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  1. So what would be the big deal if entered teams were not listed on the entry ?
  2. So are you saying that ChampCar should stay stuck in time and not add cars to the list as each year goes by?
  3. There's a very fast Camaro that can only run a tad over 1hr that runs in the top 3 overall.
  4. What is the link to the thread & hotels in the area ? Whitby?
  5. That's all that matters. Don't look back and say "I wish" Look back and say "I did".
  6. Jer let me know if anyone drops out. I have 2 guys looking for a ride. Hard cold cash, no trades.
  7. But are you having fun Tim & making memories?
  8. Why don't you guys start a new thread about motors?
  9. What was the fastest time of the other 2 Boxsters ?
  10. Seriously ? I think you took that the wrong way.
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