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  1. It was just a simple question sean not directed at you. I don't even know you. Did you change your name ? Glad I made you with a laugh today. Oh by the way I thought it was comical that you and the gang tried to protest a car in 37th place after winning the race. WOW! We all had a good laugh at that one. Speaks volumes about your team. True Colors
  2. McQueen was outright cheating. But don't include the other two teams because they do it better.
  3. That was Matt Connolly at Daytona this year, but many other incidents also in other events.
  4. Grant can you hook me up with a cheap competitive ride in wrl that's less expensive than ChampCar ?
  5. Cheap reliability doesn't exist in racing. You really think WRL is cheaper than ChampCar.?
  6. 2, People have already been run off sadly because of no oversight. Many other organizations have a rule in place. It's not just for members but sponsors and potential partners also.
  7. Bill you should update the supps on the start/finish times. Weekend memberships or yearly
  8. My question to you Roger and any others running for the board; 1 Should members also show the same respect towards officials & staff at races, in tech, on this forum and social media ? 2 Would support a members code of conduct ?
  9. Sparco RS4 can also be used for dinner attire at a fine dining establishment. Right Troy ?
  10. Thanks Bill for the "official clarification".
  11. Must be someone cares about the bodywork it was mentioned. You act as if this forum was your own playground for you and your little buddies who always agree with each other. Your knowledge of this subject is pathetic and contributes absolutely zero to the discussion. If you really knew Greenwood you would not have made that comment but I being an owner of the Greenwood customer cars I really do know more than you. As they say in baseball "another swing and a miss" Next time you google dig deeper you haven't even scratched the surface yet. You & your group need to take
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