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  1. This isn't F1 and your no Gordon Murray don't try pushing the envelope.
  2. Races have been won going less than 2hrs on a tank of fuel.
  3. You are correct there is no building that looks that good.
  4. You may want to post this under Connection
  5. There were more cars at RA 2019 but some did not make it thru tech. The series is healthy. Spend what your budget allows and go have fun, life is short, live your dream.
  6. Restriction on decals ? Just maybe the sponsors dictated the space they wanted. NASCAR, IMSA absolutely does not allow ANY freedom. If you really don't care why bitch ? Follow the rules and no one will have a problem. When someone is giving you money, you do what they want. Pretty simple.
  7. In his post he said he had plexiglass for rear glass.
  8. Read the supps and look at the BIG yellow area with red lettering.
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