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  1. I think there will be two more openings also. FYI Chelsey is not the race director for Watkins Glen.
  2. How high off the ground was the meter ?
  3. Grant we spoke at VIR in Dec. Do yourself a favor and see a Doctor for the motion sickness you may have other things going on.
  4. The sound limit used to be 103 db at 50 ft, and the average limit was 55db per hour at NCM. So they graciously increased it for this event to 106?
  5. I hope they don't use any duct tape, heads will expolde
  6. As another note: the size large is SFI rated only and the medium in SFI & FIA rated
  7. OMP One Evo R most comfortable fit & feel I ever had. Lacing system easy & precise.
  8. Your driver with the red suit and orange gloves needs anger management classes. Really no need to burn out leaving pit lane. WHAT A DICK 53:00
  9. Fishhead, Discovery Parts is a ChampCar sponsor that gives a Discount and is well versed in the safety products, brings a huge trailer at some events to try stuff on.
  10. Not to smart using the vise grips. I wonder if you would have had a hardy laugh if a car in front of yours launched that tool into your car.
  11. You do have it wrong Josh. The race director does not overlook infractions.
  12. You want that 13" in a cantilever tire ? I have some.
  13. Rhino lining has a tolerance of 175 degrees after that it melts. No explosion and is not flammable.
  14. Not really crazy. Instructional days are a cheaper rate than competition events.
  15. A Dodge Dart won a Tans Am event & 24hr race at Marlboro Raceway with a 273 ci
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