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  1. For sale is a 94 Prelude bought the cars yrs ago and wanted to start another team. It has a brand new never installed LS trans Comes w 2 motors spare rim's and a ton of parts. Has gauges,fuel cell,fire sys, drop peddles.and a great cage... will need disassembled and reassembled before it hits the track but it has great bones and a ton of great parts..$2500 located 20 miles South of ATL will send more photos if interested.
  2. Mean Green Racing has one spot open for Sebring, This is a Honda Civic w a b20 vetch.. great power with a new motor and trans.. We have 3 fast drivers and should do well in this set up... looking for the 4th guy. Has cool shirt system, and radio.. also will be live on you tube.. will run 2 stints. Call for more info 678-767-0047
  3. I don't need help.. I was commenting on the other guy questions
  4. I just went threw all this, so know whats up..lol.. if we are talking about civic b20 swap
  5. stock cams are included,,, after market cost $$$$
  6. I'm out in the shop now...it does have top movement..I have factory sliders on the seat..and that's where I'm getting movement...and you are correct...sitting in it moving back and forth..feels solid.......their is quite a bit of movement at the too of the seat thow
  7. Maybe you should check your glasses..we were on the white line and you can clearly see the Miata move left when we were 3/4 of the way on him..we got Black flagged for that...they reviewed it and we were cleared...
  8. Man Green Racing started w a new platform and boy was it fast...to make a long story short...didnt check timing belt (on the inside) and broke 7"of teeth off...and bent a bunch of valves....got parts in today..will be ready for Barber...check out Mac on the 1st stint..went 50th to 5th in 20 min
  9. # 679 Mean Green Racing has seats open. must have wtw exp. 87 Honda Civic W B18 SWAP FAST AND FUN CAR TO DRIVE pm for details
  10. Mean Green Racing is the hottest car to hit Champ CAR and is looking for 2 drivers for NCM this is a 2 day event. you will get 2 - 2hr stints in the car.. This is a brand new build! This is a 1997 Honda Civic with a B18 SWAP with 200ph so it will be very fun, it has , new motor, trans ,shocks, springs, brakes you name it its new . the car is new but the team isn't.....we been racing in Champ for 5 yrs... we just ran Charlotte and finished 24th, we were down on power (50hp) vetch wasn't working... but it is now and we ran a full 13 out of the 14hrs hrs, we had a few minor issues and quickly fixed them and finished the race... we bring pretty much a spare car for parts . Price will be $1300 for 4 hrs of racing and a crash deposit is required! this is you bend it you mend it. call Pete at 678-787-0047 I will be bring my RV and if you need a place to crash that wont be a problem, to help save you hotel fees.
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