schedule
  6. What a great event this should be. Over 18 track configurations, WOW !
  7. 3M sells adhesive remover. Will not harm your wrap or paint.
  8. There's a WalMart about 15 min from the track.
  9. DEE DEE

    Pitt Race Potluck

    Have the baptism at the track and have the Chef cater the party 😃
  10. DEE DEE

    Pitt Race Potluck

    The food at Nelson was great along with the strawberry shortcake. Apple pie for the fall race? What day and time this year Fits?
  11. DEE DEE

    ABS Stand Alone Points Value

    It's the same burnout duo, Alex (dad) & Eric (son). They bought a bmw. Alex said some time ago that he would address "the other side of the story". I would like to hear the other side about the reckless & immature actions of Eric.
  12. DEE DEE

    ABS Stand Alone Points Value

    What do you need brakes for when you have been banned from the series ?
  13. DEE DEE

    Cool Shirt Cooler DIY

    Where is your return line?
  14. DEE DEE

    ABS Stand Alone Points Value

    I assume this car will be running in ChampCar events?