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  1. I am looking for a team to help/crew/drive for, especially if based in Florida. I am on the west coast, about an hour north of Tamps. I have been involved in motorsports since the 1960's as a crewman, mechanic on all levels from Kart to Cup. I built and drove modifieds in the Northeast, drove dirt in Virginia and Champcars in Daytona and Sebring. Contact me at Suncoastdesignbuild@gmail.com. Thanks
  2. Let me know if you need any help/driver in Florida. Viet Nam Era vet, Years of experience at all levels as mechanic, crewman and driver, rahutwohl22@aol.com
  3. Hello, I am also interested. I am a Florida resident and have raced the road courses in Daytona and Sebring. I have decades of experience as a crewman, owner and driver in all levels of oval track, fabrication and mechanics. I had 2 different cars that were going to run Daytona but they both canceled in the last week. Let me know if you are still looking
  4. John, I am working in NJ now but live near Crystal River., mechanic Keep in touch, I have some experience as well as driver, crewman
  5. I am interested in this. Please contact me @ rahutwohl22@aol.com or 352-634-1022 Thanks
  6. I have Oval Track modified fabrication and driving experience, along with crw experienceon BGN and cup team. I live on the west coast of Florida. I want to get back into the seat again. Give me a call @ 352-634-1022. Thanks
  7. I am interested in this car. can someone 6'3 fit in it ok? My name is Richard, 352-634-1022. What town are you in? Thanks
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