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  1. Last year was just fantastic with all the food, drinks & meeting new teams. Sign up guys & ladies bring something to the party.
  2. Isn't "pushing boundaries" the same as outside the rules ?
  3. My comments were just safety concerns guys not slamming the track. The mowing part was years ago. The grounds were certainly groomed and looked great. Like my wife said a coat of paint would make a great improvement on some of the buildings. I enjoy driving the track and will go back again for a 24hr , 12hr or double whatever. The new owners are truly making an effort and it is appreciated.
  4. I am very aware of LEC. Ran SCCA Nationals many times at Nelson where we had to bring our lawn mower to mow out our space in the field and bring plywood for flooring. I just don't think it's very safe for flaggers to be at track side with no protection. A tragedy waiting to happen from where I sit. And as you know it's up to the flag crew to man the stations not ChampCar. Actually driving around the track it not only looked unsafe but I wondered how fast these flaggers could run to get out of the way of a speeding car in the grass that is out of control. Perhaps if they can't see the track from the bunker (flag stand) they should think on adding more or improve the current ones. It appeared to me that at the big oak tree where flaggers were standing unprotected just of the track that the track was higher than the area they were standing so I'm not sure they could see better. Simply put I would really hate to see someone get injured.
  5. What wheels do you use for a Miata that are cost effective and hold up to race conditions
  6. What wheels do you use for a Miata that are cost effective and hold up to race conditions
  7. Just an observation : 1) The nelson flaggers have balls standing track side with no protection between them and a vehicle (not all flag stations) 2) I saw one flagger at turn 3 with black pants white T-shirt & sandals 3) One car was stuffed into some bushes,trees, woods whatever for many laps before any helped arrived in the dark between 8;30 & 10:30pm Not to observant of the corner workers in that area. Glad the driver had no medical issue.
  8. Hans does no good if it's not fastened.
  9. Hans does no good if it's not fastened.
  10. I'm stuck on " Low Skill Requirement" league. I missed the part where it said Only Low Skilled Drivers wanted. I think this will enhance the series because of the lack of professional flaggers at most tracks today. You do understand that at most every track the flaggers are a side gig for $$$ and some are not even into racing FACT. And there are a lot of flag stations that are not even manned during a race because the lack of bodies. Flagging is not what it used to be years past.
  11. Where do I find the Pit assignments ? and also is the same vendor going to be there as last year selling equipment & supplies ?
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